The womb drain

Note on the photos: the idea was to avoid the overly-skanky, fat and ugly, not to show models but ordinary people as far as poss and for the situations to be basically like for like between the two sets of three photos.

Russian females:

Note on the first photo:  In the original post, there were two women in a cafe and it worried me because while it was labelled Russian, those didn’t seem Russian at all in their faces – they seemed western, nice though they were.  

Then I started wondering why I couldn’t find photos of two Russian women together having a drink or coffee and thought back to Russia – I actually don’t remember them doing that.  If they were young, they’d either be in a group of girls or guys and girls, if they were older, they’d also either be in a group in a cafe or with a man.

I don’t recall a whole lot of paired women sipping coffee in a cafe as they do in the west.  Then I thought why not and it hit me – they’re far more male oriented, feminism not having got its claws in at that stage.  So this photo below is far more what I remember, sitting opposite me at the table.

That might go part way to explaining my current jaundiced view.




Russian Olyesa

Perhaps that was a bit unfair – they would be around top 60%. Here is more the average over there:


That girl could well have been any I used to be with. It’s not the beauty for me – it’s the nature, the orientation.

And so to this post.   This is a glass half empty situation.

Comment on the post at the end of the link: yes, Russian women of childbearing age are exiting for what they hope is a better life and have been doing so in a big way since about 1998 but the overall numbers, excepting those who overstay visas, are not all that many, considering many return home after some time.

I asked many girls about it and they do basically find the Russian male more physically attractive and fun to party with but he’s pretty useless as a non-drinking provider.

And what is Russia’s loss is the west’s gain.   Whilst I’m dead against the open-floodgates immigration policy of the government, attempting to dilute the indigenous population, introducing Eastern European women also dilutes the rabid feminism of the local female population, which can only be a good thing.

With some competition, perhaps local females might up their game but I doubt it.

The issue with Russian females coming to the west is that they fall roughly into three groups – those who are out to succeed, e.g. Sharapova, those who are looking for a mate and a green card and then another type which was starkly illustrated in a passage from my book and this was non-fiction – the dialogue really happened like this:

While she went for a wander through the store, the two men went into the main bar section of the complex and two ouzos were produced by an old lady.

‘How long you have your girlfriend?’ the Greek asked, toasting his health.

‘Well, over a year, actually.’

‘I have Russian girl too.’

‘Really? For long?’

‘Three weeks. Why you keep yours? I know she pretty but –’

‘We’re going to marry.’

‘Marry!’ The man was genuinely shocked. ‘I meet them at nightclub, they come home, they want me arrange visa, I leave them at nightclub and go to other part of island. Weeks later I go back to nightclub and get new one.’

He was nauseated. He made hurried apologies and went to look for her, she smelt his breath and disapproved.


He weighed up whether to tell her or not.

He did tell her as they lay on their backs and strangely, she was neither surprised nor shocked, just a little saddened.

‘You’re so naive. Don’t you understand what Russian girls are doing? Some of them are so low – they’re low to start with back home – and they give us all a bad name. What do you think happened in Izmayalovski? This man’s just the same. I’m glad you didn’t tell me that on the mountain.’

Unfortunately and so many in Russia are now decrying it, including girls in their 20s, the new generation has succumbed to the World Narrative and so all the troubles we have here are coming out over there as well – you saw Femen and the new skank.   Days were when Russian women wouldn’t have been seen dead looking like that.   Sadly, it’s now becoming like this:

British females:

british womanhood


penny mordant

Just look at those eyes – what they’re saying.

[H/T Chuckles]

7 comments for “The womb drain

  1. Martin
    December 19, 2012 at 11:28

    Right thats me decided. I’m off to Russia .

  2. December 19, 2012 at 11:51

    There’s a girl I was keen on years ago in Russia [not my gf] and she looked like the one in the fourth photo. She went to America and met up with a guy [naturally].

    She came back a year later and she had changed astronomically. She was between chubby and fat, was wearing jeans and trainers [sneakers] with the big tongues hanging out, her hair was just hanging down and she was right into herself in a way she had never been whilst in Russia.

    It wasn’t just what American culture had done to her, it was what American culture had done to a Russian female. There are many American females who are not obese and gobby – they’ve grown up in the culture and have negotiated it.

    For a Russian girl, the sudden excess, the sudden realization that she can crack the whip, had her going down that path.

    Interesting that within a month of coming back [to Russia], she’d dropped that whole guff and was back to being good. Most interesting phenomenon that was. There’s a photo of her right here now in her Russian form but I can’t post it without permission. She’s a stunner. I’ll say this and I said it to her face – she was anything but attractive when she returned from America.

  3. December 19, 2012 at 12:47

    “Just look at those eyes – what they’re saying.”

    Well, if she is supposed to be looking at you, then if we could have a photo of you to peruse we would be better placed to suggest what they might be saying…

    “Not a chance old baldy, unless you’re a billionaire…” might be a possibility.

    If she was looking at me and I was moving in that close, then I suspect the eyes would be saying, “Back off now creep or I’m calling the police.”

  4. December 19, 2012 at 16:57

    Do you actually know who she is, DQS? 🙂 If not, I’ll post the url.

  5. December 19, 2012 at 23:21

    The clue is attached to the picture but the spelling is wrong 😉

  6. December 19, 2012 at 23:32

    I didn’t, though I do now having hovered over the image, but knowing who she is would have influenced my thoughts when I was just being asked to ponder the eyes. The external topography is pretty, but the hint of a self-satisfied smug smile concerns me more than the eyes; but what I see in the mirror every morning concerns me much more (and I don’t mean when my wife is standing behind me).

  7. Amfortas
    December 21, 2012 at 15:02

    I have lived in several distinct part of the world (but not the Americas) and have seen many really lovely looking girls in all of them. Some even with someone real, vibrant, thoughful and ‘deep’ clearly looking out of their eyes.

    For sheer beauty I think a mixture of asian and european (the Eurasian) produces the most stunning. Maybe it was because of my age when I first encountered them in any great number – in Singapore. I was a normally healthy lad and away from ‘home’ for the first time.

    But even today in my dotage I see the airline ‘adverts’ where women are portrayed as best as possible and the Malaysian hostesses have the edge. One ‘exception to the rule’ though, I encountered on a plane from Perth to Melbourne. An Oz plane. One particular hostess was The Most Beautiful Woman I have ever laid eyes on up close. I spoke to her several times and she was a white, Anglo, dinky-dy Aussie.

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