The hypocrisy and incompetence of these people

It’s the social workers who are racist, say Slovak parents in UKIP fostering scandal: The Mail reveals the truth behind Thought Police furore – and it’s even more shocking than it seemed

Now even allowing for the Mail’s beat-ups, it’s nice that the spotlight is thrown on these closet racists and sexists masquerading under leftist “fairness” and “tolerance” credentials.  Hypocrites!

In one of the most heated scenes on Wednesday night’s BBC1 programme, he was shown slapping the side of a passing taxi before antagonising the driver on camera by sarcastically applauding him and calling him a ‘mug’.

Why?  Why on earth would he do things like that?   Is there not enough stress?   Is there not enough prejudice of car drivers against cyclists without this idiot exacerbating it for BBC ratings?   And what producer led him to believe that it was all quite OK in the interests of journalism?

Australian who defended pregnant woman deported

The guy came over on  visa, he was stabbed and spent the rest of his time recovering, asked for a compassionate extension and was snubbed.  What is it with these people at the border agency – why can they not get it right, boot out the miscreants and keep those of value? I strongly suspect this is deliberate.

Fathers to be hit by rise in maintenance for their children following sweeping new reforms

Not reforms but the opposite. Pure father-bashing by feminazis again. And they wonder why there is no respect for women.   Again, as in the cyclist story above, it is not the vast majority of women who are at fault but these agents-provocateurs who get these things rammed through because they’re in positions of power they should never be in and have no sense of fairness, justice or decency.

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  1. December 7, 2012 at 23:46

    I’ve been to what is now Slovakia and met some very lovely people but Rothehams actions might have the perverse consequence of discouraging them from coming here if they think that The Council will steal their children.

  2. Amfortas
    December 8, 2012 at 00:51

    Yes it IS the majority of women, James. It is they that not only sit back as the silent majority while their vicious sitas build ever more cages for fathers and men, but many actively take the benefits from the disgraceful laws and social distortions.

    Would that they would react as one Aboriginal woman ‘taker’ did when Andrew Bolt was penalised for daring to question the ‘Race’ rort in Oz.

    ” WHEN I first saw columnist Andrew Bolt’s now notorious articles identifying a number of “fair-skinned Aborigines” as recipients of grants, job opportunities and awards for no clear reason other than their questionable “race”, I was sitting at my desk in an Aboriginal-identified government position.

    My first thought on reading the articles and viewing those pictures was: “Holy shit – he could be talking about me!”

    In keeping with the finding of Justice Bromberg in the racial discrimination case brought against Bolt, I did indeed feel humiliated and intimidated by the implications of Bolt’s article: I felt hurt, shamed and vulnerable.
    But rather than simply complain about how the article made me feel, I understood I could only resolve my discomfort through first examining why it made me feel that way.

    I realised I felt vulnerable because there was no way I could defend my own position if it were to be challenged; it was indefensible that I should occupy an Aboriginal identified position when I knew that race-based preferential treatment was misguided and unjust policy. I felt shamed because my position was shameful, and my choices were shameful; I knew I was a party to something very wrong, yet I chose to continue because complying was easier than walking away from my chosen career.

    I felt hurt because the truth hurts, and my comforting rationalisations about myself and my place in the world were already painfully dissolving

    There is an ARMY of such women gaining benefit of ‘jobs’ for the Girls’. Council office floors creak under the strain of stiletto wearing female autocrats and clericals. The education industry groans under the weight of 75% female workforce from which men have been pushed with vile and unwarranted’suspicion’ of paedophilia. TV audiences of women laugh along with Sharon Stone as she laughs and sneers at the report of a man having his penis cut off by a wife whom he wanted to divorce.

    Yes, there are pleasant woman, nice women around. But I hazard thet even they do not want to push their sistas off the public gravy train.

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