You can’t quote me ’cause I don’t like your readers


British Politician Tells Local Paper It Can’t Quote Him Because He Dislikes Its Readers’ Comments

However, rather than develop thicker skin, some politicians have instead made efforts to keep all the bad people away from the paper vellum they call skin. Some try to shield themselves (and the children!) with vague anti-cyberbullying laws. Others push for “real name” requirements. And some (well, maybe just this one), just tell the offending entity that it’s no longer part of the conversation, no matter how ridiculous this “arrangement” actually is.

Christopher Hawtree is a very unusual politician because he dislikes being quoted. The Green councillor, who has just been selected to fight for a parliamentary seat, has told a reporter for his local paper, the Brighton Argus, to stop approaching him after meetings.

Well well well, isn’t that interesting?   Brighton Argus, eh?   Shall we mosey on down there, find a political post involving Hawtrey and make a few choice remarks?   A dozen of us should do the trick.

I went looking for something on the man and found this:

I have seriously considered closing down this blog over the last few days.  I have several reasons for this but uppermost in my mind is the tone of the debate over libraries and, in particular, the nasty personal attacks on councillor Christopher Hawtree.

Now hang on – people don’t like his manner and positioning so you’ll close your blog because of that?    At first I thought you might have been right of centre, as it all sounds reasonable but the idea of closing a blog over something someone says sounds very left to me.  Need to check the About section:

“left of centre comments on politics”

Nuff said – that explains it.  Intriguing about our Mr. Hawtrey though – another commenter:

To some extent what you say is true – Christopher Hawtree is not directly responsible for library cuts, and it is somewhat unfair for Mike Weatherley to describe them as such in his press release.

However, let us not forget that Christopher has quite a history – not only one of superb work with regard to saving Hove Library, but also a darker side … spin, lies and intrigue.

Curiouser and curiouser.

[H/T Chuckles]

1 comment for “You can’t quote me ’cause I don’t like your readers

  1. wiggiatlarge
    February 27, 2013 at 17:54

    Judging by the comments in the Argus over the last year, the Greens had better make the most of it for they are surely for the chop at the next election after implicating so many loony policies.

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