Not a lot we can do but we can make some personal choices

One thing an independent does not like is being corralled into a camp.   So if we can’t stand PC, femininazism, the narrative, the green scam and so on, does that mean we also have to be brutish and largely unconcerned over things which are plain wrong?

When someone speaks of rainforests being cut down, I’m expected to adopt the rightist camp stance that it’s all rubbish and hurting trade. Nowhere is there any room in the middle and yet I’m centre-right, not hard-right, not left-liberal, not Marxist like Chatham House.   Just because the banksters and corporate crims are ripping off the world, does that mean I have to support the end of free enterprise?

The significant word in here is “independent”, taking it issue by issue. There are two issues below and not sure how to combine them in one post but here goes.

First up, the horse meat in supermarket “beef” – some comments from readers:

#  The bottom line is, corners will be cut to make such cheap, mass-produced food profitable. This sort of cheap food is, by and large, unethically sourced and produced. Meat from countries such as Denmark, where animal welfare is appalling, is always used in the cheapest meat products.

#  Burgers and sausages contain remnants of slaughterhouse meat with contain testicular material, and offal and even eyeballs. I have met an ex worker from a sausage making firm (famous one) and she said having seen what goes into sausages she would never eat another one.

While those are valid in themselves, the issue, it seems to me, is this:

#  I don’t think the issue is that it is horse meat, its the fact that they are telling you its beef and its not, they are lying to their customers, fobbing us off with a cheaper alternative. Just pleased there are people going round checking up on these things, god knows what we would be eating if there wasn’t.

Plus how much the govt knew of the Irish horseknackers trade with mainland GB.

I mean, we’re talking trade descriptions act.   Personally, I’m not all that fussed about horsemeat if it wasn’t going to have testicles and bums ground up in there but that’s not, as said, the issue.  And another is to say something like, “W-e-e-e-l-l-l, it’s been going on for years, the Mail discovers it and everyone goes hysterical.  You get what you pay for.”

That’s all true but it still doesn’t excuse it. People are so alternately inured to sleaze and grot these days and then wildly hysterical – it’s like they’re being played like a violin.

And there’s not much we can do about it except maybe have a few hundred people think about it a bit.   I mean, does the BSE thing stop people buying beef?  Largely forgotten, is it not?

So all we can really do is make personal choices.   Good advice to buy from M&S or the butchers – so let’s do that.  Also, I’m only buying cuts of meat and chicken and filleted fish anyway so it doesn’t personally affect me – not in that way.  What worries me is what garbage has been put in the “real” meat, apart from the water they pump up the chicken breasts with.

Coming back to the issue at the top – that of camps – I’ll be damned if I’m going to play the gruff curmudgeon who excuses everything when I don’t feel that way about some issues at all.   Laughable that it all comes out on one day, as if orchestrated but at least it did get high-grade publicity.

The second issue is the sex-trafficking girl in the States.  Now if you look at my post of yesterday on the ladies and especially the top pic, you’d be excused for thinking I’d turn a blind eye to sex trafficking.   What I think is being lost here is the art of discretion, of discernment.  You can be a male with a normal delight in the fine form of wimmin and still not turn a blind eye to trafficking.  The two positions don’t have to go hand in hand, you know.

Again, a selection of comments:

#  They had a sex trafficking ring busted in a small town off the interstate here in Alabama. I was shocked to learn it happened in this area, but it’s right off Interstate 65 which makes it a big thoroughfare apparently. The girls were drugged up and handcuffed to beds, a scene right out of Taken. It happens everywhere.

#  In countries such as USA and Canada — the main influential perpetrators of sex trafficking are biker gangs and Italian Mafias (the two groups that the American/Canadian public are most likely to ignore as not being dangerous enough because their prejudices lead them to overly focus on other criminal groups – such as small time drug gangs).

And that’s conveniently ignoring the evidence for government agency involvement, e.g. Omaha airport and where the money is being raked off to.   Again, not a lot we can do personally to stop it except to make personal choices.   I know a lot of guys who couldn’t survive without their hardcore porn, then there’s the soft and then there’s the type of female characterization on this blog.

And a lot of those women are not traumatized slaves, e.g. the Page 3 girl or the ones Microdave puts up.   There’s this complication when the woman wants to do it because she sees it as a revenue stream and thinks if she’s got it, then flaunt it [a whole issue in itself] … and when she’s coerced.   The one can move to the other with rapidity.  I’ve known such girls in Russia and have heard the tales from their own mouths.

There’s also this complication of what is appreciation, what is exploitation and what is simply abuse.   Girls getting into any of this, let alone the general rampant sexuality at school, is producing a female ripe for exploitation.   You might have no issue with your daughter getting into that.  I do.

And yet again, what happened to the factors of discretion and discernment?   The trouble with this trade is that even if the adult male can differentiate, there are still two other factors:  one, his libido gets in the way and two, a teenage girl does not have that same discernment.

To say, “W-e-e-l-l-l, it’s gone on for years,’ is meant to be an excuse?   The EU has been going on for years, the ripping off of pensions has been going on for some years – is that some sort of superior stance to take?

In the end, there are certain things individuals can do.   One is to not look at what everyone knows is exploitative porn.

If enough men did that – simply not click into those sites, then the trade must either collapse or move itself into the soft side.     Now it’s not easy, let’s be honest here – the idea of some cutie having it away is a strong temptation to the baser instincts but I’m not going to because this is not some Miss World contest or Page 3 girl but a trade I’m not prepared to give my hard-earned to.

I’m studiously avoiding the moral rectitude side in this because that’s another issue.  As mentioned, it’s a simple thing everyone can do and if we do refuse to go to those sites, that still leaves all the teenage boys and girls themselves going to them, swapping webcam porn and being groomed online but one can only win one battle at a time.  It needs to start somewhere.

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