And pigs may safely graze

5832ff9c97Every now and then something comes up that reminds one of those strange and sometimes unsavory moments you come across in life.

Yesterday the plumber arrived for the first stage of the bathroom update. Before he went, we had a cup of tea and discussed the usual things and what the time scale for the job would be etc.

I asked him how was business and this story emerged.

Before Christmas he had a call out to a property with a burst pipe. On arrival, he was shown into a downstairs “bathroom” where the burst pipe was, somehow the main delivery pipe that ran along one wall had been ‘stood’ on and fractured.

He asked how long it had been like that as there was a lot of water on the floor and they said a couple of months !

At first they said to get water they turned the mains back on and filled what they could and then turned it of again, but that meant the floor getting very wet so they had just used bottled water for everything for most of the two months, it was obvious that they had failed to get anyone to mend the pipe if they had bothered at all.

The reason, on looking around, was the state of said bathroom, the bath was filthy, really filthy, the basin was similar and hanging of the wall and where the toilet had been was a hole in the floor.

Naturally he was curious as to why there was no toilet and when asked was told they had removed the toilet as they kept a pig in the bathroom and it was easier to just sweep his poo down the hole and flush it away with a bucket of water !

Not fully believing this story he asked where the pig was and was told to look out of the window. The pig was in the garden, this was a council house, how on earth they had got away with keeping a pig is beyond comprehension – or is it?

He did mend the pipe, but as a footnote, he received a phonecall from the same property a couple of days ago and was asked if he could come and reinstall the toilet, as the council had visited after a complaint.

He said he was very very busy.

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    How thoughtful, ripping out a loo, Wiggia, for ones’ pet pig.

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