Odd sax [le finale]

Rollini considered turning toward the instrument of his youth: hear him on the xylophone here (along with his bass sax ): Lazy Weather, recorded 25/05/27 with the University Six.

But “towards” not “to”: what he did was take up the vibraharp/vibraphone i.e. the “vibes”, the first leading jazzman to do so on any scale. Here he is in 1948 – we actually get to see him – playing some pretty jazz (reminding me of the later MJQ) on vibes and chimes/tubular bells. It’s the Adrian Rollini Trio playing The Girl With The Light Blue Hair.

But he could also incorporate vibes into a bigger hot group: here he is swinging madly on 18/01/38 with Buddy Rich and Bobby Hackett on “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön”

We’ve already had youtubes that included his piano playing; I’d like also to show you youtubes of his playing his other instruments – marimba, celeste, drums – if I could find some. But that would take us away from his Odd Sax. And anyway, he was no longer quite a leading jazzman: first Red Norvo then Lionel Hampton became the vibes king. So we’ll bid him farewell with a last bass sax track, accompanying an even odder instrument, in a splendid example of NY jazz of 1930 – Accordion Joe ….. warble, cavort, yippee!!

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  1. A K Haart January 27, 2013 at 20:10 Permalink

    I’m a cloth-eared novice, but I like to think I’ve absorbed some real enthusiasm for this music, as well as the people and the stories behind it.

    An excellent series of posts and many thanks for taking the time and trouble to put it together.

  2. James Higham January 27, 2013 at 20:20 Permalink

    Yes, a big hand for Dearieme for this mammoth series. It’s been more than enjoyable and we’ve learnt things too.

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