The missing inch

This began with a news item, via Chuckles:

the missing inch

… to which I replied: ‘As I am in certain places.’

To which there was a certain amount of gay banter and repartee, including haiku:

# Perhaps it shrinks when it’s cold. Send Hugh Grant to investigate.

# I have no doubts that Trump stole the inch in order to prove the greenies global warming data incorrect.

# I always thought it was the Russians who hacked it.

# Chinese chiselling.

# To clarify: the Russian hackers – hired by Trump – stole the inch.

# OTOH the hackers are keeping the snow so that they can cool their vodka: what with global warming the Russians are suffering from a shortage of cold vodka.

To attempt the idiom of Sergeant Schultz: ‘Zose guys, zay are jokers, nein? Za fun vee haf, ho ho.’ Or was that Python?

2 comments for “The missing inch

  1. dearieme
    January 25, 2017 at 16:35

    The best ever university “Charities” stunt? A group from Glasgow promised to hack a bit off Ben Nevis so that it fitted better into the metric system.

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