Odd sax [7]

The records of the Original Dixieland Jass Band had been the original inspiration for Bix’s taking up jazz. So when he had the chance to record half-a-dozen tracks with Rollini and company it’s not too surprising that he started on 5th of October with three numbers from the ODJB repertoire. First, their own At the Jazz Band Ball.

The ODJB had been a huge hit in their day: according to Wikipedia “The band’s 1919 appearance at the London Hippodrome was the first official jazz gig by any band in the United Kingdom and was followed by a command performance for King George V at Buckingham Palace. … The British tour ended with the band being chased to the Southampton docks by Lord Harrington, who was infuriated that his daughter was being romanced by the lead singer of the band.” Wot larks. Anyway, here’s Bix and Rollini’s version of a tune the ODJB had popularised after that tour, and that Bix had first recorded in 1924: Jazz Me Blues.

Bix had also first recorded Royal Garden Blues with the Wolverines in 1924; here’s his version with Rollini. Note, by the way, it’s Rollini who co-stars on these Bix and His Gang tracks – no Tram.

Odd sax 1
Odd sax 2
Odd sax 3
Odd sax 4
Odd sax 5
Odd sax 6
Odd sax 7
Odd sax 8
Odd sax 9

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  1. A K Haart January 16, 2013 at 20:26 Permalink

    Great stuff – particularly At the Jazz Band Ball which for me brings out the exuberance of the times.

    London must have been blown away by the ODJB. Never been the same since.

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