Phallus C

This from Chuckles had vague elements of amusement to it until the first comment [at this time].

Basically, it was about a memorial to massacre victims and a new one proposed for the same park – at least I think so, I didn’t read it all, preferring to go to comments.  First comment was:

I’m far more disturbed that anyone thought this was a good idea…
“…has vulva shapes engraved in the top of each of the 14 sarcophagi forms…”

These victims have been blatantly reduced to their sexual organs. How incredibly sexist and demeaning! It does, however, explain how some minds leap to “phallic” at the sight of anything upright. It’s the sort of mind that reduces all people – and things, apparently – to sexual organs, as if that’s the most important thing.

What a disturbing world view.

He or she used the word “disturbing” but what is more disturbing is that there is most certainly an overt sexuality moving into the public sphere more and more, even down to the sexualization of young children and of course, the paedo fixation, cougar teachers having it off with teenagers and the Savile side of it.

What is more disturbing than that even, for a student of history and metaphysics, is that there is nothing accidental in it.   Some time back, this blog ran a series of posts on symbols and symbology, pointing to the Israeli Supreme Court, for one, the Rothschild artifact, and all it’s overt symbolism.   It’s all over the place wherever Them is found:

strange images 7




And can be sheeted home to a source:

strange symbols 14

Any Christian or scholar could tell you that, manifesting itself through paganism and all the other sun/earth/sexuality worship [see the higher Masons for this].

The issue is not so much if this exists but rather why it exists.   The explanation given by the Fuel Project is Nimrod and Semiramis and it’s not a case of whether we believe it or not – the ones constructing these things believe in it.

Literature on it at random.

Not to mention the proliferation of hard porn worldwide, something which was not available on this scale three decades ago.

Before getting onto the sex slave trade and the events in Belgium and other places at high levels.

Not to mention the gender bending and parents getting their kids to grow up gender confused.

Not to mention the things going on in India with the rapes.

The sanest thing which can be said is that there are many aspects to life, of which sexuality is but one – an important one but still just one – but to skew one aspect to the detriment of, say, the spiritual side, the romantic, loving and even intellectual side, is a perversion of the natural order.  Human warmth and feeling is being snuffed out by total concentration on the act – wham bam, thank you ma’am.   If that’s your idea of the sum total of relations between two partners, then we’re not on the same page.

I didn’t use the term perversion emotively just now, merely to mean deviating from the norm in a negative way or with a negative result on society in the long term.   An example is the welfare state and how it’s bloated into some gigantic toad squatting on the life of the nation.   You could throw in the NHS there.

Just in passing, another comment caught the eye:

Having high contempt for feminazis is a normal thing for clear thinking men AND women.   I don’t care about your gender … but I do care when you impose “women are better than men” and “men are evil”.   The super stupidity here is that this is a direct reversal of male worship.   Didn’t women learn anything from that madness (over the last few millenia?)

Presumably not.   Then again, whoever learns from mistakes to the point of never repeating them?   And there are vested interests manipulating the feminazis and other PCists, with a view to a complete reorganization of society.

One woman wrote:

Every time a feminist decries that they ‘speak for women’ I happily remind them that the only thing they speak for is their own bigotry. That usually shuts them up pretty quick, they’re not happy when another women says something like that to them. If you have a wife or girlfriend, have them do the same.

Having said all that about feminism, nevertheless, they were right about the sexualization of public life and that includes failing to value women as people and not just as receptacles.   They’re largely to blame for it themselves, the feminists, turning men off in droves and leaving only the act as the sum total of relations.     I prefer the complete package with a woman but ideologues have destroyed that.

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  1. Amfortas
    February 21, 2013 at 12:07

    My Irish blood (yes, I have a few drops) is revolted by the idea that a monument to ‘Irish’ should be placed anywhere near that howling affront of the feminazis.

    And why, for the sake of Lord Harry, anyone would raise a monument to such a mad, jigging, wailing crowd as them in the first place is beyond me. It is rare to meet a half-way sane one who does not simultaneously consider themselves to have been victimised by ‘oppressive’ men. The Irish by Engishmen that is.


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