The Jews [1]


Karl Denninger was referring to preppers and that’s a topic in itself but one of the examples he used and the one I’d like to follow up, was:

Hitler’s soldiers frequently came into a town with a few dozen men armed with machine guns and rounded up thousands of people, marching them into waiting boxcars.

The decision point to either riot or get into the boxcar happened right then and there, and was irrevocable.

If you got into the boxcar, and essentially all of the folks in the town did, you were almost-certain to die. Not instantly, but certainly. Once you were in that boxcar there was nothing more to be done; you were going to be unloaded inside a fenced compound with crew-served weapons canvassing the perimeter, and were outright screwed.

The problem was that if you decided to riot singularly you were going to die with certainty. But if the village rioted collectively, a hundred, two hundred or five hundred of you would die but the rest would not because you would have overrun the relatively small contingent of soldiers and, the first time they had to reload their hand-held weapons they were going to get sacked.

Clearly it’s not as easy as that and that’s why it was so easy for the Nazis:

1.  They lied, saying it was relocation, allaying fears;

2.  Those people had not had this before the Nazis and had no idea how bad this really was;

3.  Karl’s solution required this magical, mythical “someone” to make the first rush.  That is, some heroes were required, not to hang back and leave it to others but to actually take that risk.  Part of the problem was that while one soldier reloaded, another could point straight at the rushing person.

4.  Thus no one did it.  All wished to be among those spared.   The theory does not work in practice.

There was a solution but it needed a firm leader to pass the word underground in the early days:

1.  As the murmurings of the Nazis became clear, the exodus had to begin piecemeal, a few here, a few there.  That would be the rich and famous first.  Plans needed to be made for the general population by the rabbis.

2.  As the murmurings became mutterings, that was when the remaining Jews needed to, individual family by individual family, move near a town closer to a neutral country.  This could be coordinated by synagogue people, rabbis, so that it was not all at once.

3.  As neighbours themselves turned savage, the question now would be non-Jew to Jew ratio.  If It was no longer a ghetto situation and the remaining Jews were heavily outnumbered, they had to get out as fast as poss.

4.  Near each town near the border, the lie of the land would be known, the status of the border defences.  There would need to be a Jewish militia attack by the able-bodied and most determined among them – the rabbis would know the best people – and a night chosen – a German holiday with many drunks would be good.  Many would climb fences between checkpoints whilst the armed Jews attacked the checkpoints en masse on the same night at the same time.

5.  Sadly, anyone left in the middle of Germany after that would be a goner.  One other major factor is that there are two kinds of Jews – the Ashkenazi or whatever you want to call them who are the enemy of Jewry and worked with the Nazis and then the Jews themselves.  So the potential for betrayal was huge.


The only thing I could say to Jews in the eastern Ukraine, Paris, Berlin, in 2015/16, is to start moving now, before any of this starts again.  Trouble is, every western leadership at this time would sell them down the drain, as they do their own people.

America and Israel itself are the only safe places.  America for making and sending money, Israel as manpower.  If they must remain, then learn boatbuilding and sailing, be close to a coast.  Don’t choose Australia.  It is too British, it will sell the Jews out.

Feeling safe?

Just in case you’re becoming complacent, don’t forget there is a dangerous breed within our own society.  No, not the Muslims but the leftist humanists – mad as rattlesnakes and after blood:

letist fascism

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