Of paper planes and Estonian swinging

Paper plane:

In 2012, designer John Collins constructed a paper airplane that flew an astonishing 226 feet, establishing a distance record that still stands. A new video demonstrates the steps required to fold your own version of this record-setting paper-based aircraft.

Collins recently visited Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where he talked to students about making paper planes, explaining the importance of having the right materials and design.

“If you can wad up a piece of paper and throw it farther than your paper airplane, your plane sucks,” he told the class.

Estonian swinging:

Sending one of those large village swings 360 degrees around its spindle is possible, but as with any standard swing, people would reliably injure themselves in the effort. Then in 1993, a man named Ado Kosk created a pair of wooden swings for the express purpose of going all the way around. They were simple levers with a pair of wooden rods attached to a flat seat on one end, and swinging spindle at the top. Early proto-kiikers would tie their feet to the seats of Kosk’s swings and thrust their body back and forth to gain momentum until they sent themselves all the way around.

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