Odd sax [8]

Bix had a love and fascination for the European Classical Music of his day: Holst, Ravel, Debussy etc. Since Holst taught my wife’s aunt the piano, I’ll claim a connection to Bix. Spooky! Back to work: on October 25th the Gang recorded Goose Pimples.

Next, it’s Sorry. Is it my imagination, or is the gulf in pitch between the cornet and the bass sax more satisfying than the gulf between the cornet and Tram’s C-melody sax? Or is it just that Rollini happens to be deft at not only performing beautifully himself, shimmering back and forward from the rhythm section, but also bringing the best out of his colleagues?

On these two sessions the clarinetist was Don Murray, the trombonist Bill Rank, the pianist Frank Signorelli, and the drummer Chauncey Morehouse. Here the Gang leaves us with Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down.

And indeed Bix and Tram left New York when the Rollini band folded after only a month or so; they went off to join Paul Whiteman. What was Rollini to do?

Well, what do you do when feeling disappointed, downcast, frustrated? Pootle off to the Savoy, I dare say.

That’s what Rollini did.

Odd sax 1
Odd sax 2
Odd sax 3
Odd sax 4
Odd sax 5
Odd sax 6
Odd sax 7
Odd sax 8
Odd sax 9

2 Responses to “Odd sax [8]”

  1. James Higham January 18, 2013 at 18:18 Permalink

    Holst taught my wife’s aunt the piano


    On my third listening of the last one and the choice of pics was also rather nice.

  2. A K Haart January 18, 2013 at 20:24 Permalink

    “Is it my imagination…”

    Your ears are better than mine – I just enjoy it! Felix and friend seem to enjoy it too.

    These jazz guys didn’t stay together long did they?

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