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On Israel’s surgical strike on the Jamraya complex:

This is the fiercely contested issue – the Arab nations who would have liked those facilities built cry Israeli terrorism. Israel says it’s getting in early to prevent it. What should Israel do? Wait for UN permission to finally mount some sort of defence once the Arabs are ready for their next holocaust?

I’d wager that if any one of you had your family with you and you saw a gang of armed people slaughtering another family and then they see you, you wouldn’t wait for some final resolution in a court of law somewhere down the track with reparation for the slaughter of your family given to someone in the extended family who wasn’t there that day.

You would strike before they were ready.

Why shouldn’t Israel, when the intention of the Arabs is perfectly clear and has been given in speeches over the decades? Even if the first intended targets were other Arab nations, then Israel is doing those nations a favour.

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