What chance of rapprochement?

This has to start somewhere so it may as well be here:

Target Spends $20 Million on One-Person Bathrooms After Transgender Stunt Sparks Boycott

Stop for a moment and consider that. A firm which is in the clothing and other business, not unlike Walmart, not unlike K-Mart was, wished to make a statement. Firms all over the world, major firms, have to mouth these mantras because the fascism of people who follow all this guff has got so deeply into the pollies that they will send their police to prosecute if you dare question it.

We saw a couple of days ago that woman in Northern Ireland who tweeted about Islam and some pastor who did the same. Looking just at that pastor, his job is to promote Christianity – that’s what he does if he’s to be fit for purpose.

And you could say Islam’s Imams are doing the same.

Except Christian pastors are not urging the raping of teenagers, boiling victims in tar and having ritual floggings and beheadings on Friday, thinking all this is fine if people won’t ‘respect’ their prophet.

Nowhere do they see a disconnect here.

I can see the point in one sense – they look at women debasing and abasing themselves and thinking all that is fine too – think Femen and the supposed A-listers, dysfunctional people worshipped by the masses.

But does the Muslim murderousness sort the issue out? Of course it doesn’t. This Amy Shuymer – apparently someone on television – loses it as so many women have these days and essentially explains how she is off her bloody head. OK, many are off their heads but why am I having to read about them in my morning online paper, at the top of page one?

Apart from the Olympics, and understanding that this is the silly season, nevertheless, where are news services finding and embracing ordinary people who are NOT dysfunctional, who have NOT murdered their babies or kissed someone at an Olympics? Where are everyday people who are struggling?

But I digress.

A consumer protest by Americans has successfully forced Target Corp. to walk a few steps away from its disastrous $10 billion decision to back the radical transgender lobby.

Instead of opening all bathrooms and changing rooms to both sexes — for the benefit of a small number of transgender people — as the company promised in April, it is now set to spend $20 million on building new lockable, single-user restrooms.

However, Target is still insisting that it won’t offer single-sex changing rooms to customers. Instead, Target’s changing rooms remain open to both sexes as a sign of support for sexually mixed transgender people.

A spokesperson for the retailer admitted that the new bathroom expenditure is a reaction to feedback from angry customers.

But Cathy Smith, Target’s finance chief, insisted that the massive losses seen since April have nothing to do with company’s decision to implement the radical gay lobby’s agenda of suppressing the differences between men and women. But she Smith did admit that many customers have told the company that its policy is disliked. “It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy,” Smith told reporters …

Deep, deep denial. How large is this gay lobby which dominates the media almost as much, if not more than the Muslim Imams? What, 5-6% of the entire community? Yet it causes the entire community – or at least 48% of them – to gnash teeth and go along with this utter insanity of changing something which has existed for thousands of years – that there are these people called men and these people called women and they like to go to the bathroom or loo in privacy.

And what does a left-liberal say to that? A left-liberal ignores that simple fact and jumps on the bandwagon that some nutters in that 6% who have instant access to media and to those who legislate on things have come out with truly insane ideas and even then – that is still NOT the main point. People have always come out with insane ideas throughout history – look at Swift, moonbeams and cucumbers for a start.

It’s not that the community has its proportion of the eccentric and weird – and I fully acknowledge my own foibles – its that these ideas are not only listened to but they alter a company’s entire policy, to the point that they plunge that company into crisis. That’s now moved into realpolitik, the same politik which sees slaughtered victims of an idea lying, bloodied, in streets as someone shouts Alluha Akbah or whatever it is.

Coming back to that pastor – I happen to agree with him on Islam – Salmon Rushdie also did and had a fatwah put on him. It’s moved, has it not, into the area where any calling of the Emperor’s clothes as sheer naked folly is not only condemned – that much we could take – but results in police arriving at that person’s home.

As if the police have nothing else to do.

And so to the luvvies.

First thing which struck me was the Corbyn comrade cap on Geldof. Another aside but I was talking, in town, with a man who loves Corbyn. As far as I can gather, they see him as some sort of anti-establishment Trump who will harness all their anger at the elite, the PTB, Them. The same Them we rail against.

But they promote Corbyn. I asked why. Oh, he’ll take on ‘the capitalists’ who’ve been ripping us off.

Now look, we also rail against the banksters and my blog has listed events even back to Peabody in 1856 about these people, if they can be called that. But in tackling them, the left-liberals have taken this enormous leap that whoever has anything at all – that must have been illegally gained.

So, if someone wants to run a shop and then expands to two shops and three, that person is a Capitalist and must be stopped. Nothing in there about giving employment to people or even providing a service people will pay for.

The whole point that that entrepreneur got off his backside – and that the moaner is on benefits – doesn’t enter into his little mind.

How do you deal with people like that? How do you speak of disproportionate reaction and just plain getting it wrong? How do you explain that just because someone worked and made money, he is not, by definition, evil because he doesn’t give some of it to you?

And Corbyn – the man wants a system of government where you can earn nothing for yourself. It’s quite clear, in black and white from Marx – from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. No freedom, no incentive, yet the left goes on about ‘freedom’.

Oh yes, what sort of freedom is that then?

Was there ever a recipe more designed for stagnation? For sitting around, doing nothing on the state teat? And what that does to people’s minds, their characters, let alone their souls?

Entertainers who dabble in politics are easy to mock but anyone who has the talent to sway emotions is apt to believe that their skills are transferable to politics. The trouble starts when the instant statesman decides he needs no special training or professional advice.

A film star wouldn’t dream of choosing a do-it-yourself facelift but he’s happy to assume he enjoys a perfect mastery of the political trade. And because he lacks a spin-doctor he never learns Rule One of the dark arts: how is he perceived by those he wishes to influence?

Luvvies, poor things, are regarded as spoilt, frivolous, out of touch, greedy, vain, shallow, self-deluding, overpaid, obsessed with appearance and prepared to say anything that meets the needs of the hour.

Anyone could tell you that. But the thesps who mounted the soapbox for Remain forgot to minimise these prejudices and instead set about highlighting them in garish yellow felt tip.

It’s the limited reasoning powers of that crowd watching Geldof which amazes me and their retort that Trump also has crowds. As if it’s about the same thing. One promising a nirvana where no one has to work any more and the other promising blood, sweat and tears in getting back to some sort of reality which is not all about changing company policy to embrace some bizarre new construct.

Shortly before the poll a circle of actors, including Helena Bonham Carter and Benedict Cumberbatch, published an open letter warning that ‘our global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away’.

It was a puzzling message, oddly phrased. ‘Global creative success’ has seldom been credited to the tax-hungry, regulation-heavy EU, which tends to stifle commercial originality wherever it emerges.

The words ‘our global creative success’ are meaningful only if you and your chums happen to enjoy a worldwide fanbase that might be ‘severely weakened’ by some unexpected cultural shock.

There aren’t too many residents of, say, Sunderland or the West Midlands who lose sleep over their ‘creative global success’. The letter sounded like a lot of film stars giving advice to a lot of other film stars.

The reality of what the EU is actually about, the politburo, gravy train troughers – it seems to have entirely escaped snowflake Charlotte:

Charlotte Church composed this statesmanlike post-Brexit tweet. ‘I want my fucking European Union back,’ she ordered, apparently unaware that the EU had not expired as a result of the referendum.

But there’s happy news for the Cardiff warbler. What she calls ‘my fucking EU’ is full of tax-gobbling leaders like President Hollande who will gladly offer residency to a popular Welsh songstress with a vast income to deplete.

Luvvie anger is understandable, given that Brexit is about to deprive us of access to the cash handed out to creative types favoured by the EU. Quitting the union means withdrawing from a little-known body, Creative Europe, which has astronomical sums to splurge around.

All comes back to money and who has it, does it not? Comments threads are always revealing. This one on Target:

If I were a stockholder I would sue these idiots on the executive board for mismanagement and the loss of value on my investment. What they did to the shareholder was grossly negligent of the value that investors sought to assure.


And right now is the best time to do it: Christmas shopping season. Now is the time to punish them hard for giving the vast majority of Americans the middle finger. ..

Vow to hold the line and hold that line regardless of what they offer to try and get you to cross it. Absolutely nothing from Target all the way through to January . . . and then beyond (and the beyond will be easy to do by then because it’ll be second nature to boycott Target.)

And this raises another issue:

The Edinburgh Fringe has long been a hateful swill of prejudice and ignorance masquerading as comedy, attended by self-obsessed loons who think Radio 4 is the pinnacle of intellectual debate – and long may it remain so.

What about the ‘hate crimes’ in Edinburgh, by the way? What about the character assassination of people in my corner of the sphere and myself, for years now on my blog – old fogeys who should just die according to the left? Will the police appear at their homes overnight to take them away for the very crimes they try to lay on everyone else?

Will they hell – no, it is us who are being cowed into silence. And in this diatribe, have I once advocated anyone go and kill anyone else, rape them, dress up as clowns and ruin someone’s Sunday lunch? All because they have incorrect thoughts?

That Imam offended by that woman in Northern Ireland – no issue in him being offended. Huge issue with authorities being so insane as to act on it before thinking, without thinking, chanting the mantra.

There’ve always been issues, no doubt about that – Vietnam, Winter of Discontent, Christine Keeler, Oz schoolkids edition, Profumo, but there was always a sense of nation at the same time. There was a spirit about which made Dad’s Army so popular, for example. No doubt political divisions existed but I could have friends in those days who just happened to be left-liberal and it was not something I ever thought about too much – there were other topics to discuss.

But not today. Something has radically changed and has driven a wedge through society, cleaving us in twain. And looking back from the 50s on – what social phenomena have there been? Can you list what has changed in a big way in society, in the workplace, in film, music, TV, such that we are at the throats of the other half? 52% v 48% and diametrically opposed, mind you, not just differing on one or two points.

And with one side wanting a return to some sort of work and productivity based life and the other all for a benefits funded nirvana of some kind – Comrade Corbyn can fill in the fine detail – what hope is there of any sort of dialogue, let alone rapprochement until something occurs to sink this bloody Narrative for once and for all?

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