Ukraine – a bit of perspective

Let’s list things even the Beeb concedes:

# It is believed the aid is meant primarily for the besieged rebel-held city of Luhansk.

# Russia accused the authorities in Kiev of delaying the convoy’s entry unreasonably.

# In the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the situation in Luhansk and other rebel-held areas is “critical – thousands of people are reported to be without access to water, electricity and medical aid”.

This is because they are besieged. Who is besieging them?

# “The bombardment does not stop,” [Lukhansk’s City Council] said as Ukrainian government forces continued their siege of east Ukraine’s second city.

# What’s in the Russian lorries? [Beeb report]

The white-painted Kamaz goods lorries are said to be carrying 2,000 tonnes of aid, donated by “Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region”, according to the Moscow regional government. It is said to include:

400 tonnes of cereals
100 tonnes of sugar
62 tonnes of baby food
54 tonnes of medical items and medicines
12,000 sleeping bags
69 electricity generators

Foreign journalists who were allowed to look into the lorries at random at Donetsk reported seeing sacks of cereal and sleeping bags.

A Ukrainian border service check on 34 lorries reportedly recorded that they contained 260 tonnes of cereals, salt, water and medicines.

A bit more than “are said to” then? Let’s add a couple of more bits:

The majority of people in Russia, in an RT mentioned poll, call it a civil war. Most Ukrainians believe it is terrorism their government is fighting.

Yet the Ukrainians stopped aid getting through to Lukhansk by wrecking the road. Why? If they know what are in those trucks, then this is a crime against humanity, not a military operation.

Who have the rebels fired at? Ukrainian troops.

Who have the Ukrainian troops fired at? Rebels plus civilians, indiscriminately.


The rebels have repeatedly asked Russia to annexe their region. Putin holds back from doing so. If he’d done it, he could have stopped the just over 5000 deaths.

Ukraine accuses the rebels of humiliating Ukrainian troops by marching them down the road. Russia points to the huge number of killings by Ukraine. And well over half the population has fled. The rest are hemmed in by Ukrainian troops without supplies. It’s not the rebels hemmed in – it’s ordinary people and they’re dying.

Where is the MSM outrage over this?