E-libraries and the problem of sifting

Don’t want you getting the idea that haiku has taken over this blog [on his way to Mars] but he keeps coming up with these things:

Libraries have complained publishers aren’t always willing to sell e-books to libraries. When big publishers do, they often charge high prices, especially compared to discount rates libraries get for traditional books. [...]

Enter Jamie Larue. He runs the eight libraries in Douglas County, south of Denver. Larue came up with an idea that could revolutionize the publishing world. His libraries have begun buying books directly from authors and publishing them as e-books.

This is a fraught one, as he might end up with e-shelves of pap.   Everyone and his dog fancies himself as an author and the Booker Prize shows just how feminist dominated [and therefore useless] the awards system is.   Turner Prize in “art” is just such an award.

Also – where’s he going to find the time to sift?   Literary agents are pains in the butt but they do develop a nose for a good work … but what are the criteria?    That it would sell?   Pulp fiction?   Mills and Boon all over again?   The awful 50 shades?    Bargain basement “lit”?   Chick lit?

What are the criteria, I repeat?

One solution is for authors to submit a short story first but not all can write them.   And where’s the pool of talent the e-library man dips into in the first place?   Authors probably have to get off their bottoms and find these pools to begin with.    Not a bad idea and it’s good to circumvent the big publishers but there are real issues with it.

No doubt you can think of others.

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  1. Rossa August 14, 2013 at 16:51 Permalink

    You may deplore books like 50 Shades of Grey but Romance and Erotica genres clearly have a market. Perhaps you could consider them a woman’s answer to page 3 and ‘Lad’s Mags’!



  2. James Higham August 14, 2013 at 18:12 Permalink

    Surely women don’t think of sex, Rossa – we’re told only men have it on the brain. ;-)

  3. Rossa August 15, 2013 at 07:27 Permalink

    “…..only men have it on the brain”

    We all know where you men keep your brains, so I guess that’s where you do have it! ;-)

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