The crimes she committed

4228634057_49beb4eb6a_oThanks a bunch to those who replied on the novella – I was stuck for a while on the murder [there’s about to be another in the second half] and Don Qui Scottie‘s was the one I used, to add to Steve Brown’s from last time, both debts suitably acknowledged on the early pages.

Here’s the text [still in draft form]:

They were assiduously not living together as far as ‘overnight’ went but were meeting during the day.

Three days after the meeting with the lawyer, Miles had a phone call from Chloe.

‘Hi. They’ve released me. I’m told it was on the grounds of your affidavit, both of you. I couldn’t have been the one from outside or above anyway. Thanks. We think the Inspector also felt he didn’t know exactly what to charge me with.’

‘You really believe, my ex-love, that he couldn’t have you inside tomorrow? Let me get the paper, one moment. Here it is. OK, he has you down for discharging a firearm (an offence in England), violating a dead body (if it’s dead), interfering with evidence, failing to immediately report a serious crime, and you’d quite possibly be done for collaborating in murder if a coroner could not be 100% certain the first shot was fatal. Oh and breach of the peace, he says and violation of EU noise abatement regulations, possibly leading to pollution of the environment too.’2

There was silence at the other end. Then, ‘Do you want the island?’

‘Not any more. My part’s leased to the MoD but your end still exists.’

‘Would you sell me your part? I’ll admit adultery and if you do too, we have no fault. You file, although we do have you on Jacquie you know, many times over.’ She chuckled.

‘Where would you like me to start on you – Ralph, Frank, Jacquie herself? Multiple times in the tunnels, at Frank’s, even on the island with you already pregnant. With Tel.  Ralph told all.’

‘I’ll kill her.’

‘Not a wise thing to do, threatening Jacquie.   Shall we add that to the list or drop it?   Which would impress a family court more do you think?’

‘You utter bastard.’

‘I aim to please. Anyway, I’m fine with that, neither of us wants anything to stall now. The two years are a pain.’

‘They are but they won’t prevent us doing what we’ve planned. It’s obvious I’ll marry Frank and you two will marry I suppose. You know, with good behaviour, he’ll be out in 18 months.’

He was about to ask, ‘What, for planning and abetting a murder?’ but thought he’d best not.

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