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Rollini wangled the job of leading a band at the snazzy new Club New Yorker – all he needed were some musicians. Easy-peasy – the Goldkette band folded in Atlantic City after a last performance on the 18th of September, and Rollini hired Tram, Bix and chums. Naturally the new band wanted to record too; since Tram had a recording contract, they did so under his flag. From 30th September here’s I’m Wonderin’ Who.


From October 25th, here’s Cryin’ All Day, a tune that it was hoped would repeat the success of the Bix/Tram Singin’ The Blues. The clarinetist is Pee Wee Russell.


I don’t associate this mob with the Blues, but from the same session here’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find.


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  1. January 13, 2013 at 19:58

    Very pleasant on a cold Sunday evening.

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