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Vox Day’s name is Theodore Beale. His politics are roughly the same as mine, the lads and some lasses who visit this blog and though he likes to provoke, like me, what he is essentially saying is quite mainstream … for the 50s, LOL.  And quite relevant for 2015.

He has this crazy notion that the family is important, that politicians are corrupt, that people get back what they put in, that what’s yours is yours and not to be taken from you by some madcap state socialist scheme, that the state should stay out of our lives. You get the idea.

Here’s how the “thinking, intelligent” left, the Rachel Maddow left, see him – it’s very close to the ranter against Farage in Saturday [1]:

Theodore Beale, on the other hand, is Cerberus sitting on top of the bone pile breathing fire and wreaking mayhem for the joy and the attention of upsetting everyone, puppies and kitties alike. I’ve been searching for ten years now and have not found a single redeeming characteristic in Beale. He’s a vile person with vile opinions, and he’s an absolutely atrocious writer.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was raised with money and privilege, he would almost certainly be serving twenty to life somewhere, because he either acted on or got caught acting on his beliefs. He is someone outside the scope of psychotherapy. If you were to ask him, he would tell you there is nothing wrong with him, he’s just fine the way he is – and that is why he is outside the scope of therapy.

Not sure but I think Vox was Mensa, he’s obviously totally at ease with his statements and he always backs them with data. OK, take the author of the quote, plus the one in Saturday [1], plus Vox and my question is – which two out of the three are the ones who truly are as mad as meat-axes?

In other words, sitting, unarmed, in a room with the three, which two would you keep an eye on for fear of a violent personal attack, were you to disagree with them?  Which one would you be fairly certain would not mug you for what you believed?

Compare those reasoned statements from the left with these two about your humble blogger:

The Higham fellow is a pathetic, sick individual. He embodies every bit of superstitious belief, ritual, taboo, violence, viciousness, exploitation, and ignorance of any creed known to man. What an ignorant philistine he is. Imprecate vocabulary always is. [Tovarishch Will]


Have you ever considered that you might be the Anti Christ? Mad, full of hate, mysogynistic, just plain weird. Man, you tick all the boxes.  You are one insane son of a bitch.   Bitter.    And left as scrap.   All those women that you can’t stand tower over you.  [Presumably Harriet Harman, Cressida Dick and Julia Middleton, lovely lasses] You want to know why? Because you are a cretin.  You are a mad man, of limited intellect, with an axe to grind.  You come over as slightly unhinged. 

Do you see any pattern here – Nigel, Vox, me?  Ticking boxes?  No?

No matter, onto something else – what’s your reaction to this news?

Plutonium-238 is an artifact of the Cold War, a byproduct of the process used to make nuclear weapons. Since nuclear non-proliferation became popular, the flow of plutonium-238 has ceased and left limited stockpiles of this incredibly useful and relatively long-lived fuel. Plutonium-238 continues to power deep-space missions such as Voyager, Curiosity, and New Horizons, but according to a new report by Space News, there’s only enough left to make three more nuclear batteries.

1.  It’s very true and worrying
2. It’s very true and great
3. It’s bollox, pure narrative, like the great banana shortage.

There’s a similar theme here from Chuckles, about California’s man-made drought.  And another about drought and fish here:

“All in all, California farmers fallowed about 500,000 acres of land this year,” the Wall Street Journal reported in June 2014. “But here’s the thing: much of this land could have been productive had the state stored up more water from wet years and not flushed 800,000 acre-feet into the San Francisco Bay last winter and an additional 445,000 acre-feet this spring to safeguard the endangered delta smelt.”

The question is, as always, who is now in charge? And are they competent/sane? Chuckles comments on both:

The way it’s done with plutonium, rare earths or water or any other commodity, is that you have to create artificial scarcity.

So you prevent new nuke or coal power stations being built, or make the regs so onerous and drawn out that nobody is going to do it. You also fine up spurious regs on side effects that raise the costs of operating existing plants

You demonise natural processes like radioactivity so that any thought of using it or even considering it for anything is anathema.

On the water side, you prevent dams being built and have existing ones destroyed or removed on ‘ecological’ grounds. You also ensure that farmers and the like cannot store water, as any dam or similar is immediately declared a ‘wetland’, and subject to legal oversight.

You also quietly up the monitoring requirements for spurious substances in minute quantities, as well as the supposed ‘purity’ of the water, so that large quantities can be declared unfit for human consumption.

You also dream up concepts like ‘minimum flow rates’ which stealthily declare the natural environment to be more important than humans, and cf removes consideration of humans as parts of the world. This allows large quantities of water to be released to support spurious ‘endangered’ species, or to prohibit the pumping of water from rivers to storage dams for human consumption. (This last technique is much favoured in, and implemented across, the UK).

Some may be wondering what became of yesterday’s angst.  Still there, just another Sword of Damocles until next week but what can one do?  Wear sackcloth and ashes?

One last item – here’s the new yoof of today:

the new yoof

Have a sunny but drought-free Saturday, Laze and Gem.

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  1. April 18, 2015 at 16:18

    “”I’ve been searching for ten years now and have not found a single redeeming characteristic in Beale. He’s a vile person with vile opinions, “”

    Ahh, all the vituperation and playing the man not the ball. I don’t know about Vox being a Mensan but by crikey I get that same crap from Mensans I know. Not quite as well rounded as Tovarishch Will refering to you though. The modern mensan seems all too often to be a simpleton with a poor grasp of English. So poor that even the shyte that comes my way (on Oz mensa FB pages for example) lacks bite, verve, imagination and semblance of construction.

    Still, its good for a laugh. 🙂

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