Nature still astounds

nature abounds

I was having a break yesterday from the endless decorating, sipping a cup of tea on the patio when one of these flew by.

As he kept flying back and forth, I rushed to get my camera and although he was still around he never settled for me to get a picture.

I have never seen one of this colour before, in the sun he looked like burnished copper completely metallic, an amazing sight.

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  1. wiggia July 25, 2013 at 16:23 Permalink

    Sadly James I didn’t get the picture, this is a library shot and it doesn’t do him justice.

  2. ubermouth July 25, 2013 at 23:46 Permalink

    Our farm in England was an oasis of the most unusual insects,so much so that had we wanted to have it listed as a Natural Conservation Area we could have[but it would have placed too many planning restrictions upon it].

    One day whilst sitting in one of the gardens, a HUGE bumble bee landed on my leg. I stroked it’s fur and was amazed how soft it was-like the finest mink,the colours spectacular close up. We also use to get dragon flies at our koi pond who were a kaleidoscope of colours,almost a prism.

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