The Jews [2]


The lineball election in Israel- first one leftwing view. Then another:

At the time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed: “We will not end the mission . . . without neutralising the tunnels, the sole purpose of which is the destruction of our civilians and the killing of our children.”

But while his strong words may have played well in some parts of Israel, in many of the worst affected areas the overwhelming feeling was one of betrayal. And it remains so.

Despite the bombardment from Gaza militants and the presence of what Netanyahu dubbed the “terror tunnels”, residents say neither the government nor the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) provided any advice or assistance – instead each kibbutz was responsible for deciding whether residents should stay or go.


Just over 30 kilometres away in Sderot, another Israeli town that sits along the Gaza border, the political feeling could not be more different. Support is strongly behind Netanyahu’s Likud Party and a handful of smaller parties that sit even further to the right.

Situated 2.5 kilometres from the border, Sderot too feels the brunt of attacks from Hamas militants in Gaza. Its police station houses a collection of the remnants of some of the thousands of Qassam rockets that have been fired at the town over the years and its bomb shelters are known for their colourful artwork – an attempt to soften the trauma of a community that has so often been under siege.

“M”, as he has asked to be identified, is an officer in the IDF, where he has served for the last 13 years, through all three of Israel’s wars with Gaza – Operation Cast Lead from December 2008 to January 2009, Operation Pillar of Defence in November 2012 and for 52 harrowing days last year in Operation Protective Edge.

“It was a tough moment in our lives, there were sirens all the time, we were under stress, but it gave me a lot motivation knowing that my job [in the army] was helping to protect Sderot,” M says.

He will be voting for Likud in this week’s election. “We trust him, Bibi is the one person who can give us security . . . if Herzog wins it would be catastrophic for our security.”

Poor Israel. From what I’ve read over the past seven years, Nethanyahu does seem a core member of Them, most certainly involved in 7/7 in some capacity, in with the Rothschilds, which is a double-edged sword. It’s military supplies for Israel but it’s also the brutal yet ultimately ineffective reactions, the ultimate aim being to keep the cauldron bubbling.

Enough strikes on tunnels to appease his supporters but not enough to do anything.

The alternative is the left, the appeasers, who will talk whilst Hamas tunnel under them. Plus send barrages of rockets each day, with Iran’s assistance.


What the left in the west can’t get through their skulls is that, if you take away the flags and emblems for the moment, you have 6,212,000 citizens, or 74.9% of Israelis, designated as Jewish at last count.

They are precisely where their ancient land was. There is no way they “displaced” anyone, except thousands of years ago – a division was offered, last century, to both Jews and Arabs, the former accepted, the latter refused and launched all out war. Bottom line is that both lots have the right to be there, the only question being the demarcation.

But let’s even extract “the right to” from the argument. The realpolitik is that quite a few million live there. That’s their home, their land. Why can they not live there without being shelled every day?

Where is the international community’s, the UN’s strong demand that Hamas stop and Israel THEN stop retaliating? One follows the other.


What a dead loss as a president, what a useless, out of touch man. What a traitor:

obama taqiyya

Still he’s an open traitor, whereas people like Bush, who appeared to be “one of us” was clandestinely a traitor [posts passim]. And the long and the short was that money was still going to Israel. Under Obama [then Clinton?] the money will dry up.

The half of the American people who voted in Obama twice are stupid. Our own people intending to vote LibLabCon are stupid. Once can be an error, twice or more looks like carelessness.

But where does any of that leave Israel? Mightily exposed for the first time in decades.

The Bible

Not many observers, even those of a Christian bent, would try to specifically apply the bible verses to what’s going to happen.

1. There’ll be a red heifer and rebuilding of the Temple.

2. Society would have lost its morality and most would have turned their backs on God – rampant fornication outside marriage, killing, raping etc.

3. There’ll be war in the middle-east, surrounding Israel, real war.

4. Someone will arise to lead Israel and he’ll be accepted by the rabbis as kosher but he’ll actually be the traitor. That man does not like woman and once died but came back [or almost].

5. The persecution of the Christians begins.

6. Ten northern nations attack. Huge army in the millions comes from the East, crosses two great rivers [presumably dried up] and hits Israel.

Don’t quite know where that gets us but it’s as well to keep it at the back of the mind.

3 comments for “The Jews [2]

  1. Harry J
    March 16, 2015 at 00:28

    The last Temple was destroyed in 70 AD as prophesied by Jesus. Regardless, his sacrifice on the cross made the previous animal sacrifices unnecessary in the future.

    This whole temple being rebuilt thing appears to be part of the futurist/dispensationalist view of prophecy. One that requires the 70th week of Daniel’s 70 week prophecy to be cut off from the previous 69 weeks only to be fulfilled at some indeterminate time thousands of years later. After careful study it’s not one I can concur with. The historicist position makes far more sense.

    As for the present day ‘Jews’ being the Israelites of the Bible, let alone the House of Judah….

  2. Harry
    March 16, 2015 at 13:11

    Just to clarify the last comment. Whilst the majority of present day Jews are very unlikely to be genetic descendants of the House of Judah (nor from the House of Israel) a remnant may well be of the seed of Abraham, Issac and Joseph. It’s hard to say for sure.

  3. james wilson
    March 16, 2015 at 17:39

    It’s not hard to say anymore. The Ashkenazi Jews are almost 50% European, the remaining proportion the original Semite. It is striking how different the Jews returned from Iraq, Iran, and other Arab countries are from the Ashkenazi, and how little different from Arab populations they are in appearance. The European mixture of the Ashkenazi is German, French, and Italian (Roman). Italian leads by a wide margin. There is no genetic contrubution from Eastern Europe or Russia, part of a later migration.

    Israel was Roman ruled, and the Jewish community in Rome was already large at the time the Romans expelled Jews from their own country. Families tended to stay in that general neighborhood as they did in the previous expulsions. But the young single men went for Rome. It is some Jewish law of nature that the the link is passed through the mother, but clearly that rule was broken out of necessity, and then quickly forgotten.

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