The Empress’s new clothes


MoD set to axe hundreds more soldiers under ‘hugely damaging’ plans to cut army to just 82,000, claim MPs

Does it need any further words?


So pretty on the surface. Who’d suspect that inside that head is air and all over that body is deep, self-inflicted scarring. And as for that neckline! Only as good as her boobs, eh? Nice shape, pity about the brain.


Sorry, they’re obese. If they don’t want people calling them obese and making jokes about them, then they can diet and exercise like millions of other women with self-respect.


Customer came in shaken yesterday.  She’d been at BHS with hubby for a cuppa, they’d sat down and next to her were what appeared to be a grandmother, mother and daughter [perhaps 20 or so].  Mother pushes grandmother off chair onto the floor, then grabs daughter by the neck and bangs her head against the wall.

No security whatever at BHS.  Someone gets a chef to come out and he goes straight for the offending mother.  She then threatens him that he’d better have a gun because she’s coming for him once he’s outside the building.  He threw the lot of them out and the BHS canteen was emptied for some time.  Was that just a moral low-life of today or was it more a woman who’d been told she could have it all and now couldn’t cope?

One of the greatest lies women believe is that they can multi-task – they tell themselves that one over and over until it appears, Goebbels-like, that it is the truth.  In fact, no one can do so adequately and the feminist ideal has done what it was meant to do – put women under extreme pressure to have it all, which of course they can’t and do all, which they can’t.  They’re just humans, after all, just as we are and there is only a certain amount any of us can do.

And this fiction also plays on women’s natural fear of missing out on anything.

When will women ever be allowed to revert to what they do best, combining a number of roles, yes – which anyone does as a matter of course anyway, playing to his or her strengths – which in turn produces calm and a sense of satisfaction of jobs well done?

When will sanity and truth return?


Stationmaster reports that all is now calm after, apparently, a number of complaints against the company and the offending woman is on her last warning.   Now it was significant that there were two of them talking to me and one was a woman and she fully agreed about this parachutee at head office I’d sent the complaint about.

This “person” whom we’ll call, say, Melanie for want of a better name, had been parachuted in from a management degree. i.e. she hadn’t developed any trade, anything useful but had decided from the outset that she wanted to “manage” people and now had her bit of modern paper in her hand.

Stupid rail company brings her in because they worship this type of BSer and it’s all so PC and so – she’d started her hell on earth for others.

People had been refused overtime if they stepped out of line or told her she was doing this or that wrong, she was accorded zero respect from line managers and other workers for the company, she went the way of most female managers and started getting vindictive, which even had the women up in arms about her, including fellow-parachutees and she was arrogant with it because she felt her Official Position allowed space for arrogance – you’ve seen all this before.

I’ve written many times that as managers, women make great administrators.  Now, apparently, a real manager has stepped in [and I neither know nor care if it is male or female] and it seems it wasn’t so much her arrogance with customers as her lies which were the issue because naturally, non-comps of this type always lie to protect themselves.   They basically cannot do the job, do not understand the industry and that would apply to anyone, male or female but it’s not males parachuted in these days, is it?

It’s females on the whole.


Did I say “but it’s not males parachuted in these days”?

Pardon me but in my own life, I’ve just survived a beat-up which accused me of racism but as they couldn’t get that to stick, they settled for sexism.  I was hauled into a room where there was an Inquisition seated on the other side with a member of the “new young males” plus a gaggle of women.   One female I work with said I’d been accused of a remark which was racist.  I asked who’d made the accusation and was told never I mind, it was so and she had to be protected by law.

That instantly told me who it was as she’d been one of two females on a recent course and the other female and I had got on like a house on fire, going everywhere and working together.

It was something to do with me telling this girl to “dance for us”.   As I pointed out – when have any of them known me to make any racist or sexist remark ever, when have they ever seen any racist or sexist body language from me, when have I ever been less than polite?   Does that seem the sort of remark I’d ever make?

In comes the young man whose course was rubbish – I’d asked him difficult questions all the way through, then had given him the statutory “all yeses’ in the last page summary of how he’d gone – and he was vehement that I’d made a sexist remark.  “Your body language is very alpha male.”

“Meaning I’m a confident person from having some life experience?”

That was also interesting as I thought the original charge was meant to be racist.   “You did, you did, I heard it,” and the women there sensed blood and were circling for the kill.   Now I had no recollection of it although I’m not saying I didn’t make the remark.  I also admitted I was opinionated. I asked: “Did S, the other woman there and who was sitting right beside the girl, corroborate this? That is, does S also say I was racist or sexist? Because if I had been, she would have been the first to come in and say it.”

Never I mind about S – she’s a lovely lady, they said, leave her out of it. Yes, said I, she is a lovely lady but you still haven’t told me if she corroborates this.

I decided to explore this thing a bit more in the next few days and then fronted those women a few days later.

I’d found out that this girl, who apparently was in floods of tears after my remark and deeply humiliated according to one of the gaggle, had made the charge, not between the two days of the course at all – she was on Day 1 but hadn’t turned up on Day 2 – but days later, when hauled in to explain why she had not attended Day 2.

Were they also aware that she had been telling us at the course about how everyone at her last school was against her and she’d sued the school for thousands of pounds through a no fault company and won, that she’d been the one who’d introduced the topic of her dancing and a discussion had ensued around the table – banter, in other words -and I asked if the young male who’d taken the course had happened to have mentioned all of this when he’d brought the charge to them, the ladies, knowing they’d jump on anything presented as a social policy issue?

And did he also mention that she’d said the course was boring and I’d said no, it was fun and everyone at the table had laughed?

Er, well no, he hadn’t mentioned that and they’d given him a tongue-lashing, apparently, that he’d not mentioned any of this and that that had allowed me to ask him: “Why didn’t you bring any of this up at the time of the course?”

Right, said I to the girl I work with, had this girl also reported and had the young man, that I was supporting and helping her during Day 1 as she clearly didn’t understand any of the material and was asking and I was the only one who offered to help her and make her feel welcome?

Er, no.

Fine, I said.    Do they realize that by bringing this half-arsed charge against me, they, the women, were acting in good faith and there was nothing wrong there – we’ve tried to maintain good relations or did they disagree with that?

No, we all get along fine.

So the issue is this one-off charge from a litigating girl with previous, who uses her tears on the male and a young man who has made charges by lying by omission.  On the legal advice given me – remembering that I have worked for the CAB and have contacts there – that could land him in court with a reasonable chance of success, particularly as he is not female and therefore not covered by social policy legislation which favours other ethnicities, women and the disabled and they know full well how that would inevitably reflect on their firm and individually on each of them who had participated in this.

They wanted the whole thing to be forgotten now and let’s get back to where we were.

Fine, said I – there’s nothing I’d love better, especially as they were well aware how I always conducted myself and there are staff, along with many regular clients who would confirm how I conduct myself.

However, a piece of advice – it might be useful to pass on to that young man who had told us, incidentally, during the course all about his own extra-curricular activities, in order to get us onside, thereby leaving himself open to charges of unprofessionalism by someone who didn’t like him – it might be wise to pass onto him that the best policy is always to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth if he is to try something like this on again.

And that’s how it was left. My own demeanour has since been “butter wouldn’t melt” and I’ve even wished the young man, good morning a couple of times, even though the mornings have been cold and frosty but let’s not go into this.


Which brings me to the new wimpish, metro male who combines PCism with a twisted version of chivalry, all mixed up together.  He, it seems to me, is worse than the feminazi in that he is the New Man they’ve constructed – you know, boys not knowing if they’re boys or girls etc., non-threatening, emasculated and thinking that if they support the feminazis, the feminazis will respect them more.

When will they understand that you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear and these feminazis detest real men and despise these new metro-men of their creation?

What we need now more than ever is proper women and and proper men, doing what used to come naturally.


Which brings me to the vast majority of customers and my colleague – they are precisely the type of women I hanker after – ladies, conducting themselves as such, good sense of humour, love a bit of repartee, not a drop of hatred in them, their own people and an all-round good scene, which is why we have so many regulars.

I make the tea or coffee and like to bring little treats in, I like serving them, they offer this or that to me too just as much, we all try to go that little bit further for each other – the way things should be, the way relations should be, if only no one comes in and interferes.

And there are two ladies behind the OoL and NO scenes whom I’d back against anyone – fabulous people, which is why I hope, despite all my posts, that they’ll continue to let me be their friends because they make life pleasant.

Let’s leave it on that positive note.


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Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.

7 comments for “The Empress’s new clothes

  1. Amfortas
    December 9, 2012 at 11:55

    Integrity and authenticity have become ‘relative’, like every other quality of mind, heart and spirit. The door is open to the Princess of Lies (Beelzebub had a sex-change, donchknow). Her army is enormous. Every man is likely to be ‘charged’ with sexism or some ‘offensiveness’ and hauled before some ‘Tribunal’ where acolytes of both sexes preen and strut and hang the poor bugger. After all we just cannot have some poor girl crying, even at home where no-one sees it. Especially some lying strumpet who just might lie about them too.

  2. JD
    December 9, 2012 at 17:00

    “Bear with the faults of others, for you, too, have many faults which others have to bear. If you cannot mould yourself as you would wish, how can you expect others to be entirely to your liking? For we require other people to be perfect, but do not correct our own faults.”

    “Judge yourself, and beware of passing judgement on others. In judging others, we expend our energy to no purpose.”

    “If, however, you seek Jesus in all things, you will surely find Him. ”

    Thomas à Kempis

    James, Christmas is coming 🙂

  3. December 9, 2012 at 17:04

    It is, JD and I have more faults than anyone but having recognized that, it’s no reason not to attack wrong, which is also an exhortation of Jesus of Nazareth. If no one attacked wrong, a la Edmund Burke, then it proliferates. If only saints could speak, then no one would achieve anything.

    There’s also a difference between passing judgment and exposing something – the latter is a responsibility, the former not. Also, we all have our fortes – yours is dancing with señoritas in the moonlight and mine is “attack dog”. If that’s mine, then it’s important that the targets are baddies.

    Just as you, in attacking the Turner are not specifically having a go at particular people but at the whole phenomenon, so I am not specifically having a go at Cheryl Cole but at the type and the behaviour. And as Christmas is coming, it’s even more important to be tackling wrong-doing.

    Now, you never asked the question but I’ll answer it anyway – who am I to pass judgement? Well, I don’t pass judgement – I see what many see as wrong and help expose it – I’m just one of many. There are so many things people around this land are saying, “Hey, that’s wrong,” and I don’t see them as “judging” but rather saying, “Enough!”

  4. Mark
    December 9, 2012 at 19:42

    Having alpha male body language is sexist now?? FFS!! What’s left to attack? Being male?

  5. December 10, 2012 at 00:38

    then it’s important that the targets are baddies

    Which means it is important not to attack friends, put them down or ridicule them.

    It is also important to understand people (all people) and what their true abilities are.

  6. December 10, 2012 at 06:13

    That’s right and part of being a friend is to try to understand what someone is going on about, particularly if so many are going on about the same thing and to enter into a discussion rather than to take offence where none was intended.

    It’s always a two way street, isn’t it?

  7. Amfortas
    December 10, 2012 at 06:31

    Making and passing Judgements is an ability gained very early in life. It is a Human quality. We don’t do it very well early on and many never get the hang of it. But persistence and sound cognition to bolster and rein-in as necessary our ‘gut feel’, is an essential part of maturity. We THINK before we rush to judgement.

    Yes, JD, I agree with a Kempis, but he is not saying ‘do not judge’. He is saying bear with faults in others because we have our own to correct. But we do bear the consequences and that often requires an expenditure of enegy just to stop ourselves being overwhelmed and swept away.

    We have to judge right from wrong; we have to judge who is being right and who is being wrong. We have to diffeentiate the sinner from the sin. Love the singer but not the song. Being an ordinary human is hard enough. Few of us have the capacity to become Saints, any more than aspiring to be Olympic athletes. But try we need.

    Our ability to judge WELL, with Humanity, enables us to become mature.

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