The whole story trumps 80% of the story

One of the constant themes on this blog is sometimes called The Holcombe Syndrome, otherwise known as the 80-20 syndrome.

In a nutshell, in trying to make sense of social and economic changes, everyone has overlapping pieces of the puzzle and might have it 80% correct but that last 20% they don’t have or refuse to acknowledge, even though it’s well attested.

There’s a second syndrome and that is that we only want to accept what comes from us, what we ourselves discover, not what someone else tells us, especially if it doesn’t trigger any “yeah, that’s right” in us.   Doesn’t mean it’s wrong – just means we don’t take it onboard.

Part of it is that everyone develops ideas from a combination of his own path thus far, combined with his own media.  If my media is centre-right/libertarian blogs, the Telegraph, Mail, maybe the Herald-Sun, Pajamas Media, American Thinker, The Spectator and many alternative sites, then my conclusions are going to be vastly different to those who daily dip into the Guardian/Huffington Post/Daily Kos/NYT and other left wing media, whose idea of fair comment is at Harry’s Place.

Thus, at this site, courtesy haiku, they’re all groping about for why kids are so socially inept and many solutions are posited, all which have elmenets of truth to them, e.g.

#  Generation X graduated around the time the tech boom hit, when there were more jobs than there were people to fill them. Gen Y graduated after Gen X had finished trashing the economy, and discovered there were no jobs to be had. I know people with bachelors degrees in Engineering that are working McJobs because that’s all that’s available.

#  I’m 45 with an 11 year old. When I was her age kids (boys and girls) were both allowed to freely roam the neighborhood. We all played outside rarely with any sort of parental supervision. We would tell our parents in some cases which friend’s house we’d be at. Told to be in for dinner or by the time the street lights were on. We’d roam over to other kids houses, knock on doors asking them to come out with us. It was the norm on a day to day basis. Even at 12 there were times I rode my bike (without helmets or any sort of protective gear) blocks away to another friend’s house. Again, completely the norm. Completely and totally unstructured play time.

That last was my experience too, a really free childhood and looking back, my parents were putting a lot of trust in me not to come a cropper.   Then again, I was equipped to deal with it if I did.   Just as cats can land on their feet, kids could too.

All of that is well and fine, plus blaming schooling and the PCist teachers of today with their anti-3Rs and the namby-pamby social indoctrination, plus blaming parents for not demanding manners from their kids etc. etc.

What is not mentioned is the agenda of the PTB which have brought about such things.   It’s fine for marionettes to discuss among themselves onstage what’s wrong with the world and how it can be fixed but to actually look up and see who is pulling the strings and that those strings really are attached is beyond most people, it doesn’t occur to them.

In the simplest form, there is JPM and the oft-quoted [here] Peabody economics which sees a favoured few companies take advantage of crises to make a killing and then induce the next crisis, making a killing on that crisis, tied in with the eternally induced cycle which sees war as the endgame after failed policies which they know very well to be failed have ruined the economy and society, tied in with the banksters, which comes back again to Peabody, Standard Oil etc.

The people behind the presidents, e.g. the CFR, TLC need that cycle for profits.   The MIC must have their unnecessary wars and rely on the bought politicians [through preselection] to do their bidding.   When you look at Wilson’s statements, Quigley etc., you can’t just ignore them, just because it’s not something you arrived at yourself over your 45 to 50 years – we were never meant to arrive at it, we had to want to find it and ferret about to find it.

Be honest – how many of you have studied Colonel House, Warburg and the others of that set?    These were the men representing those who were running the show.

Then we can go UN, with its Agenda 21 or whatever they call it now, their World Core Curriculum, now translated into IB – all of these things are there, all have some validity at least and all are just pieces in the jigsaw, which also comprises all the other things mentioned above and in that article.

Even the Christians have it right that when a society abandons a code and in fact is induced to abandon it through the deification of High Science and the Rationalists, the only possible outcome is breakdown.   In purely social terms, the Sermon on the Mount is a good way to conduct relations in a society, it’s efficacious but we’re now so far removed from that, we can’t get back.   No sexual relations until married?   Tell that to the 14 year old today.   Do parents tell it?   Do they hell.

Today’s porn-worship and celebrity tat ensures it can’t go back.   People are being invited to indulge their basest instincts until they finally see how hollow they are.   When you watch What’s My Line, however contrived it was, it still shows the manners and graces of that day – even the veneer is better than not seeing it at all.

But even that is just part of it.   If you won’t accept the existence of an Adversary, then perhaps you’ll accept adversarial people, i.e. an elite whose sole function is to perpetuate itself and keep the plebs undernourished, diseased, chasing their tails and at each other’s throats via some ideology or other, PC versus conservative, Catholic v Protestant, left v right, some political camp.    And even those have elements of truth woven into the overall lie, they contain enough truth to convince people and remain quiet on the bits which don’t work.

Who’s going to arise and explain all that to the people?    For that person will be seen as a messiah and there’ve been predictions of false messiahs during time of breakdown.    Do you see, by the way, the UK pulling out of its troubles now or do you see this as a false dawn?

One of my own personal hobbyhorses, as you know, is that men be men, women be women, children be allowed to be children and that small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri be allowed to be small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, without central interference.

All of it contributes to the malaise and malaise it is.

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  1. Pete December 28, 2013 at 19:08 Permalink

    I have to agree in the main, I do take exception to your treatment of the small furry creatures from AC. Everyone knows they’re not to be trusted and within a week, will organise themselves into an autonomous collective. :-)

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