Memor tua rei

GadsdenFlagWavingSorry to go on about it but that really does rankle from yesterday.  I wrote last evening that there were one or two things and mentioned one of them.   The second and one which rankles more is when people interfere on behalf of someone who doesn’t need that in the first place – unsolicited.

That’s the key – unsolicited.

Some examples

1.  There was no doubt that certain things with certain women [not all] needed to change by the end of the 50s.  I don’t know anyone today who does not concede that.  Watching those Harry Enfield skits about 40s promotional posters does make one cringe and of course, it was done by Enfield for comedy.

Women would have got a better deal anyway as what was portrayed by Enfield was simply ridiculous.  But into this came an alien entity, a virus and that virus was feminism.  And then came other third parties, men of the “new” variety and they interfered in it, in their eyes, “on behalf” of women.   Which is not what real women appreciate anyway.  See this for an explanation.

2.  Sherlock Holmes episode The Cardboard Box concerned an interfering biddy who gets in between a husband and his wife – this is the same effect as the feminists.   Woman married to a rough diamond of a man, into this comes a smiling assassin, her sister who insinuates herself into the home and starts wormtonguing when the husband is at sea [he’s a sailor].   Result – the destruction of the marriage.

The interfering sister gets hers.   This is a variant of the mother-in-law syndrome although personally, I’ve always got along with the mothers of my ladies, sometimes too well for the lady herself.   The more mature lady is quite fun as a rule.

3.  The manager yesterday.  My colleague and I get along to the point where she calls me her “mate” and I’m happy enough with that.  She knows her stuff and I do too, we complement one another, help out when needed, take care of other things when needed – if you want any proof that a man and a woman can work together in real life, that is it.   Into this comes the manager.  She doesn’t know, she interprets everything through her own prejudices.

Others have called this the do-gooder syndrome.

Fortunately, in this case, my colleague is a lady of much experience and knows people for what they are – nothing much gets past her.  So she was most bemused by it all.

Extending the concept

The interfering busybody also comes into the question of the State interfering in people’s lives and socially engineering when there is absolutely no need for it to do so, in bansturbation and so on.

To all of them, I’d just like to say, with the greatest respect: “Memor tua rei,” to which may be added: “Periculo tuo ingredere.”

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