Maggie, Liverpool and Trafalgar Square

This is my third and final on Maggie. Nowhere are there stronger feelings than in Liverpool.

Where the Liverpudlians were wrong:

I don’t know how much you remember of the socialist era of 1964 to 1979 – Wilson, Heath [no, no error], Wilson again and Callaghan but Liverpool had the worst industrial relations in the country, they were losing new business and the old was near-moribund.  What decimated Liverpool was not Maggie – it was the unions holding the city to ransom.

Unfortunately, many workers could not see it because all they could hear were shop steward foghorns.  Union officials dragged Liverpool down with impossible demands, drunk on their own power, they made it impossible for any industry to survive and after Speke, many businesses then closed their doors.   They couldn’t fight communist union leader power.

It was always going to be a tough ask – a westerly facing port while the easterly and southerly facing had all the new business. Maggie administered the last rites, it’s true but the writing had been on the wall for a long time.

Where the Liverpudlians were right:

Do you accept the enquiry report?

Incidentally, not completely off topic:

After Sheffield Norman Bettison became Chief Constable of Merseyside.   The council had created several false charities ( community forums ) to launderacquired EU funds, evidence was sent to the Charity Commission, based in Merseyside.    They buried the evidence.

The Charity Commission was reported to the Chief Constable of Merseyside.    Norman Bettison not only did nothing, but sent all the evidence back to his mates on South Yorkshire Police, who also did nothing.

Norman Bettison also used to be on the Merseyside Common Purpose Advisory Group ( refer to Matthew Byrne and David Cameron )

Moving on a few years, it was discovered that the Leeds Office of the European Secretariat of the Government Office of Yorkshire and the Humber was co-ordinating a cover-up within the national institutions who had purview over the issues related to fraud and corruption.

The evidence was sent to the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire.   Yes, the new Chief Constable of West Yorkshire was  Norman Bettison.

Which brings me to Trafalgar Square:

Falklands veteran Simon Weston, who said: “I think we should celebrate all that she brought back to this country. I think it would be terribly fitting if we could remember her in a similar way to Winston Churchill.”

But he warned any statue could be a focus for protests, after hundreds “celebrated” Lady Thatcher’s death last night. Trafalgar Square was the scene of violent anti-poll tax protests.

“I think that you have to be careful of the reaction of the foolhardy, the misled and the misguided who have been popping champagne corks and dancing on her photo,” said Mr Weston, a former Guardsman who was badly burnt in an attack on RFA Sir Galahad. “It is amazing what myth and rumour can achieve.”

Arthur Scargill, on the other hand, bitter foe of Maggie, when asked, declined to comment.  That was the best way.  If Baroness Ashton were to die, I’d not make the comments of last evening, I’d just let it go.

People with no idea who Thatcher was ‘ecstatic’ that she’s dead

I hope they do put up a statue to her.    Churchill and she are far and away the most noteworthy around the world let alone at home.   Incidentally, can you think of any Labour politician worthy of being set on a plinth?  I can think of two recent ones who should be on the gallows tree and a Pink Tory right now.

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  1. Bill April 9, 2013 at 19:35 Permalink

    Scargill refusing to comment speaks volumes and silences the ‘people’ who are celebrating the death of an 87 year old lady.
    On the one hand I think some portions of the people of these islands are sick on the other hand I have defend their right to protest and make public their views.

  2. Pete April 9, 2013 at 20:54 Permalink

    The reaction sure is a sign of the times.

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