Names to make a hill weep [2]

hills weep

[continued] Murdering Gully Road and Black Charlie’s Opening are well known road signs here but not all are dark. We also have St. Peter’s Pass, Paradise, Mt Pleasant, Sweetwater Creek and Golden Valley (which I drove through with enormous pleasure just last month).

Raised as an Englishman I was always aware of and almost besotted by some English Village names: Midsomer Norton, Ashby Dela Zouche for examples, and in Tas the place names were made-up by the odd English who came here to escape the gallows.

A favourite is Eggs and Bacon Bay, not far from me. Regardless of the sea-spray and gum trees, I smell eggs and bacon whenever I go there.

hills weep 2

I would like to acknowledge Annie Hunt who wrote a nice little article on this matter for the Mercury Saturday Magazine, but I won’t link to it as you will not be able to access it. Paywall !

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 15:51

    Here in Utah we have several mountains with the name Mollie’s Nipple; there are also a couple of other western states with that name. I often wonder who this doxy was who went around flashing her boobs at mountain men all the time.

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