Quick bites – stating the bleedin’ on child porn…

Thanks, haiku:

UK Prime Minister More Interested In Regulating The Internet Than Regulating Porn

As readers would know, I wouldn’t cry if porn was stopped for kids – seeing it, in it, accessing it – but Cameron is not the man for the job.  He’s a charlatan, using issues like gay “marriage” shamelessly for his masters, causing a backlash he was hoping to cause and sowing discord, again for his European masters.

Ditto with this issue.  It is a most grave issue and I’ve been urging anyone who reads this blog to take the matter of children more seriously but bstds like Cameron say “you can have me as your champion or no one at all”.   As his masters run the porn industry anyway – see the Belgium post again – then it is hollow in the extreme.

But I think you knew that.