Easter Day

There are three interesting articles on Christianity at the Spectator, obviously occasioned by Easter.

If we can pass over the pagan aspects of the fertility rite to the Christian/Passover, today is clearly the one upon which the entire faith rests. Historians don’t seriously question the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth but they do fall out over the arising.

For the people of the time, the arising is certainly the clincher but not the only phenomenon deeply impressing itself on the Galilean mind, there were those miracles – or party tricks if you’re an atheist – to take into account.

The reaction of the authorities added its own authenticity and the more widely attested Roman suppression, the gnostic threat and others certainly showed this Christianity to have become a substantial problem by the 2nd century. You can call it a superstition but it’s one which grew and grew and grew and as some of the finest minds of the time fell for it, it impressed more and more.

One way or the other, a pretty strong Christology arose that people were prepared to die for within 20 years of the death of Jesus. There’ve been many articles putting that down to the charisma of leaders fooling supporters, e.g. Jim Jones, Hitler, but what marks these is that they had no redemptive element, no healing – they were either destructive or hedonistic or both. They were based on hollow values.

And what is apparent, especially today, is, as the Spectator says:

Would human life be sacred in an atheist world?

It’s disturbingly hard to say so.

This is the crux of the matter for the non-Christian in a society which was built at least on lip service to Christian ideals and what happens to a society which increasingly spurns that.   A glance at the media and it’s a constant litany of incest, small boys immolated in petrol, teens suiciding, broken families, even the leader of the nation bludgeoning through the anathema faux concept of marriage as gay but there’s something more disturbing than that.

It’s less safe, not just for women and children but also for men – it’s not a happy time for men, particularly older men, the respect women craved is diminishing in the new sexism which holds women in disrepute, as the dream fades, women are less and less happy and more and more shallow, a la Kardashian and adulthood is being forced on children, abetted by teachers, at an age where it should never ever be appearing.   This is a Lord of the Flies scenario – a descent into savagery by abandoning the very things which kept everyone safe within the rule of law.

I’ve seen the result of 90 odd years of atheism in Russia and it’s not nice.   At street level, it’s a very dangerous place and the double and triple doors to flats, including the metal outer door with its multiple bolts, plus the barred windows, is testimony to how Russians perceive personal safety.

An atheist world is not god-free morality, a happily Brave New World – it never has been, wherever it’s been tried.   Not in the least.   It is a world where the constraints people felt when Christian mores were still strong has gone and on the highway, that man who cuts you off in an act of road rage is liable to stab you to death now where once he’d have used his fists.    It’s a world egged on by gaming for the masses where no action has any restraint – for what code of morals is left to restrain the person?    Take revenge?

And it’s also a world of the PTB attempting to enslave and shore up its own position whilst going soft on criminals and hitting the innocent.

It’s human incompetence at every level of public life, dog eat dog and sheer greed ruling all.   Maria Miller was the tip of the iceberg.

Everything’s cheap, as exemplified in Cameron’s pretence at Christianity and evangelizing.   A Christian does not act as that man is acting in selling out the society based on family and a sovereign United Kingdom.

There’s a climate of fear, orchestrated and abetted by the power which has entered the God-free vacuum – the ruling elite – and their desire is for people to fear paedophiles, fear personal assault, fear rape, fear their own shadow. With no moral framework, people construct their own ideologies and sites like this tear down those ideologies as being ill thought out and destructive.

The return of God: atheism’s crisis of faith

When we talk about morals, we end up back talking about religion. That’s a good thing

In other words, there’s no substance any more – even the gold is alloy and even that alloy is stolen or given away by G. Brown.   People’s pensions are stolen.   You dismantle a code of ethics – and we did have one – and you reap the whirlwind.   We are reaping it and only the wilfully blind cannot see why this is.

So yes, Easter Day is about personal redemption and salvation but it’s also about the society we’re in and the dystopia which is now upon us, liable only to get worse as the currency collapses.   And this is why increasing numbers are reaching for UKIP in this country and reaching for Christianity again more widely.

The very nature of the society we had, based on choice, came about as a result of a few factors, not least the Judaeo-Christian underpinnings – even the enlightenment was a reaction to that.    The very fact that you are free to reject it and opt for a federalist dystopia stems from it.

There is no choice in an atheist world and we see that now in the plethora of legislation, free from constraint any more – it’s the criminalizing of the people going on here and you only need look at Russia again to track the process.   We’re already into the denounce your neighbour phase, as distinct from love thy neighbour.

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  1. April 20, 2014 at 12:20

    Fine analysis. One small aspect of ‘avoidance’ though regarding…”…adulthood is being forced on children, abetted by teachers….”. I would say it goes far deeper and more ‘socially constructed’ than that. It can be argued that the largest single population of pederasts are found in schools. Women teachers rape far more schoolboys than the entire male ‘non-teacher’ population. That is to say all other males who rape boys. Far more than homosexuals. The feminist dominated school is the most dangerous place for teenage boys.

    These adult women ‘have an affair’ with 13 years olds. They get pregnant and land a raped boy with a lifetime paternity bill. Yes, he has to pay. Twice victimised and it is year after year.

    For girls it is the mother. From time to time there are outcries about sexual clothing on little girls. Who do you think buys those clothes? You do not find fathers wandering around the little girl clothes racks selecting tiny bras and lacy, see-through knickers for their children. These fantasy clothes that are considered to be ‘male fantasy’ are bought by women and blamed on men. But mothers are rarely if ever held to account. The clothing manufacturers get it in the ear. Anyone but the mother who dresses the child. Then there is the phenomenon of littlegirl ‘beauty contests’ with small, barely out of toddler stage girls, parading in over-full make-up, sexy necklines, ‘adult’ knickers and bras etc infront of cheering mothers. Competitive mothers. . These are ‘mom’-driven. And not just single women either. The fathers, when present, have been dragooned into ‘enthusiastic’ agreement. They do not dare object.

  2. Pete
    April 20, 2014 at 19:03

    Absolutely. I am looking forward to the time when the lies become so implausible that cognitive dissonance becomes old hat.
    The occupiers and Russell Brand stand poised to take ground in the forthcoming disillusionment but there is something about the promise of absolutes that people can connect to in a world of disconnectedness.

  3. April 20, 2014 at 19:57


  4. April 21, 2014 at 10:06

    I am pleased to hear some of your words echoing in the Tavern today.

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