Narrative – always the narrative

We do bang on about these things and if we quote a few facts, an interesting thing happens – the left leaning somehow just disappear for that day and miss the post, then pop back the next day on something else, firing.

This, from Chuckles, is a case in point:

Our intrepid rowers of the Northwest Passage, after writing about ice, ice and more ice during their abortive journey, suddenly decide it was the winds that forced them to stop

(And of course, their boat design was horribly susceptible to wind.. their early trip 1st month posts are instructive)

(Nice commment in the post below…)

What we’re referring to here is this uncanny ability to blame anything but the real reason.    Every time the noble socialist experiment fails, it has to be some other reason.   In Russia, it was that it was Russia and socialism needs a proper country to do well in … and so on.

There can be no acknowledgment that the model is wrong, that the idea is flawed, that it hasn’t been thought through by the punters but it very much has been thought through by the authors – Them.

Equality.   The way they went about it is simply wrong.   You can’t take people’s jobs and call it “positive” discrimination. It’s just discrimination, which according to their own narrative, is wrong, as long as it is a favoured group.

The food crisis which isn’t and the buying up of grain by the Monsantos – now the left can get into this one.   What is the endgame here?    Reduction of the world’s population of course.   The game which has been for a long time and they assume, in their machinations, that they’ll be among the saved.

The left quickly ditch anything or anyone failing.   So, Obama is jettisoned.  Oh he’s not a socialist, they say – socialism is pure but he is in the pocket of the cabals.   Well, yes he is but so are all the global socialists.

Blair was not a socialist according to one leftist – he was of the right?   Really?   Is that why the right calls for his hanging or incarceration?    But he took us into war – he must be of the right.   No, he’s of Them and then are global socialist.

That is, they wish for a federated system with them in the driving seat, the elite above.   The punters think a utopia is coming and when it’s a dystopia, blame something else for it all going wrong.   Anything but what it is.

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  1. Ian Hills September 27, 2013 at 07:07 Permalink

    Despite the ice, those rowers “knew” that the Arctic was warming up “really” because some Eskimos had told them it was. Why, one had even seen ravens where none had been seen before. Shamanistic wisdom trumps data from western scientific instruments yet again.

  2. James Higham September 27, 2013 at 08:18 Permalink

    Don’t you think it is iniquitous that we’re actually told lies? That we are not getting the authentic truth? Naive question – yes it is wrong but I mean iniquitous, not wrong.

    People in a public capacity are plain lying in order to further an agenda? Skewing, yes, selecting what to publish, yes, putting an interpretation on, yes – but to lie outright means no stats whatever can be trusted.

    And they are in charge and can do as they wish. Not morally but in realpolitik.

  3. Kryten September 27, 2013 at 08:45 Permalink

    Many of the left seem to suffer from denial – they just cant see that their ideology is wrong, doesnt work and actually causes more harm overall. Mentally theyre incapable of making that leap, and so are capable in justifying pretty much anything to reinforce that, rather than face the truth that something they have believed in for so long is wrong.

    Hence the lies, avoidance of blame and everything else.

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