September 29th – Michaelmas

Emotional day for me for private reasons. It’s the ancient quarter day, heavily significant and for those concerned, we are in Libra, the blue sapphire – cold and glowing.St._Hripseme

I never forget, never stop loving. This post is for you.  Did you ever think these things cease, pass away?

For the broader populace, September 29th has always been historically of note.

#  Michaelmas, feast of the Archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. One of the four Quarter days in the Irish calendar. (England and Ireland)

# September_29

#  Rhipsime

#  September 29 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

# Cafe astrology

#  International Coffee Day

I raise a cup of coffee to my Russian mate who sent it on this day, International Coffee Day.

#  It was when the original nourishing obscurity was laid to rest and the new one which you see now took over.

#  I also think of Cherie, Sackers, Andrew and Wolfie on this day.

#  My project officially begins today.  I’m awaiting an order right now which will set it in motion, with no turning back.

#  11 a.m. is also a significant time for this post to go up.

#  This is a major day, along with such days as January 6th/7th, May 1st and November 1st and 2nd.   Even if one does not understand, the vibes on this day are intense around the world.

#  And lastly, it’s the start of autumn, fall, the shortening of days, the most beautiful season in the world and my companion into my declining years.


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  1. CherryPie September 29, 2013 at 23:50 Permalink

    I see you are feeling a little nostalgic on this day….

    I hope your project runs smoothly.

    The colours of autumn are beautiful. When the leaves turn it is my perfect moment in time. I think autumn and its colours are there to teach us something ;-)

    I am probably biased due to being an autumn baby ;-)

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