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perfect rossaYes, well, smartypants Rossa showed me her loaf – yes, yes, I know, all ingredients in, it’s an art form, I’m told, not a science, blah, blah blah and she came out with a perfect loaf, dinn she eh?

Meanwhile, muggins here was doing this – I’ve just been driving her batty and was told to bugger off – do you find today’s chef a teensy bit ‘cheffy’ in temperament?

Must be because it’s around tea time.


Here’s what I’m going with for a 1.5 lb loaf:

Gives hydrations here in comments:

According to those, one cup is 240ml = 128g.

However, I did my own experiment.  With  an ice-cream paddle on a chisel as a seesaw, I put 70ml of lightly packed flour on one side and it was balanced by 47ml of water. As the water is about 47g, then the flour weighs 47/70 or 0.67 of the water.  Or two-thirds the weight of the water.

OK, so if I need 375 g of flour, then I need 70/47 of that in ml = 558ml.

And there was my error – I was loading in enough flour on the 2lb loaf for 1.5lb but enough other things for a 2lb loaf.

Rule of thumb was 70% hydrated, so 70% of 375g = 262ml

If it is 330ml to 500g flour, then that’s 0.66 hydration, not 70%.

Though I’ve lessened oil, I’m plumping for 65% hydration or 243ml of water.  On Rossa’s ratio, I should have 247ml.  Yet the bread machine called for 290ml.  Sounds strange.


Water 243ml, call it 250ml to be safe
Salt half tsp
Oil 3 tsp
Flour 375g or 558ml
Sugar 5 tsp
Yeast 2 tsp

OK, it’s all in and happily kneading itself in the goolies right now.

Report after 20:28.



It’s got a big top on it and it’s all wispy and all that. Time for a beer.

2 comments for “Bread [2]

  1. Rossa
    October 16, 2014 at 18:46

    O/T I’ve just watched the Dr Who that you posted about and took great umbrage at the ‘abortion’ of a baby by the women in the Show. Oh no, they didn’t……..

    The story was about the Moon being an egg that was about to give birth. They decided at the last second to save the ‘baby’ alien even though it threatened the Earth and it sailed away through the Universe and lived happily ever after. And the story (fiction, you know what that is?) had a happy ending when the alien ‘baby’ left an egg behind……our New Moon.

    I know how much you despise the feminazis and look for all sorts of things to support your viewpoint. While, in general, I support you in this I do really think you undermine and weaken your position when you comment, as you did, on something you didn’t see for yourself. I’m guessing it was based on various comments you’ve read online. As if they, whoever they are, don’t have their own agenda.

    It seems that what with the so called lesbian kiss and the abortion that was in fact a live healthy birth you are being distracted from your ’cause’. You know as well as anyone else that you can read anything into anything if you’re looking for something. It’s called bias and I really wish your blinkers didn’t obstruct your faculties for seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

    Maybe after you’ve made your 3rd loaf (3rd time lucky) you can reflect that we don’t always get it right first or even second time. Practice makes perfect……as they say.

  2. October 16, 2014 at 19:04

    I know how much you despise the feminazis and look for all sorts of things to support your viewpoint.

    Now, let’s write that the correct and undistorted way, shall we:

    I know how much you despise the feminazis and are inundated with examples such that there is no shortage of material, especially from women themselves who are the ones I quote …

    There you go.

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