No matter what the issue, it’s always about gender

LOL – what does this say to you about feminists? Downunder, there is a racism issue and a club president [interesting that it is Collingwood again [ 😉 ] said the aboriginal would be a good choice for a King Kong movie.

Almost everyone agrees that was, at a minimum, crass. So, in comes a feminist, makes a few remarks about the issue and then gets onto the racist girl:

What a disgrace that thus far she’s been more severely punished and humiliated than the privileged adult men she emulates. It speaks volumes about the boys club football culture of protection, cover up and denial that created the problem in the first place.

To which someone replied:

Mel, your comment stinks of anti-maleness. Before commenting you should think about what you write. This is not about gender. She was dealt with justly.

Every single issue gets twisted round to gender by feminists. They’re not interested in any other public issue but gender. That’s one of the reasons I have the attitude I do towards them.

2 comments for “No matter what the issue, it’s always about gender

  1. banned
    May 31, 2013 at 01:19

    I overheard two students this afternoon; the girl was moaning about how her car insurance premium had recently increased and she could not understand why.

    ‘Celebrate the Equality darling, your mum burned her bra for it’, thought I.

  2. May 31, 2013 at 06:20

    One thing quite clear is that men generally have had enough of feminist whinging. Fems want equality? Now they’re going to get it – by the bucketload.

    I don’t believe this is where women hoped to be at all.

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