copyright-symbolIt goes to show how careful one must be. In October, a post went up under Rossa’s name on the Vimana machine.

Now the way much material comes through is by email and almost always there is a link somewhere – people sending material to me almost always do that. I’ve once or twice said something could not go up without attribution.

As you would gather by the number of posts which do go up here, multiplied by a dozen for the ones which don’t and that means a lot of material and links. Somehow the links did not go up on this one and that could well have been my fault in my haste. There was certainly no attempt not to attribute.

However, it turns out the original, copyrighted article came from Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers, a sharp-eyed reader spotted it and the rest was inevitable. As a blogmeister who has found his own original work appearing sans any attribution whatever on some Brazilian or African site, I am quite peeved when this happens, so I can understand Robert.

I’ve inserted this in the offending post:

17.01.2013 This article was originally published by Robert of Aquarius Papers:

It was not understood by me [the blog owner] that this was copyright material at the time.  The fault might even have been mine rather than Rossa’s, as it was emailed and I might well have failed to grab all the attribution – you’ll see the rate at which posts go up.

This is no excuse, of course and Nourishing Obscurity apologizes unreservedly to Robert and is most pleased he has allowed the post to remain here. Nourishing Obscurity in no way condones or practices plagiarism, as Robert notes and the error has been corrected immediately.

We’re obviously delighted that Robert has seen fit to grant us permission to leave the post up and we’ll just need to redouble our vigilance in future.

For the NO authors and perhaps fellow bloggers as well, it is a salutary lesson.

4 comments for “Plagiarism

  1. January 18, 2013 at 06:08

    I’m surprised that Robert Wilkinson thinks his shite about Afghan flying saucers is worth copyrighting. After all, shrinks freely quote from their patients in medical journals, and none (to the best of my knowledge) have been sued. Perhaps, like David Icke, he should just get a life – unless the one reserved for him has been stolen by shape-shifting giant lizards (aka the joooooz)……

  2. January 18, 2013 at 07:12

    The issue with us is that whoever or whatever, if it’s been lifted and it’s that person’s work, we’re potentially in breach.

    Think I’ll do a short follow-up post on it for this morning.

  3. Mark
    January 18, 2013 at 08:01

    Hats off to Robert

  4. January 18, 2013 at 14:47

    I see Ian has a truckload of bad attitude. As you rightly point out, James, this is about lifting someone else’s work, even inadvertently. There was no threat of a lawsuit whatsoever so Ian, you’re very much off topic. Whether Ian agrees with the content or not, surely he must agree that proper attribution is a necessity in an internet world. Thanks for the tip of the hat, Mark.

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