Train and shop talk


Not much to report this time around.

I’ve had it with the railways company – they cancelled the critical commuter train yet again – not the one after not the one before, they didn’t shuffle the trains forward, timewise and they knew very well it was going to happen because they already had an engineer onboard.

In other words, they were giving the only train of the day which was critical a test run to see if it was really broken. That is either taking the yellow stuff or total incompetence.

Very few people out and about today – must have been the cold.

About the only amusing thing was a lady who does the stock. She’ll be 95 next month so that is simply amazing. I went upstairs for lunch and had cooked a chicken last evening, had put the breast and some leafy greenery this morning on Polish bread and had added some coronation chicken for flavour.

I asked the lady, “Do you like coronation chicken?”

‘No,” she said firmly. “Never watch it. Never have.”

Those sorts of things make a day bearable.

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  1. January 12, 2013 at 22:30

    I went on the train to Invergordon yesterday and the trolly Gal sent me off My trolly she wis such a livin Doll

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