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Quite interesting how things happen at the same time.

I haven’t been able to blog since early yesterday because my skin decided to erupt, especially around the wrist and hands, though it’s now also spread to legs and neck.   As the two things I’m doing right now are blogging and building, it’s quite uncanny.

There were two points yesterday when epoxy spilt onto first my wrist and then my leg.   So I expected skin issues later and immediately washed and scrubbed the glue off upstairs.   It did get rid of it and didn’t even cause inflammation but what it did do was set off a condition which has been a worry since last year – the skin erupts up and down arms, legs and neck but seemingly nowhere else.   It’s like needles everywhere and prevents sleep, needless to say.

So that was the issue in the past 14 hours or so and I think I’d best get to the doc to sort out – I’ll call them today.

However, something else happened yesterday.   As you might recall, it was a fine day, with sun and little wind.   Perfect building conditions.    I’m not embellishing this in the least – every time I went near the boat, something happened.

The most bizarre was that as I approached one of the jobs, a mini-storm came through into the yard, which again is not unusual as there’ve been many of these over the late autumn/winter but this one had a ferocity to it and the double gates behind, which are bolted, were suddenly shaking themselves in the reverse direction to the wind, i.e. onto me and they were doing it in a gusty manner, whereas the storm was constant.

OK, all of that can be explained too.   I left off the building and the storm suddenly ceased. I started work and a gust came through from the roadway worse than before.   I left off the building and it stopped.   Went upstairs for brunch.    Sun was shining, trees showed low wind. Went back down, started to glue and glue dripped on my leg.   Upstairs to wash and scrub.   Downstairs again and restarted – fell backwards out of the boat. And so on through the day. Another wildly straining gates episode.

Anyway, got a lot done but later the skin erupted something awful, nowhere near where I’d been using the glue.

All of which needs to be put in perspective because these are comparatively minor issues.   WordPress decided yesterday was the day to play up in comments.    I’ll not go into it but comments got through which shouldn’t have and others were blocked which shouldn’t have been.   Captcha, by the way, would not have solved this one.   Plus the bots are increasing manyfold, which will be dealt with later.   The former I’ve already dealt with.

Into this comes Ubermouth who highlights a problem I’m going to take up.    Rather than lengthen this post inordinately, I’ll outline her commission [to be placed alongside the Ukraine/Croatia commission]:

Whilst you’re flogging all the evil-doers, why don’t you call out the behaviour of the states that are passing Ag-Gag bills making it illegal to secretly film or gather evidence of horrific cruelty inflicted upon farm animals [yet the actual crime has not been criminalized]?????

Seven US states now have such laws which are punishable by stiff fines and/or up to one year in prison,yet the abuse is legal with no punishments.

This is horrendous and also prevents us from learning ,not only of the abuse of animals who would have no hope of any advocacy,but we are kept blind as to what they are doing to our meat sources,which jeopardizes meat eaters’ health and the environment.     There is a reason they are suddenly instituting such laws to keep us blind.

But all I care about is the animals that are suffering behind closed doors.

I do hear this, despite the belligerence and some of you might have seen this yesterday, about how your sausages are made:

I’d already gone off sausages after reading the words “mechanically recovered” and “like meat” on an Iceland bottle of sausages some time back.   Then came the pic of the battery hen and though I still stick to being an omnivore, the way it’s gone about gives pause for thought.    Even personal boycott.     For now, all I can do is pay through the nose for good cuts from the butcher but how can we even be sure of them?    Seems to me animal husbandry has much to answer for.

It would be horrifying to turn into a Tatchell, the fascist and all those other nasty characters in the animal rights movement and yet there is a need for such things as this Ag-Gag to be addressed.     My theory is that people like Tatchell and Co are employed by the very industries attacked, in order to turn people off animal protection.   I’m not stating that he is a troll in the least – I have no idea one way or the other but it does seem they choose the worst possible ways to put the case.

So this Ag-Gag is a post coming up.

Do you think people are becoming more cruel in general? You saw that clip of the disabled woman dragged to a bus lane and left there by police?

6 comments for “Keeping it in perspective

  1. JD
    March 20, 2014 at 09:17

    The Gods are trying to tell you something about your boat 🙂

  2. March 20, 2014 at 19:40

    The Gods are not in the least bit interested in you or your boat (trust me, I asked them), but it was just erratically windy and you were having a bad day. It happens. The surprising thing to me is that it doesn’t happen more often (to all of us, I mean, not just you). Hens, on the other hand, rarely have a good day (trust me, I asked them). And if that epoxy stuff blows into your eyes you may lose your sight or have it permanently impaired. You should use safety goggles, however much “health & safety” annoys you. I look forward to seeing the latest photos of the boat (and hope you are still able to see them too).

    • March 21, 2014 at 08:18

      Yes, some fairly drastic steps need to be taken re goggles etc.

  3. ubermouth
    March 21, 2014 at 03:37

    There was no belligerence in my posting[certainly not directed at you].

    I worked to defeat the Ag-Gag bill last year when it was proposed in California and was defeated due to the public outcry. now they insidiously pass it in smaller states,creeping an sweeping the nation until it will be law in every state!

    Although I am sure the ‘meat industry’ would rather not have their cruelty-as- standard in the mainstream, I am convinced it is to cloak themselves in legislated secrecy for far,far sinister reasons.Not only will it begin to erode the Constitution of the rights to free speech,but it prevents us from learning about the tampering of our food supply and the dangerous run off seeping into our land and spilling into out water sources.

    • March 21, 2014 at 08:14

      I’m certainly reassessing my own position on meat. We could argue for hours about being omnivores but one thing’s for sure – inhumane treatment of the animals is not on. I don’t even trust them on “free range”. Bet that’s just some of the chickens let out for a few hours.

      • ubermouth
        March 21, 2014 at 08:47

        It’s beyond inhumane. When someone learns the hard facts about what they are really doing to animals[even hours old male chicks and cows] then one can’t be anything but a vegan,really,can they? [ I am so pleased to hear you speak out on the cruelty to animals aspect rather than just the unhealthy additives they add to meat].

        Most people don’t want to know the horrors that are going on. For ex. often they use the bolt to kill a cow[but only stun it] string it up and then proceed to skin it alive for it’s hide. They cut their ankles off first to make it easier to peel the skin off and oftentimes the pain brings the animals who are only unconscious to who are writhing in pain,bug-eyed and screaming throughout until they bleed to death or die of shock. This is visited upon animals so that we can have leather boots and purses !? No,thanks.

        Who could do this to a poor defenceless animal? Only a psychopath. Who could pass legislation to make the reporting of it a crime,but not the actual act,removing any hope of of a reprieve? A psychopath!

        It makes my soul weep at how man treats animals and they have no choice but to take it because they have no voice to speak out! I will be a vegan for the rest of my life for there is no way I am funding that!

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