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[This lecture, broadcast on CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto – International Connection Mar 16, 23, 30, 1997, by Dr. Colin Ross, psychologist, was given at 9th Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation, April 18, 1996, Orange County, California.

I’ve abridged the lecture, including leaving out the entire section on Jonestown and the part on Estabrooks which appears, in whole, in part one of these two posts.

Were Ross to have qualified his remarks at any point or if any others had done so, that would also have been included.]

[quote]Somewhere in the course of my residency … I went to the Eastern Regional Conference, to Chicago, found out a little bit [about DID and] my personal reaction was – this sure sounds real, could be real, it’s pretty scary [but] it is clear that we’ve got into some sort of hysteria wave … and a lot of people went a bridge or two too far on their journey and we have to reign ourselves back in.

Except [that] didn’t work because when I systematically started looking into CIA military mind control, the more I looked, the more solid reality there was. As you will see, it’s a completely different deal to SRA. If there is SRA, that information is not generally publicly available to us. It is a fact that we have not nailed down – human ritual sacrifice cults in North America if they exist. So it’s all conjecture.

[However], intelligence agencies have been creating Manchurian candidates and MPD for operational use since the Second World War. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is documented. I am going to talk about not just creating Manchurian candidates, but the whole network of mind control doctors that is involved in this and supports this – this kind of old boys’ network that maintains all of this.

So there is something real peculiar about the whole story. It’s a very strange story. It tells us that there is something going on in our culture and in the mental health field that is hidden and secret. This is another kind of incest secret in the field of psychiatry that all of these people who have been running psychiatry in the latter half of the 20th century are either directly or loosely connected to.Now why should we be talking about that at this conference? Well it’s obvious. If, in fact, experimental MPD has been created and has been tight and hard and real enough for operational use by intelligence agencies for the last 50 years, then it is something of interest to the dissociative disorders field.

There is profound evidence in favour of the iatrogenic pathway to DID [and so] my only possible conclusion is yes, you can create full tilt DID artificially from ground zero. There is absolutely no limit on the quantity, complexity, reality, congruence and plausibility of false memories that you can insert into somebody’s mind – wittingly or unwittingly.

They didn’t tell me that in medical school. This is a little sub paradigm revolution in the DID field. There is a huge wealth of information, experimental information and clinical anecdotal information of DID that’s been up and running and full tilt in the mental health field for 50 years now. This did not spring out of nowhere in 1980.

Bluebird and Artichoke were two programs that ran from 1951-53 and these were then rolled over into MKULTRA, which ran from 1953 to 1963 and then there are 149 sub-projects. That was then administratively rolled over into MKSEARCH which ran until 1973. Contiguously with that, and in collaboration with Edgeware Arsenal, was MKNAOMI, which involved MKULTRA, ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD type research done abroad.

Nationally, it all ran from 1953 to 1970. This involved hallucinogens, hypnosis and so on. STARGATE has just recently declassified E.S.P., paranormal, remote viewing, military use of telekinesis type research that was done from an uncertain start date up until 1984.

The claim of the intelligence community was that all this mind control research was stopped in 1973 due to Senate scrutiny. One of the MKULTRA sub-projects is on the paranormal, E.S.P. and using E.S.P. for covert operations purposes. That element of MKULTRA didn’t stop in 1973. We now know from the CIA itself that it ran on at least until 1984. My position is that it is simply implausible that this stuff isn’t ongoing up to the present.

In MKULTRA there were 149 different sub-projects and these were not in obscure little corners of the world. The American Psychological Association, the Butler Hospital Health Centre, which is part of Harvard, Children’s International Summer Village … this is a charming place … this is a project involving a study of children at an international summer camp aged 11 and the study of how children who don’t share a common language communicate – these were all involved.

This will give you a feel for who is involved in this stuff: Columbia University, Cornell, Denver, Emory, Florida, George Washington, Harvard, Houston, Illinois, Indiana Universities, Johns Hopkins, University of Minnesota, New Jersey Reformatory, Bordentown in Tennessee … Ohio, University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, Princeton, Stanford, a couple of universities in Texas, Wisconsin, the Bureau of Narcotics. Eli Lilly was the big supplier of LSD to the CIA.

Those of you who can remember the sixties might remember the British rock group, The Animals. They had a song called “The Girl Named Sandoz”. Sandoz was the employer of Hoffman who discovered LSD in the forties, and Sandoz was the original supplier of LSD to the CIA and the military in the 1950’s and they contracted with Eli Lilly to become the developer.

So these contracts … McGill, NIH, NIMH, National Philosophical Society … everything and everybody gets in on the act a little. These were the major players in North American psychiatry and psychology, who were receiving this kind of funding: The Office of Naval Research, the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology … all kinds of different agencies and groups. MKSEARCH was the one that MKULTRA was rolled into. New Jersey Neuropsychiatric, Vacaville State Prison.

[Some were] TS – top secret cleared, UW means unwitting because this money was usually put through a funding front. Most of the people you haven’t heard of – like James Hamilton, Harold Abramson, Carl Pfeiffer. Some of these people might sound a little familiar … Louis Jolyon West at UCLA, Ewen Cameron who was at McGill, he’s been written about a lot, and yes – even Carl Rogers, of Rogerian psychotherapy fame. These people were at University of Oklahoma. Four of the MKULTRA sub-projects were on children and all of the investigators for those were UW unwitting.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, who conducted CIA funded experiments on his psychiatric patients at the Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, was the target of two lawsuits against the CIA and the Canadian government by his psychiatric patients, who had been unwittingly involved in his experiments, which involved electroshock, sensory deprivation, psychic driving, and drugs, reportedly in an effort to wipe out a person.

[I’ve posted on Cameron in posts passim – the documentation is not hard to find from records.]

Martin Orne had top secret clearance status. Maitland Baldwin did stuff on monkey brains. George White was a CIA career officer who constructed safe houses in San Francisco and New York, where people were recruited off the streets to have sex with prostitutes and were given LSD and other drugs without them knowing it. The rationale for this was that they were attempting to study the reaction of unwitting subjects in civilian settings to mind control drugs. An alternative hypothesis to this was that they were actually testing Manchurian candidate prostitute performance.

Harold Wolff was at Cornell. Raymond Prince I have corresponded with. He was unwitting, R. Gordon Watson – I was a little bit unhappy to see him on the list, but relieved to see he was unwitting, John Mulholland is actually a magician. There’s somebody you have probably heard of. His name is B.F. Skinner. You get the gist … there were a lot of different sub-projects, a lot of different investigators all over mainstream academia.

[Estabrooks lifted from here and put in Part One of these two posts]

The Intelligence Community itself was a polyfragmented entity. It worked as a Neural Network, with no Executive Host Function and these Old Boys talked to these Old Boys who knew this, who didn’t know this, know that, it was this kind of Network Model. The major funding fronts for MKULTRA were the Human Ecology Foundation that Carl Rogers was on the Board of, the Josiah Macey Jr. Foundation, and the Geshickter Fund. Charles Geshickter was one of the MKULTRA contractors himself.

This Geshickter Fund was interesting. One of the MKULTRA projects that they funded was the construction of the Gorman Annex at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. What was the Gorman Annex for? It was for mind control experimentation on terminal cancer patients. Three career officers and CIA biochemists were employed at the Gorman Annex. This is not completely above board and ethical behaviour.

Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. In World War II he was employed by the OSS, run by Wild Bill Donovan. He was stationed in Switzerland and was working with the Russians against the Germans. In the last years of the War, the Cold War was already being planned out and set up by the Intelligence Agencies and it was apparent to the Intelligence Agencies that things were going to flip – that Germany would become the ally and Russia would become the enemy.

There was all this jockeying going on, all this intrigue, communications between the OSS and some of Hitler’s generals. The spy whom Allen Dulles was fighting against was Reinhard Gehlen, head of German Intelligence on the Eastern Front. At the end of World War II, Allen Dulles recruited Reinhard Gehlen to become the Head of that Division of the CIA’s operations against Russia.

Harold Wolff, Head of the Human Ecology Foundation, was a neurologist at Cornell. When Allen Dulles’ son received a head wound in the Korean War, he was brought back to the USA and treated by Harold Wolff. You start to get a feel for why I call this an Old Boys’ Network. Now for MKULTRA- a person who did and published a lot of hallucinogen research was Daniel Friedman, connected with Loretta Bender, Paul Hawk and Ewen Cameron, who had their obituaries in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

So these were revered people, who were being honoured posthumously by the flagship Journal of the American Psychiatric Association. This same Loretta Bender describes giving 150 mcg per day to children ages 7-11 years for days, weeks, months and in some cases, even years in a row. This would not get through an Ethics Committee.

Paul Hawk, at a CIA sponsored symposium on LSD, asked, “Anybody ever hear of a disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder?” Hawk and Pollett, in 1949 published in the Psychiatric Quarterly an article about Pseudo Neurotic Forms of Schizophrenia – these people are on the borderline between neurosis and schizophrenia. He did hallucinogen research in New York for the military, with one unfortunate side effect – he killed Harold Blauer, a tennis pro, in 1953, with an injection of mescaline and the family was eventually compensated for that.

Ewen Cameron, the founder of the World Psychiatric Association, funded through MKULTRA and Human Ecology Foundation by the Canadian military and the CIA, did LSD and other hallucinogen research and was successfully sued – he had already died and the CIA settled out of court with eight of his patients. One of his papers, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry is on Psychic Driving, another was on production of Differential Amnesia in Schizophrenia.

Linda McDonald, went to McGill to be treated for mild post-partum depression from March to early September, 1963. During the course of her hospitalization, she received 102 ECT treatments, using the Paige-Russell technique, in which the button was pushed 6x per treatment, instead of 1x. She also received about 80 days of barbiturate and neuroleptic induced sleep. She was regressed back to incontinence of urine, incontinent of faeces, total disorientation, then sent home. She neuropsychologically pulled out of this over months but couldn’t remember anything from the time she left the hospital back to birth. So this was research in producing specific amnesias and global amnesia.

In the Senate Committee Hearings in the 1970’s on MKULTRA, John Gittinger, head Ph.D. psychologist in MKULTRA testified that the creation of Manchurian Candidates and the movie, The Manchurian Candidate, were just fiction, ridiculous and had never been done. Estabrooks, meanwhile, was creating Manchurian Candidates and writing about it.

Martin Orne – his basic position, argued at many conferences, was that MPD was created by the therapist himself. Now why would Martin Orne think this, as a CIA funded hypnotherapist? Martin Orne was on the Scientific Advisory Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, as was Richard Ofshe, an expert on coercive mind control and cult persuasion techniques.

In his book, “Making Monsters”, Ofshe ridiculed nuts who believed that the CIA had been creating MPD. Next there was Joly West, funded under MKULTRA to study the psychobiology of dissociation. He was also the only person to ever kill an elephant, at Oklahoma City Zoo, with LSD. Joly West started his professional career interviewing American pilots who had come back from Korea, having been captured and brainwashed by the Communist Chinese.

Margaret Singer, who wrote the book, “Cults in Our Midst” which is the foundation of the iatrogenic pathway to DID, had TS clearance to interview these pilots as well. Margaret Singer published with Jolyn West and with Richard Ofshe,.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation – Paul McHugh was Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. He said that 100% of cases of DID are iatrogenic and that all DID Units should shut down, and he was on the Advisory Board of the FMSF. When he was in the military he did research connected to Walter Reed Hospital, major site for military intelligence work, connected with mind control. A prior Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, named James Whitehorn, was on the Advisory Board of the Human Ecology Foundation.

The relations between the Cult Awareness Network and the FMSF Scientific Advisory Board – Joly West was on the Boards of CAN and FMSF and was connected to the CIA. Margaret Singer was connected to Joly West and Richard Ofshe. Margaret Singer and Joly West were on the Board of CAN and Richard Ofshe was on the Board of FMSF. Joly West and Margaret Singer worked for Air Force Intelligence.

Leo Ryan is the Congressman who was killed at the airport in Jonestown at the same time as the mass suicide there. His daughter, Patricia Ryan, is very active in CAN and recently received a Leo Ryan Award. CAN is interested in destructive cults and coercive persuasion.

Who is Robert Heath? He did brain electro implant research for the CIA for non-therapeutic purposes, using psyllicibin, mescaline, LSD, and other chemicals in conjunction. In one of his papers, he thanks Harold Lief for referring one of his brain electrode implant research subjects. Harold Lief is on the Advisory Board of the FMSF, and in fact, was personal psychiatrist to the Freyd family.

Patty Hearst, college student and daughter of Randolph Hearst, was captured by the SLA at gunpoint with submachine guns, kept locked in a closet for 42 days, and subjected to systematic coercive brainwashing and mind control techniques, until she adopted a new identity named “Tanya” and lost all emotional connectedness to her prior life and her parents. She participated in the robbing of a bank and was found guilty.

The Free Patty Hearst Movement was headed by Leo Ryan, who was very active in getting clemency for her from the President.

Leo Ryan was corresponding directly with the CIA about some of its mind control research, receiving a reply to his enquiry from the Deputy Director of the CIA, dated 18 October 1978. He was also the father of pending legislation, by which all CIA covert operations would be subject to direct Congressional oversight from a budgetary point of view.

He was soon after killed at the airport near Jonetown.

We can start anywhere on this. We can connect Joly West to the CIA. Neale Birch was a CIA Officer of Naval Research and mind control consultant in Houston. Robert Heath was a CIA and military funded brain electrode researcher at Tulane. Well let’s just go through this random assortment of individuals here. Robert Heath was doing brain electrode implant and other research for the CIA in Tulane. He published a paper with Bernie Saltzberg.

Bernie Saltzberg published with Neale Birch who was funded by the CIA and the military. Neale Birch published an edited book – contributor of a chapter in that book was Joly West who described the UCLA Violence Project in that book, edited by Neale Birch. Joly West interviewed Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Okay well that’s interesting.

Operation Paperclip was a project set up by the CIA and military intelligence to bring foreigners into the USA through a mechanism that routed them around the State Department, thereby avoiding any visa qualification unpleasantness. In Project Paperclip it is documented that scientists, film experts, ball bearing experts and people knowledgeable in lubricants and rockets were brought over, including Werner Von Braun, head of the V2 rocket program, created for Mittelwerk, whose labour was supplied from Camp Dora, where the American troops who liberated it found 6000 corpses.

Werner von Braun was documented as having been on site at Mittelwerk at least 20 times and having discussed conditions there. When workers would sometimes attempt to sabotage the rockets by urinating on a part or tampering with the rocket, the typical response was that the entire work crew would be instantly hung in their work tunnel.

Another person who was brought in through Paperclip or another related project was Albertus Stroekhold, regarded as the father of aviation medicine, with a library named after him at Lakland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, honoured by the Daughters of the American Revolution for his contributions to Aviation Medicine and having had a once off state memorial day named after him.

People at his own administrative level in Germany, people who reported to him and people he reported to, were all tried and found guilty of war crimes at Nuremburg. He was not charged. The experiments that these people did included putting people in a pressure chamber and dropping the pressure instantly to about 60,000 feet, to simulate somebody being blown out of a cockpit as if he was a U.S. pilot. They would actually die or almost die in agony. Those who died would be submerged under water and their heads would be opened to determine whether there was an air emboli in their cerebral arteries.

Another experiment was for prisoners to be given forced feedings of seawater for days, which then would be doctored with various different substances to see if any of the substances would prevent any of the subjects from dying. These doctors were examined for suitability for entry to the U.S.A., by a team of psychiatrists including Ewen.

Let’s look at temporal lobe epilepsy. Frank Irvin (who was recruited by Joly West for the UCLA Violence Project), together with Mark Sweet, wrote a book called “Violence and the Brain” in which they described doing brain electrode implants with people with temporal lobe epilepsy. One of their subjects had a very unusual form of temporal lobe epilepsy. He was driving a truck in Los Angeles and came to again in Phoenix. They called this temporal lobe epilepsy?

MKNaomi was conducted at Edgeware Arsenal where Amadeo Morazzi worked who did LSD research for the Air Force in Minnesota funded by Air Force Intelligence. Wagner Joreg, son of Wagner Joreg, who won the Nobel Prize for treating syphillis with malaria, came up to Edgeware Arsenal. He published research on antidotes to chemical warfare weapons saying that he regretted the extremely long period of time in which it was impossible to publish his research data. You can read the book, “Bad Blood”

Frank Olson was killed because he jumped through a window because he took LSD mixed with Cointro by Sidney Gottlieb, administrative Head of MKULTRA, whom I talked to on the telephone.

His research assistant, Mary Ray was given a dose of experimental LSD, which resulted in an acute psychotic state for which she was admitted to hospital. She talked about a room that was involved in the LSD research called “The Leaf Room” so when you were on your LSD trip that was administered by Amadeo Morazzi you were taken into the Leaf Room which was a room where all surfaces of the room were covered with leaves.

Strangely, the CIA has been extremely helpful to me in my research, extremely polite and extremely courteous and when I went to the CIA Reading Room in Washington, it was a very unusual experience. I sat down and they brought in all the documents on a little cart and gave me 15-20 pencils beautifully sharpened, and a notepad and everything … and there was a woman who was at least 80, if not 85, sitting there watching me all day.

My beef is not with the intelligence community itself or the CIA. It’s with the psychiatrists and the psychologists who created a little loophole where they could step outside the normal ethical scruples, violate the Hippocratic Oath, get away with it, not talk about it, and this was kept under the carpet by this pervasive old boys’ network.

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