Fire even one rocket at another nation – you have declared war

This follows:

The Israeli request is that they be allowed to live in peace. The Arab book and every Imam has them killing every last Jew, wherever they can be found and wiping Israel off the map. That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of it, the alpha and omega.

One commenter at my place replied to another about the wicked Israelis going out to murder innocent Palestinian children.

Dear oh dear.

Ordinarily, a person would stop and think when confronted with so many other commenters saying similar things. I would stop and think.

No one is condoning the slaughter of children of either side or any children anywhere. That’s a given we start with. No one would want that as their international reputation – it’s bad for business.

Also remember that we are over here and are neither Jewish nor Palestinian ourselves in the main.

Why are Palestinian children being killed? Are the Israelis chuckling to themselves like fiends and out-of-the=blue saying, “Ha, ha, ha, let’s go out and kill some Palestinian kiddies today?”

Nethanyahu, for all he is one of Them, a Rothschild plant and therefore one to sow discord and strife i nthe area, still cannot afford to have civilians killed on the other side in any numbers, in order to maintain military funding – it is military targets such as Hamas they are after.

They’re airstriking at the moment because a ground invasion complicates the matter greatly, especially without any international support beyond America’s contractual obligations.

The reason any children are killed is collateral when Hamas put their military installations in among the people. This is a known-known – they use human shields. Think through the humanity in that or lack of it. Do we do that in war? Do we launch rockets from inside a school, in the vain hope that the victims will not strike back?

Remember Beslan for an idea of the Muslim commitment to the lives of children.

As for why Israel strikes back: name one country which, if its sovereign space is being invaded by rocket attack day after day after day does not call that a breach of ceasefire and a de facto declaration of war? Under international rules, Israel have all the jusification in the world for invasion and whatever follows that.

The last time Gaza was invaded, Hamas were severely wounded and their weapons largely destroyed. Now they’ve rearmed and are raining rockets down on Israel again, indiscriminately. They don’t care whom they kill. They just want to kill Jews.

Contrast that with ground invasion by Israel which, apart from the phosphorous – which was roundly condemned by all sides – targetted Hamas militants and kept collateral [human shields] to a minimum.

Hamas know that ground invasion will produce the same result as last time and they don’t particularly wish to be killed. Firing rockets is much safer because only their people are killed in return and they don’t give a s*** about their people.

If you’re going to lay the blame for the dead Palestinian children anywhere, it has to be primarily at the door of Hamas and by extension, Hesbollah in the Lebanon.

Saying to a sovereign nation that they must suffer daily rockets but can never retaliate is insanity.

Saying that Hamas rockets go into empty fields but Israeli strikes are pinpointed, therefore Israel has the greater bad, even in retailiation, is ludicrous.

A map in the Beeb showed that Hamas rockets were going to population points, e.g. Tel Aviv and were largely prevented by this Iron Dome. Hamas target civilians, Israel attacks military targets and there is collateral.

To say that because Israeli defences are better and less are killed, therefore it means that they are proportionally more culpable coz they’re not dying as much is so devoid of logic it’s not even worth answering.

As for the chicken and egg situation – a two-state solution was offered to all parties in 1948 and Israel accepted it, i.e. that they would not have the whole area but the allocated land.

The Arab response was all out war.

The Israeli request is that they be allowed to live in peace. The Arab book and every Imam has them killing every last Jew, wherever they can be found and wiping Israel off the map. That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of it, the alpha and omega.

9 comments for “Fire even one rocket at another nation – you have declared war

  1. wiggia
    July 12, 2014 at 12:19

    And I can’t remember Herman Goering taking this approach during the blitz.

  2. July 12, 2014 at 14:37

    The children. Always the children being dragged up as the ones who suffer. Then the women. War is hell on women and children, we are told time and time again. Streams of refugees, rivers of them pour across wasteland and the cry goes up…. ‘women and children’. And the men? Well, who gever gave a damn about the men. There are always fewer of them aren’t there.

    Presumably they are off somewhere enjoying themselves. Having a beer and watching the tele.

    No. They are the forgotton dead. Piles of bodies of men do not get sympathy. One baby pulled from rubble has a busload of camerapersons flooding our TV screens.

    Girls … more children, just a bit bigger …. get kidnapped by terrorists in Africa and the world goes berserk. Michelle Obama puts on her best frock and glum face and twitters, #hastag sign in hand. World leaders jump on the bandwagon with their own tweets and pictures holding tweet signs.

    But they were silent and off having lunch or a party when boys were herded by the same african terrorists into a building and burned to death. Not a word.

    Michelle’s ‘bestie’ Oprah funded a school for girls and staffed it with a vicious headmistress who abused the girls. Oprah made hay and press kudos while the abuse went on in secret but looked glum in the Michelle mode when the press exposed her lack of care. Then silence. The same press has remained silent on Oprah’s total silence on boys education. No schools for them. Heck, they might get burned to death in an Oprah school so better not put the funds there. Anyway, they would only grow up to be men and sit with beer in hand as women and cheeeeldren suffered somewhere.


    And all the time the abortions in the civilised western nations continue. The abortuaries clean up after each day’s baby killing. 1.2 Million in Michelle’s back yard every year

    These people do not care about children. They simply Use Them.

    No camera teams. No TV coverage. No tweets. Secretive murdering of children.

  3. ubermouth
    July 12, 2014 at 21:24

    Not impressed with how anyone having a differing opinion is belittled here by you and Amfortas,the latter comments I find particularly offensive. Please do refrain from projecting your subjective,agendas on anyone who show genuine concern for children. some people Do care about the children and do not drag them in to be exploited as as political pawns. Perhaps, that is what you’re in fact doing yourself in relation to your justice 4 fathers crusades”.

    As unpleasant as abortions are,one cannot equate abortions of non-sentient undeveloped humans with the slaughter of children. I also might like to point out that, for someone who isLibertarian, does not believe in the law/government interfering with families, I find it most hypocritical that your bias opinion should be inflicted on everyone, as if women are no more than cattle who have no autonomy and rights over their own bodies. The same men who do not want to wear condoms or pay child support, of course.

    So fathers should have all sorts of rights without the government imposing restriction regardless of whether he is not he is detrimental to the child’s well-being,but women should have no rights?

    Abortion is an issue that is gender-specific and men like you need to learn that your opinions and judgments are not as valued as womens’ views, as you will never have to be placed in some very valid situations where one may be the only option. How arrogant of you and men like you!

    As for you, Higham 🙂 you’d best that if we all had one collective,symbiotic thought we’d still be chasing our dinners with sharp sticks(well, according to Amfy,the men would whist the cavewoman sat around like lazy,harping bitches ,fornicating and having abortions.)

    And FYI ,globally,many have my views(even some Jews in the main) which trumps the utterings of a few stray voices who think only their opinions valid.

    • July 13, 2014 at 03:52

      Abortion is a gender issue? MANTRA of the unconscious. Feminist dismissal.

      Non-sentient, undeveloped human beings? So they are human beings.then? Yes? So what gives YOU the right to dismiss that human being’s life. And its father’s say?

      Abortion is the cast of a non-sentient, undeveloped human being.

      I do not care a jot if you are impressed or not, Uber. I am simply sorry for you. I will love you nevertheless.

    • July 13, 2014 at 07:27

      Firstly, Uber, I’ve just had three great days of building [sealed the deck finally, yes, thank you] and so have not attended the blog as closely as I might.

      Let me open with an abject apology if a lady has been offended and let me also say I admire the way you have steadfastly put the exploded point of view in the face of logic and reason. It takes a mighty mind to be able to do so.

      May I now move on to the point of this comment? This blog, as is stated at the end of the Policy link [in as many words], is a cauldron of debate. Things are said, reactive things. The number of times I’ve stood alone, as you bravely have, and been told I was wrong – well, I’d like a penny for each time.

      When one enters debate here [and some do not engage for that reason], it needs to be borne in mind that the sort of people who come to this blog are fairly forthright people, not given to mealy-mouthedness. In other words, they tend to be robust in their views and if they might put them a tad more tactfully for the taste of the easily offended, then that’s just them.

      Time and again I’ve been told I’m talking out of my proverbial [or words to that effect] and one has to lump it, otherwise one is seen as a namby-pamby. That would never do. The blog’s interpretation of “belittling” would be if someone came in with a comment specifically to belittle and that was that. If the comment is on topic and then mentions the opposite view as Fing stupid and showing a diseased brain, that’s close to the edge but I wouldn’t say it goes over it.

      I think, to reiterate, the key to this is if the person came in specifically to belittle or whether the commenter came in on topic and shot the mouth off about someone putting the opposite point of view.

      It’s a fine line and one the blog admin must try to allow, erring on the libertarian side and for the offended party to decide to click out or not. For example, I know there are blogs where I’m grossly libelled and my solution is not to go there. If people are actually doing a post on how bad I am, my response is to let them go ahead if it makes them feel any better – I’m not particularly interested.

      I’m happy enough here among friends who often tear strips off me but still growlingly tolerate my c**p on a good day. That’s the way things should be. There are a few old adages I try, not always successfully, to abide by – one has to do with heat and kitchen.

  4. ubermouth
    July 12, 2014 at 21:30

    Mid-editing, I was cut short. Could you please reset that timer?

    • July 13, 2014 at 07:37

      Ah, the timer has a mind of its own. Does a person own his cat or the cat own the person? Does a person own his blog or the blog owns him? Just continue the reply in another box. I’d not wish to miss any of it.

  5. ubermouth
    July 13, 2014 at 09:23

    James: “Let me open with an abject apology if a lady has been offended and let me also say I admire the way you have steadfastly put the exploded point of view in the face of logic and reason. It takes a mighty mind to be able to do so.”

    Amfy : ” I do not care a jot if you are impressed or not, Uber. I am simply sorry for you.”

    Both James’ and Amfortas’ condescending and belittling behaviour that is WAY OFF topic, in response to my feeling belittled for my opinion.

    Maybe, I am just an overly-sensitive little flower who somehow has read those comments wrong.

    Amfy, keep your pity and your love for yourself,mate.

    James,(and you know I have never said this publicly) But yes, maybe, as you say, it’s time for me to click out.

    End of an 8 year era.

    Adious, WK

    See ya, Amfy.

  6. July 13, 2014 at 12:38

    This seems to have stirred something up. An occasional commenter, Dominic, writes:

    Only Amfortas could derail a blog post to the extent that a discussion about the Palestinians/Israelis becomes a diatribe against abortion, with the usual smattering of outrage over men being overlooked in the interests of women and children.

    I left out the ad hominem at the end. In the interests of fairness, this is published.

    I’d say [and I haven’t asked] that Amfortas has had something in the past where he was taken to the cleaners, as many men have been. I’ll not judge one way or the other. I personally haven’t been, as I’ve conducted my own exit negotiations but I do know about these things through quite a few mates – not all who were deserving of it.

    I also take the point that the post was on Israel and Palestine. But more than that, we are what we write. That’s why I’m fine with things standing as they are and readers can make up their own minds.

    I can’t get into a discussion on this today as I’ve very little time at the computer, so won’t be approving any more messages on this thread for now.

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