The Climate Children

The word “childlike” has always suggested something endearing whilst “childish” has suggested immature behaviour.   “Infantilization” has been used quite often of late to describe what the PTB are doing to society, how they’re re-engineering it.

I’d suggest “childlike” can also mean criminally negligent, crazy, obsessed by things one doesn’t understand and even downright thievery.   In my leftist days, I joined many at these various talkfests called conferences and what struck me about them was the utter wastage of paper.

Someone would have a brilliant plan for the earth and would run off reams of photocopies, someone else – an important Official at the conference – would run off the day’s programme and as no one was really interested in anyone else’s handouts or at least gave them cursory attention, there was this sea of paper around the conference floors and environs.

Then came the speakers, often what I call today Cécile Duflots, young, pretty and fanatical, no respect for elders or position or whatever – she knows the best way and is going to ram it down your throat. She grabs the microphone and that high voice harangues the audience in populist doggerel, spouting all the cliches.

The male version has wispy facial hair and is callow, he’s like The Young Ones’ Rik and all of them are hoping to bignote or else sit there and say, “Oh wow,’ and so on while they transfer the world’s “wealth” to their particular causes.

They’re children or demi-children.

They weren’t doing a lot of harm, they were having fun at their daddies’ expense setting the world to rights and well done to young people for thinking things through – except that they didn’t. They were almost all, to a boy and girl, simply continuing their leftist professor’s or tutor’s exhortation to question the establishment and that is always the capitalist establishment, never the champagne socialists’ or Them’s. Them never gets a mention, except in terms of the wicked capitalists.

Productive people who are actually out working don’t get to see these people in their wild animal luxury, as Dylan might have put it.

It was probably a phase we all had to go through at the end of childhood and that simple naivety was touching in us, as long as it didn’t involve real resources and real theft from people who’d worked all their lives to create nest eggs for their families and their old age.

However, it got nasty, didn’t it? Somehow, these childlike people actually wormed their way into power – into teacher training institutions, into the courts, into medicine. They grew older but never matured – they remained politically retarded and given to comprehensive generalizations and oversimplifications.

Now I retain much of the concern for the earth and for the unfortunates and will do what I can to help but not this way, not through a child’s-eye view of the world where we have no understanding whatever of productivity and the creation of wealth.

And so we come to UNFCCC boss Christiana Figueres’ dystopian nightmare she’s spelt out for the world … and the PTB sit back and smirk as she outlines her horror.  It’s like looking outside and your eight-year old is at the wheel of your family car and has turned the ignition on.   It’s like your three-year old slashing around in the kitchen with the kitchen knife she’s found:

This week, as United Nations luminaries gather in Doha, Qatar, for the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, the self-described “daughter of a revolutionary,” has presented her goals. The most important is a massive transfer of wealth – $100 billion a year – from soon-to-be formerly rich Europeans and Americans to UN bureaucrats who claim to represent the world’s “developing” nations and Earth’s poorest citizens.

This astonishing concept is beyond surreal. It contends that the world already has enough wealth; that the developing world cannot or ought not generate any new wealth, certainly not from hydrocarbons, but rather should be content with receiving transfer payments monitored by the UN bureaucracy; and that the industrialized world should be put in an economic straitjacket, and yet charged $1 trillion per decade for climate change reparations and mitigation – on the premise that its carbon dioxide emissions have supplanted the many natural forces that caused extensive and repeated climate changes for eons.

Coupled with the underlying premise that wealth transfers are the only way to combat alleged planet-threatening, manmade global warming, is it any wonder that the entire Doha conference is like a bad dream (or horror movie)? Or that this ridiculous saga is taking place in the nation that boasts the world’s highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions?

And here’s another.  Delegates at a climate conference were asked if they’d walk around in face masks to help the environment:

The idea of the filmmakers seemed to me to be to show how hypocritical climate activists are. However, most said on camera they would wear the masks and even get their pets to wear them.

So the obvious follow-up would be to film them back in their home environments to see if they actually did this. And if they did, what does that say about them? What does it say about the whole climate/pollution thing?

Essentially, what we have is demi-children now, somehow, through our lack of vigilance, at the controls of power and by goom, they’re going to use that power and strip you of all you’ve worked for all your life to perpetuate their simplistic ideology they’ve taken on board from all the cynical Themist ideologues in positions of power – clever people whose notion is to break it all apart and their motivation for that is something for another twenty posts.

And yep, here they are busily at work on their other favourite social-engineering – they never rest, never sleep:

Nicole Swinford of the College Fix:

Prominent gender and media studies professors from across the country converged recently to help host what was dubbed by organizers as a “Feminist, Anti-Racist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon” to create or influence dozens of entries on the online encyclopedia.

A Claremont Graduate University endowment fund sponsored the effort, which promoted creating and “improving” entries dedicated to: feminists; feminist theories; science studies; science, technology and society; human sexuality; artificial intelligence; and film theory; according to an email that announced the event to the Claremont Colleges community, as well as the “Edit-a-thon Wikipedia Page.”

John C Wright’s comment:

Why, O Conservatives, are we always playing defensively, always playing catch-up, always surprised when the forces of Mind Control make yet another attempt to indoctrinate the young, stifle free speech, monopolize the culture, marginalize the Christian and civilized voices who linger in ever small numbers among us?


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2 comments for “The Climate Children

  1. Amfortas
    December 10, 2012 at 12:31

    It is frightening. I recall coming home in the mid-sixties from a bout of war in Borneo where we were fighting off Indonesia’s attempt to snaffle the old British North Borneo from the new Malaysia. I was met by my old school friends who in just a few years were already adopting an anti-western slant from the Universities they had been attending. (Me being a thicko and too dim to go to Uni).

    Most were blokes doing blokey subjects and one was already on the design team for the new swimming pool in Coventry. They were ‘going places’ they told me. Me, who had been across the world and fighting brown boys for four pounds a week ( and playing with airplanes, of course).

    The entire nation of young people went down a very different path and even then I could see the difference in ‘maturity’ between us. The gap has only widened until I now stand on the other side of an enormous gulf and between us, an Abyss.

  2. December 10, 2012 at 17:13

    “They grew older but never matured – they remained politically retarded and given to comprehensive generalizations and oversimplifications.”

    I think that’s it. We thought they would grow out of it, but many didn’t and now it’s too late because the conveyor belt is switched on.

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