I already have a coffee machine, thank you

This is mine:

So what the hell is this at the end of this link?

Chuckles sends this tale out of San Francisco [where else] of a public interest campaign where they’re trying to get people to “pledge” money.    Fine, fine – is it to force govt to lower taxation, is it to save the animals and the environment?   Is it a new medical breakthrough?

Not in the least.   It’s some guy trying to sell his coffee maker but to do that, you have to supply him with $50 000 before he deigns to make it for you.


There are then mugshots of “the team” who’ve committed to bring you this “major breakthrough”.   So, some San Francisco PR person has thought gee, wouldn’t it be a wheez if we could present our sales pitch as a public interest campaign?

On yer bike.

2 Responses to “I already have a coffee machine, thank you”

  1. Amfortas December 24, 2013 at 15:04 Permalink

    By ‘ech, lad, That is your coffee machine? Mine’s a plunger wossname.

    My son has an enormous machine in his kitchen which demands tamping down measured (to within the millimetre) ‘doses’ of ground coffee. Especially ground. In another big machine. It makes one small cup at a time and takes a good five minutes for that one. A second person doesn’t get theirs until the first person has pretty well finished.

    My plunger is a big bugger. I grind my own coffee and make four mugs-worth at a time.

  2. James Higham December 24, 2013 at 16:40 Permalink

    I have the plunger too and confess to the Maxwell House sachet when there’s no time.

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