Transport for London during the Blitz

Thanks to Retronaut:







Frank Clarke – tube driver whose train was bombed in September 1940 just outside Sloane Square.

Albert Coe – bus driver who helped his passengers to safety after falling into a bomb crater in Otober 1940.

John Woodage – Constable with Transport Police who tended to wounded passengers after a tube station was bombed.

Mary Morgan – bus conductor based at Athol St. Garage, Poplar, shielded two children from a nearby bomb blast during a daylight raid on London in September 1940.

Elsie Birrell – One of the first female porters employed by London Underground in September 1940. Based at Stockwell Station she helped passengers after the station was bombed and collapsed in November 1940.

Desiree Ellinger – driver of a National Fire Service mobile canteen by the London docks during the Blitz.


In other news, transport production is up 5%.

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