Rough, scribbled plan how to do it

OK, call it naive, call it that the writer was out of the country for so long and missed some of the crucial bits, e.g. Blair’s misrule.

Yet it all seems so bleedin’ obvious to me.

1. Get your manufacturing base going first – so BAE, fracking, container terminals, Liverpool, Sheffield steel or somewhere else if Sheffield is lost, use the migrants we have got on lower wages – every other country, including Switzerland, do it.

Collusion in high places? And why not on this? The country must have its flagship industries. I know they are often multinational, with bases in the EU and are for the EU for that reason. Once the EU collapses once we exit, they’ll still maintain that trading and manufacturing.

2. EU – get out now. And stop this stupid Scottish independence – it can’t stand on its own and nor can we. Plus we need Wales. United we stand.

3. Tax regime and all the other enemies of incentive go – flat rate across the country can be argued against but it’s simple. No difference between corporation and individual. Is 28% too high, with non-taxable level around £8000 p.a.? Add 3% for NHS because, for all we say about it, there are many who would die without it in the short to middling term. Pensioners, genuinely disabled.

VAT to go down to 10% on the way to phasing it out. Interest rates artificially held at 3.5%. Stuff the rest of the world. It is a giant scam that we must follow NY and the BIS.

4. Finance. Cut the connection with the BIS, put all repayment of loans on the long term – the IMF can take it or leave it. Protect the City from the EU in the interim.

5. Rein in the councils. Sack the Common Purpose people and fatcats, can’t do much about the lefties as public sector attracts them. Council greed scaled down by legislation, e.g. a certain percentage of profits goes back into local area, e.g. roads – no incentive to hold or invest money.

6. This factor, combined with favourable tax regime, starts up small businesses again. Incentives to those making X amount per month.

7. IT sector and services supported but only firms competing well on the world stage.

8. Up the armed forces – big work provider and supplier. Shipyards start again, subsidized. A certain amount of protectionism is needed – why not? I don’t mean propping up the unproppable but preventing those close to success going under. Loan, not grant. To be paid back eventually.

9. Change of mindset of the average person.

First: The country survives on multiplying big flagship firms down to small business – every incentive must be given. If unviable – “immediate” chop within two years. People really need to see that all of this must happen FIRST. Then we can look at N10.

Calvin Coolidge: The business of government is business.

Second: People only do things if there is incentive. A certain amount of corruption is good – say 5% kickbacks, company car, half price trips – there has to be some incentive so it looks attractive to those with the ability. There has to be, in other words, a reason to throw in your lot with a scheme.

Stop criminalizing enterprise – let the white van men do what they do. Let people make soup and sell it in certain areas in the carpark. Stop monopolies like ASDA from stopping these people.

10. A fair but low wage, indexed to prices. Artificial hold on prices. Only a government can do this – it’s one of the few functions it’s any good for. Prices must be held down and wages thereby. Hell, even post 1990 Russia understood that, esp. with petrol.


Country becomes viable again, attractive to investment, people 96% employed, good things start to flow.

Major objection

The single greatest objection is Them. They’ll bump off any PM who tries it. As for the nuts and bolts objections of actually doing it – bollox. It was managed during WW2 when there was a will and the PTB wanted it to be.

[For those who were wondering – early lunch, then doing the stern infrastructure today. Will be knackered as this is a bit heavy – 8×2 beams and that sort of thing.]

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  1. dearieme
    August 5, 2014 at 13:09

    Switzerland manufactures steel? Good grief, why?

  2. Mark in Mayenne
    August 5, 2014 at 14:42

    Say wat you like about Scotland separating, but there something awfully attractive about no labour majority in Wastemonster ever again.

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