Quick bites – on reptiles

What is it with reptiles today?

First I see some commenter at the Wail was roundly red-arrowed for saying “another little reptile” was coming into the world at the charge-like-a-wounded-bull hospital – is it called the Lido?

Then, in passing Frank Davis’s place, I saw “poisonous little reptile” and thought he might have been referring to me so checked it out.  Actually, he was referring to John Redwood on the smoking ban.

Then I stopped off at Julia’s on the way and she’s on about reptiles too:

Annie Cox, 53, was woken up by her terrified son who was sweating and white in the face.
She said: “First I told him to clear off. I thought he’d been on drugs or he’d been drinking heavily.”

As you do…

She then proceeds with her reptile tale.

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  1. James Higham July 23, 2013 at 17:40 Permalink

    An example of a comment I did not let through. Someone called C Angelu asked which reptiles I’d seen. The email and scanty website had some things about reptiles in the sidebar.

    As it was not a functioning blog with traffic, I didn’t proceed. This is where the comment might be Ok but we can’t take the chance, particularly in the light of events these past few days.

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