The new fascists


There appear to be a number of fights to the death in society at this moment.   In no particular order:

1.  Gay “marriage”;

2.  The 2nd Amendment, for want of a better term;

3.  The 1st Amendment, for want of a better term;

4.  A grandfather was beaten to death in a violent assault while walking to his local church to play the organ in a midnight Christmas service.

I shan’t speak any further on what is becoming a sustained assault with almost no one speaking out about it, otherwise I could be accused of proselytizing.

5.  ‘Time for quotas’ to put women in top jobs

Do that and you’ll set recovery and reconstruction back ten more years.

6.  Command and control tactics and the big stick

There was a bay at the MCG called Bay 13 – it was where all the yobs went and entertained the crowd at the cricket – see photo at the top.  You could say it was the Kop.  No one hurt anyone but they were bloody funny at times.

Naturally the authorities wanted fun stamped out so the creeping socialism of salami tactics measures were gradually brought in, to the point where at the Boxing Day Test, there was a verbal altercation among probably hundreds of similar incidents, authorities swooped and kicked them out, plus all their mates who’d been trying to get them to calm down.


Problem for the authorities was that the “yobs” they did this to were AFL footballers and thus it hit the headlines:

“There were four security that stood in front of the rest of the guys and told them to leave. They [the rest of the group] just sat there for a little bit, bemused, and asked why. They were told if you don’t leave, we’ll get the cops.

“Apart from the two that were yelling, everybody else had their hands up and were separating them and calming the situation down.”

The witness said the players had been drinking during the match and took part in handling a giant “cup snake”, made up of hundreds of empty beer cups that went around the crowd.

Yes and what?  It’s called having fun. That’s where the boisterous sit at the cricket, they’ve always sat there, stood, chanted and generally carried on.   That’s what they pay to go for.   Anyone who doesn’t like it sits somewhere else.   Those of us seeing ourselves as genteel sat on the other side of the ground and enjoyed it from a distance.   It all regulated itself, there might have been a dozen arrests for D&D later and that would have been that.

Let’s end on a positive note though:

The world’s biggest recording companies have been stripped of two billion YouTube hits after the website cracked down on alleged ‘fake viewers’.

Justice in the world after all?

4 comments for “The new fascists

  1. December 28, 2012 at 19:35

    I am interested in “Gay” marrage.

    Can you cook and sew?

    Single, No baggage.

  2. December 28, 2012 at 21:44


  3. December 28, 2012 at 22:14

    You could add The Fourth Amendment to your list, James –

  4. December 28, 2012 at 22:34

    No argument from me – in fact, let’s add this:

    Just gone up now. We have to oppose these things with everything at our disposal. Now if you and I can agree on this, being on opposite sides, then surely we could combine to demand that this is not allowed ahead.

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