Cicada 3301 and Epiphany

Interesting that the one appeared to be the harbinger of the other or at least immediately preceded it.

Cicada appeared on the weekend and the Twelve Days of Christmas concluded on the Sunday, leading into Epiphany on Monday the 6th.

Orthodox Christmas was/is last night and today, the 7th.

Twelfth Cake, eaten at Epiphany:

twelth night 010

As Epiphany is largely about the Magi, it seems significant that the other side should try to muscle in on the action – with a view to preventing it? Things which surpass understanding, eh?

Who were the Magi?


I, ci). At the time of the birth of Jesus, the Magi were an ancient priestly caste dwelling within the Parthian empire, a large area to the east of the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire. These priests practiced astrology, which at the time was a hybrid of astrology and what we now call astronomy.

They were adept at interpreting dreams (which we possibly get a flavor of in Daniel 2). At the time just prior to the birth of our Lord, the Magi formed the upper house of the Megistanes council, whose duties included the election of the king of the Parthian empire (Strabo, XI, ix, 3). Thus, the Magi at this time were possibly “kingmakers.”

Hmmmmm, the term kingmakers is a most ancient one – going back to the Cicada article, we find:

The first set of puzzles, identified by images of the insect, appeared on January 5th 2012.

Leading into Epiphany in that year too, eh?

Just before 11pm on January 5th … a Twitter account previously used by the Cicada organisation released a message, bearing the faint image of a cicada, to its 700 followers.

“Hello,” it read. “Epiphany is upon you. Your pilgrimage has begun. Enlightenment awaits. Good luck. 3301.”


But the images are arranged in such a way that some solvers are now debating whether the image is supposed to represent a Thelema star (a hexagram developed by Aleister Crowley) or an image of a Masonic Square.

The Masonic connection is appropriate, given that it is concerned with kingmaking as well:

Masonic tradition maintains that Hiram Abif was the King of Tyre’s Master Mason and the chief architect and builder of Solomon’s Temple. If this is true, why is there no mention of such a figure in the Old Testament?

The story goes that, when Hiram visited the Temple to check on the progress of the work, he was accosted by one of his fellow masons, who demanded of him the secret of the Master Mason’s word. When Hiram refused to divulge the secret, his apprentice dealt him a blow that sent him reeling.

Hiram then tried to leave the Temple through a second gate, but was accosted by a second apprentice asking the same question. When no answer was forthcoming, the doomed Master received a second blow that sent him staggering to a third exit.

Here, at the western entrance to the Temple, a third assailant lay in wait ready to finish the Master off if he failed to divulge his secret. It was here that the deathblow was administered as Hiram once again maintained silence.

The parallel story is this: Egypt was divided at this time with a dynasty of Hyksos kings in the Northern Kingdom and a legitimate pharaonic dynasty in the Southern Kingdom. Seqenenry Tao II appears to have been murdered by two spies dispatched on an espionage mission from the north to extract the occult secrets pertaining to the king-making rituals from the Theban ruler in the south.

The Hyksos ruler, Apophis, apparently wished to establish a legitimate pharaonic dynasty in the north by stealing the king-making rites from the south. The name “Hyksos” means “Shepherd Kings” and refers to the Semitic peoples who settled in Egypt during a period of famine and whose numbers swelled to a point where they outstripped the indigenous population of the north and eventually seized control.

Joseph was a contemporary of Seqenenry Tao II and served under the Hyksos king, Apophis, as vizier. When his brothers Levi and Simeon came to Egypt to request wheat on behalf of famine-struck Canaan, Joseph displayed natural reluctance, since his brothers had once tried to take his life. Intent on avenging their dark deed, Joseph devised a punishment. In exchange for their lives, the brothers would have to undertake a dangerous espionage mission on behalf of the king.

Their job was to steal the secrets pertaining to the ritual of making kings from the legitimate pharaoh of the South Kingdom. Agreeing to Joseph’s proposal, the brothers were dispatched to the south to extract the required secrets from the pharaoh of the south. With the complicity of a young Theban priest of the south, they confronted the pharaoh in the Temple of Amon-Re and demanded that he reveal the nature of these arcane practices.

When he refused, the three spies administered the three fatal blows symbolically reenacted in the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry.

The three assassins are referred to in Masonic lore as Jubelo, Jubela, and Jubelum and are known collectively as the three “Juwes”. Jubelo has been identified as the treacherous young priest who conspired with the assassins, while Jubela and Jubelum are believed to be Joseph’s bothers Levi and Simeon.

The Masonic researchers Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas came forward to identify the bodies of Seqenenry Tao II and Jubelo in the morgue in the Cairo Museum and the bodies on display are believed to be those of Jubelo, catalogue number 61023, and Seqenenry Tao II, catalogue number 61051.

What distinguishes the mummy of Pharaoh Seqenenry from other pharaohs is the fact that he is the only one to have met with a violent death. The three gaping contusions in the skull also help to ID him.

As for the mummified corpse buried next to him, evidence would suggest that this is Jubelo, his treacherous priest and assassin. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas have pieced together a convincing modus operandi based on the forensic evidence. They believe the high priest convened a council to decide the fate of the young priest.

At the council, it was observed that Egypt had been divided by a feud between Osiris and his brother Set. Osiris was eventually murdered by his brother, but was later raised from the dead by the goddess Isis, who resurrected the dismembered body of Osiris, so he could father a son.

His son Horus would later oppose his uncle in battle, losing an eye in the wager, but not before castrating his opponent. The wise priest determined that, if this was the fate of the gods, the ongoing battle was continuing through their incarnations Seqenenry and Jubelo. Once again, Horus, incarnate as Seqenenry, had lost an eye in battle before dying, the result of a wound inflicted by one of the assailants.

It was consequently decided that retribution should take the form of castration, with Jubelo meeting the same fate as his previous incarnation, Set, before dying. The two mummified corpses would then be buried together, so that the battle could continue-in the afterlife till the time of another reincarnation. Following the embalming ceremony in honour of Horus’s incarnation, Seqenenry, Jubelo was brought in for the rites of atonement.

Following a castration ritual, the victim was wrapped in mummification bandages from the feet upwards until his body was wholly covered. The position of the hands before interment would have indicated the nature of the punishment and the gravity of the crime for which it was exacted.

The physical evidence for the fate that met the young priest can be found on the mummified corpse in the Cairo morgue identified by the toe tag 61023. The position of the victim’s skeletal hands indicate that he suffered castration prior to death.

It is clear from this account that Joseph, his brothers and the Hyksos ruler of the North were all complicit in the murder of Sequenenry Tao II or Hiram Abif, the ‘Lost King’. The reason he is referred to as the ‘Lost King’ is because, with his death, the arcane king-making rituals of ancient Egypt were lost forever.

The Egyptians were suddenly incited to rebellion and drove the Hyksos inhabitants out of Egypt. Following their expulsion, all Semitic peoples living in Egypt would have become the object of exceeding dislike and distrust. The otherwise hospitable Egyptians suddenly sought to enslave the Semitic peoples remaining in the country during the decade 1560 to 1550 BC.

Inscriptions from the 16th to 15th centuries BC give details of these “Habiru” slaves and their forced labor. Many of these slaves worked in turquoise mines with appalling conditions only a short distance from Mount Sinai.

In Genesis, Jacob is on his deathbed, reflecting on the actions of his sons:

“Simeon and Levi are brethren; Instruments of cruelty are in their habitations. О my soul, come not into their secret; unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united: for in their anger they slew a man, and in their self will they digged down a wall.”

Levi and Simeon now belong to a chapter of the family history that no longer exists. They and the family name have faded into non-existence:

The importance of the Hiram Abif legend to Freemasonry cannot be overstated. The king-making rituals of Middle Kingdom Egypt remain at the heart of Freemasonic ritual to this day.

Freemasonry is and always has been a king-making organization, which is why the science of making kings is so vital to its interests.

– Tim Watson, How the West was Won

And for those into these things, such as Babylon Rising:


It was really CERN that was responsible for creating the World Wide Web that we call the Internet. Let’s start with the shortened version of the World Wide Web that we are all familiar with – the “www.”

In Hebrew, there is no “w.” However, that particular English letter is often associated with the Hebrew letter “Vav.” What was once of only passing interest to me is that the Vav also has a numerical value of 6. Thus, “www” would equate to “666.”


Do you see three numbers on the CERN logo? No? No matter. Of course there is that statue outside of CERN HQ:


Babylon Rising asks: “What is a huge statue of a Hindu god doing out in front of a place of science anyway???” but I have a different question – what were those astrologers doing seeking the Baby in the first place?

And then there is the Book of General Ignorance [2006], p248, which states that the Magi were Zoroastrians and there might have been between 2 and 20 of them visiting the Baby. Again – why? Same reason as 2012 and 2014?

Looking up Zoroaster, we get:

Once the magi were associated with magic in Greek imagination, Zoroaster was bound to metamorphose into a magician too. The 1st century Pliny the Elder names Zoroaster as the inventor of magic (Natural History 30.2.3).

“However, a principle of the division of labor appears to have spared Zoroaster most of the responsibility for introducing the dark arts to the Greek and Roman worlds.” That “dubious honor” went to the “fabulous magus, Ostanes, to whom most of the pseudepigraphic magical literature was attributed.”[35]

Although Pliny calls him the inventor of magic, the Roman does not provide a “magician’s persona” for him.[35] Moreover, the little “magical” teaching that is ascribed to Zoroaster is actually very late, with the very earliest example being from the 14th century.[36]

One factor for the association with astrology was Zoroaster’s name, or rather, what the Greeks made of it. Within the scheme of Greek thinking (which was always on the lookout for hidden significances and “real” meanings of words) his name was identified at first with star-worshiping (astrothytes “star sacrificer”) and, with the Zo-, even as the living star.

Later, an even more elaborate mythoetymology evolved: Zoroaster died by the living (zo-) flux (-ro-) of fire from the star (-astr-) which he himself had invoked, and even, that the stars killed him in revenge for having been restrained by him.

Cicada 3301 eh? Try this Asian site, which explains 3301.

Given that we’re speaking of kingmaking, given the rise of China towards hegemony and given the origins of this blog’s name, that’s enough coincidence for now.

Some cicadas produce sounds up to 120 dB (SPL),[17] among the loudest of all insect-produced sounds.[18]

This is notable because the song is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss in humans should the cicada sing just outside the listener’s ear. Conversely, some small species have songs so high in pitch that the noise is inaudible to humans.[6]

Species have different mating songs, ensuring that the appropriate mate is attracted. It can be difficult to determine from which direction(s) a cicada song is coming because the low pitch carries well.

Thus, in a historically ignorant age such as we live in, Epiphany might not be of any significance to the masses but is sure seems to be to the other side who seem greatly concerned with this bid for messianic status of a baby. In fact, were I the other side, I might even send out a proclamation to kill all the first born.

As for China, there are three significant things to me. One is the new rise of China, the second is the presence of something untoward in Tibet for some time [see Benjamin Creme and Share International], the third is the new Karakoram Highway which now joins Beijing to the area from where the Magi came, vaguely along the Silk Road for some time and further down into Israel, providing the Tigres and Euphrates can be crossed near a place called Babel – some dams keeping back the water would help here.

When they reach Israel, they come out into a valley called Jezreel and a plain called Esdraelon. At the near end of this plain is a hill [Har in Hebrew]. This particular Har is the one at Megiddo. The valley would make a good rallying place in a war, say, on Jerusalem and in fact is a site of bloodshed and gore from ancient times, used by armies as a through route, the Via Maris – the way of the sea:

A more difficult secondary route ran north from Jerusalem through Shechem and Samaria to Megiddo, then eastward toward the coast at Acco, then northward along the coast to the Phoenician ports at Tyre and Sidon.


Tyre is an ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europa and Elissa (Dido):


That bull is nimrod, by the way. If you look at Europa in Wiki, the name of Astarte crops up, otherwise Ishtar, another name for the ancient enemy of man, represented in two statues, one in NY harbour and one in France. It pretends to be about freedom but is actually about enslavement – see recent history of Them, e.g. EU Commission.

The Ishtar gate and Pergamon altar were taken and put in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin, a sort of Babylonian captivity:


Obama had this version made in Denver for his 2008 acceptance speech:


In that speech, at night, with lanterns burning and hordes shouting O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma, as they would Im-ho-tep, Im-h-tep, his image filled the ends of the altar and people truly worshipped.

There is also a river, now dry, called the Kishon, running through the valley of Jezreel:

You can imagine this river bursting into flame during a time of war:

Considered the most polluted river in Israel, it has been the subject of controversy regarding the struggle to improve the water quality. The pollution stems in part from daily contamination for over 40 years with mercury, other heavy metals, and organic chemicals by nearby chemical plants.

It is often claimed today that there are more chemicals than water in the river, and that washing one’s hands in this river can cause severe chemical burns. On several occasions this river (or rather, patches of petrochemical waste on it) has caught fire from the chemical contaminants.

With hordes of Chinese and Iranians on one side and the massed forces of the west near the Mediterranean shore and someway onto the water as well, should the Kishon catch on fire, it would make a good movie.

Happy Epiphany, everyone, Happy Orthodox Christmas.


By the way, when this post went up, a Google ad also went up.

14 comments for “Cicada 3301 and Epiphany

  1. January 7, 2014 at 16:02

    So, join the dots for the Ignorati.

  2. January 7, 2014 at 16:47

    This post was aimed directly at Them, members of whom keep an eye on all difficult people, including yourself, good sir.

    The symbolism of Epiphany has been a key motif in this Cicada business. Lest we be in any doubt, it’s explicitly mentioned, along with Enlightenment.

    The effect is to get conspiracy theorists in a knot over it, as well as wash over the general populace. The back story will be that it was just a bunch of nerds having fun but if so, they’re a bunch of nerds with a very keen sense of history, particularly ecclesiastical history.

    These guys knew what they were doing. 3301 is a direct reference to China and by extension, Feb 1st. I don’t know what’s happening then but it seems significant to them.

    Meanwhile, I just pointed out various coincidences in association with it, in the light of the comment about Crowley. No doubt they are recruiting, as they state, Cicada – Them has always done that, as Davignon said – we’re good talent spotters he said.

    Other than that, I know only what you do.

    I’d add one thing though – they used the word epiphany and that means, in western terms, appearance, manifestation, a coming out and statement of who He is. Perhaps that’s what they’re also trying to do. Trouble is for these people who can’t even lie straight in bed, they must needs go this circuitous arcane, symbolic route and far from being an epiphany, it’s a muddying of the waters.

    There’s also an element of them setting up an atmosphere in which we say something’s going on – we don’t know what but something is, they’ve created this and dropped hints, and part of that is that it is too esoteric for ordinary mortals like us – only the adepts understand – and thus they’ll release bits and pieces of tantalizing hints along the way, with us hanging on their every move. In other words, they’re trying to set the agenda.

    • March 6, 2017 at 15:06

      Indeed, I am a difficult person. And a King to boot. :).

  3. January 7, 2014 at 22:40

    The whole thing is certainly laced with occult references.
    I agree they’re trying to set an agenda, seeing if we will bite.
    I sense that the whole thing is slowly growing in momentum, slower that they would like, hence, stunts like this.

  4. laureola
    April 1, 2016 at 03:38

    Speaking of king-making perhaps they’re looking for the eighth head and the ten horns.

  5. Chrys
    March 6, 2017 at 06:44

    You can’t make kings. Just as you can’t make priests…even Meliktzadek. They are not chosen by mortal men or bound spirits. They are sent out. Anyone in any generation to come would be foolish to believe these would make themselves known…without proper causation or provocation by invocation. To observe the “enlightened” quote Plato or Aristotle and turn around and behave like debased animals…the duplicity of mind is ill fitting for anyone to yoke themselves to a magical beast of burden. What justice in heaven or on earth to rule nations with one set of law and live by another. The objective is not to be king makers, but king breakers. No king was ever to tread according to the Book of Samuel…I would imagine chasing after the wind could be quite exhaustive.

    “For God loveth none but him that dwelleth with wisdom. For she is more beautiful than the sun, and above all the order of stars: being compared with the light, she is found before it.
    For after this cometh night: but vice shall not prevail against wisdom.
    Wisdom reacheth from one end to another mightily: and sweetly doth she order all things.” The Wisdom of Solomon

    • March 6, 2017 at 07:58

      Thanks for that, Chrys. Inclined to agree.

  6. Distant Relative
    March 6, 2017 at 20:47

    It is alleged Solomon, of the Temple and Wisdom fame was a magician. It is also alleged that he compiled a Grimoire, a book, or several books, of spells, incantations, rituals and such like. There are copies in pdf form on the net. Personally I would approach with caution. “There are more things in heaven and earth… than are dreamt of in your philosophy….”

    Oh, and Josephus who wrote the Antiquities of the Jews was a high-priest.

    • March 7, 2017 at 03:00

      My agreement above was just about the kingmaking. It’s a silly concept.

    • Chrys
      March 20, 2017 at 19:00

      I suppose it is ones choice to believe if the Jewish religion at its core was a decision. If anyone is in disagreement that the house of Solomon wasn’t entrenched in magical practice, that would be foolish. Just as the Quran is full of apocryphal literature, if one ever looked deeply enough at early leaders that still practiced as in the case of Augustine with his Babylonian-Messianic beliefs dubed Manichiesm. Many philosophical beliefs have converged in modern Christianity including masonic lingo. The mere fact “plumbline” is in the new testament gives light to this. The lesser keys of Solomon are still in some aspects of Songs of Solomon and used more or less in some strange initiations. Rewriting and synchronization is not a foreign concept as Jeremiah 8:8 states. In fact, preservation of theosophy under greater persecution is best hidden in plain sight. The opposition of the Queen of the South at the end against the house of Solomon seems obvious she would see little wisdom in words. Even Solomon said in Ecclesiastes…what hasn’t been said or done that hasn’t been done before. No matter the religion or philosophy in heaven, on earth, or below the earth. Aka talk is cheap and has not guided it’s people or leaders to a morality that would bring about peace. What can a king do but lead by example? The mightiest kings in all the world are ploughing the land, tending to family and community. Show me Buddha, ancient Samaria, Greece, Afrika, Babylon…show me philosophy and magic not heard of or practiced in this day how it will men walk rightly and I will gladly test it and change my belief. Or that no law is good, that no boundaries or constraints on the human soul will lead to an advanced and we’ll promoted society. More information…less knowledge, wisdom and application. I too would say advance with caution in pursuing philosophy.

  7. Distant Relative
    March 7, 2017 at 08:46

    I was just adding some info I chanced across a while ago about the legendary Sol. As with most of these figures there are layers beneath the surface of what we are first led to believe. Regarding the above Grimoire – interesting, imo, that it allegedly had a Venice connection.

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