Vast majority against gay “marriage”

The Week:

THE government’s claim that a majority of people are in favour of its push to legalise same-sex marriage is “dishonest”, The Daily Telegraph reports.

MPs will be told today that a survey of 228,000 people who took part in a “listening exercise” earlier this year found a narrow majority in favour of allowing gay couples to marry.

But until now it has not been made clear that petitions organised by campaigners show a huge majority against gay marriage. More than 500,000 people signed up against same-sex marriage, as against 64,000 signatories supporting it.

There are also complaints that the listening exercise was not limited to people living in the UK. There have been claims that lobbying groups in the United States were trying to recruit people to send in responses.

Read our lips: no gay “marriage”.   And in other news:

Church of England banned from offering same-sex marriages but all other religious organisations can ‘opt in’ for gay ceremonies

Golly gosh – what with the women bishops thing and this, I’m seriously thinking of rejoining the CofE.

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