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  1. July 25, 2013 at 06:38

    Well, I think it’s generally known that either:

    1. feminists are hypocrites of the first water or

    2. they’re politically naive and don’t know how they’re being used.

    Truth is that, like most of us, they’re interested primarily in themselves, personally, on their little ownsome, first and foremost and they weave this Narrative around it to justify such self-interest and pretend it’s not.

    Hence they couldn’t care less about the plight of actual women in other countries. It’s only their personal conditions which are of interest.

    As I say, we all act out of self-interest. What we don’t do is con the govt into pushing our self-interest and oppressing others.

    Another thing I’ve noticed with the feminist women I’ve known is that they’re not remotely interested in anyone else’s point of view. They just ignore it and press on regardless … ad nauseam.

    And another thing is they threaten violence if we don’t accept our view. I’ve been threatened with litigation but the vulnerable, like Erin Pizzey, have been threatened with their lives, Christie O too. Feminists don’t reason – they play all the tricks in the book.

    Best ignored and marginalized or in the case of a few of us, mercilessly attacked.


  2. Moggsy
    July 25, 2013 at 09:57

    Personally, and it’s not like I didnt make this point on this site more times than I counted..

    Watch my lips. It is a no brainer that much of the cultural views of many adherants to Islam is all things considered inimicable (scary but excellent word) to females. It might be those views are built into sharia law.

    Any sensible woman ought to resist the promotion and encroachment of that sort of thinking.

    Lots of it is going on semi invisibly, hidden behind a language barrier and self segregation where those outside don’t get to see what is going on.

    Personally I don’t think much of that sort of thinking is good for guys either, not unless they are not keen on music and actually want to have an unkempt beard.

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