Part 1: Letter from New Zealand

Part 1: Letter from New Zealand
Part 2: The world is in good hands
Part 3: Sovereignty – who actually owns this nation
Part 4: Wheels within wheels
Part 5: The Venetians and the concept of oligarchy
Part 6: The assault on science and the great climate scam
Part 7: Atonalism and the assault on society
Part 8: Understanding is half the battle
Part 9: The resistance
Part 10: Who rules the world – further reading

We ask the easy ones here.  Chap has written, asking about various legalities which touch on who runs NZ in particular but that can be broadened into who runs the world.

Let’s start with his letter and then subsequent parts will tie in a series written her in June 2010, now tweaked and renavigated:

I am a Brit and live in New Zealand and I came across your very interesting website last night. I am an amateur legal/lawful researcher as in New Zealand things about power are seemingly easier to see, less sophisticated than the UK. I think New Zealanders are distracted by sport, but that is just my opinion.

I was wondering if I could ask your opinion on some issues, I will put them in order for clarity:

1. In New Zealand the Establishment through the medical profession want to fluoridate the whole country possibly by 2018. In my opinion based on sound research and knowledgeable contacts, I am very concerned about this. I have been in contact with a group who took this issue to the High Court and lost the argument.

It will now go to the Supreme Court and I have been in contact with a Barrister who is involved with this. However, I do not know which Temple the NZ Bar Association is controlled by and I am suspicious of the Barrister because as far as I know all lawyers/Barristers work for the same ( unincorporated there is no membership just members AS adding ship to the end of a word means that IT has a certificate of registration). Do you know?

2. On the NZ legislation website it always states that: ”this act binds the crown”. I am trying to comprehend who or what is this ‘Crown’. I am in the middle of investigating the ‘matrix’ created by the birth certificate process as it appears that this ‘abandonment’ of the baby to the State creates the first membership of a ‘united body’ with no spiritual aspect ( of course it is difficult to ‘prove’ a spirit) and an entity- Crown entity( is landed as a subject of queen in the district?,- The majesty of the people is invested in the king/queen) is established which then is given an agency and an office-with a residential address under a variety of ACTS, as the agency ‘moves’ the entity.

One presumes the AGENT works for the government/crown under various ACTS and if becomes a naughty boy one suffers the consequences under the benefit/obligations process. I have learnt from Kevin Cahill ( whom I have been in touch with-he is a Freemason in the city of London) – he wrote the book: Who owns the World, that the woman who ACTS as the queen has around 32 Crowns as …… right of New Zealand, Canada &c. But when I engaged him in what is land he never contacted me again.

He writes in his book that this ‘queen’ is the legal owner of 1/6th of the planet ( I avoid the word: world as the world is middle-earth=somewhere between heaven and hell). I suggested to him that she cannot own the physical dirt/soil and that she owns the ‘landed’ goods called entities/persons whatever legal non-sense word one wants to call it. He never got back to me for the first time. Kevin used to work for Gordon Brown.

I am aware that statutes are inferior ‘laws’ and are basically the club rules of the present body politic that one enrolls with although I am not enrolled with these dudes. That Common Law is a different kettle of fish.

However, I recently contacted a guy in the Middle Temple who has written on the common law and asked him questions-no reply. His writings seem very misleading on what Common Law is. I have a friend in NZ who witnessed an Administrator (Judge) in a Summary Court proceeding getting very edgy when the defendant brought in the Common Law.

I have a very interesting book online from Cornell University which was translated from French ( as French was the official and court language of England from William the Conqueror – I have this info. from a Professor of languages in America) into English which shows what so-called common law is and it is NOT what is generally known. Lex Mercatoria has also been wound into Common Law.

So who is in charge????? I am beginning to think that the legal profession runs the whole show across the world. So a case like fluoride seems at this stage to be a no-winner even if the Plantiff”s Barrister believes in no fluoride in the public water. Me thinks she would lose her licence.

By the way, the Birth Certificate. When one is ‘born’ the biological parents enter ( this is also a very specific legal word) the particulars( another specific legal word) into a hardback cover book in the District they are ‘landed’. I have this info. from a FOI exchange I found online.

The registrar ( acting as agent for whom???) then transfers ( another very very specific legal word) these particulars into his register and then gives the biological parents copy – the Full BC. However, one cannot obtain the details placed by the biological parents into the hard back book WITHOUT a court order and with very good reason-info. obtained from a FOI request.

So I am not sure who the baby was pledged to-the Crown, a Crown, the government of the day or the Inns of Court. I know that a fundamental comprehension of such information is invaluable to my knowledge of what I live in. I have already dissected the word: Birth and I already have 9 sides of A4 paper and am only about a 1/3rd through comprehending what this word means.

My initial feeling is that though this is about NZ, not Blighty, the legal system may have the same basis. It would also be interesting to look again at Mullins and how the British system underlay the US. All this will take time.

Readers’ opinions are sought. If you feel you have information which would further this, please comment.

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  1. Torquaymada
    March 24, 2017 at 12:41

    The late and much missed Captain Ranty was pretty clued up on all ‘this sort of thing.’ Not sure if his work is still out there.

  2. Ken Craggs
    March 24, 2017 at 12:44

    The New Zealand Bar Association (NZBA) is a voluntary association of lawyers in New Zealand who practice at the independent bar as Barristers and Queen’s Counsel. The NZBA is governed by a Bar Council – the list of current members of the Bar Council can be found below

    The NZBA is a member of the International Council for Advocates and Barristers (ICAB) which held the World Bar Conference in Edinburgh in 2016. The current co-Chair of ICAB is Miriam Dean CNZM QC, New Zealand. (p.2).

    The Crown: The sovereign’s status as a corporation sole ensures that all references to the Queen, the King, Her Majesty, His Majesty, and the Crown are all synonymous and refer to exactly the same legal personality.

  3. Ken Craggs
    March 24, 2017 at 14:33

    Regarding your question ‘So who is in charge?’, the answer is the Rothschild family. The United Nations and the International Court of Justice (World Court) were established by the SAME CHARTER in 1945, under the direction of Baron Robert Rothschild and Paul Henri Spaak. The International Court of Justice defines its role as “the judicial organ of the legal order of the international community as a whole.”

    Paul Henri Spaak was also a founding member of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is the hub of the global financial system. THE BIS is protected by many legal immunities that the BIS has been given by government’s of countries including Belgium, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland.,%20BRUSSELS%3B%20PROTOCOL%20REGARDING%20IMMUNITIES%20OF%20BANK%20FOR%20INTL%20SETTLEMENTS.pdf

    Having control of the global financial system gives the Rothschild’s far more clout than having control of the international legal system. Any given government would have already used the legal system to change the laws of their country so as to become detrimental to the way the Rothschild’s operate. What prevents a government from changing such laws is the legal immunities that the Rothschild’s and their organisations have been given; and also the Rothschild’s control of the global financial system which can be used to plunge a country (or countries) into economic crisis if they try to change laws in a way that would prove detrimental to the Rothschild’s.

    It would take years for lawyers to collect the evidence and prepare a legal case against the Rothschild’s in an effort to take control of the global financial system away from the Rothschild’s. The Rothschild’s in return, however, could use their control of the global financial system to plunge one or more countries into economic crisis in only a few weeks.

  4. Distant Relative
    March 24, 2017 at 14:54

    Blimey. Outside my comfort zone with this one.

    Common Law

    Cox, Noel — “The Theory of Sovereignty and the Importance of the Crown in the Realms of The Queen” [2002] ALRS 6; (2002) 2(2) Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 237-255

    This is a strange coincidence as whilst out shopping I was trying to read the labels in the dimly lit bottled water section of the supermarket to check which ones were fluoride free as not all are. I am anti-fluoride. Fluoride has damaged my other-half’s teeth.

    Beware of “Sovereign Citizen” blogs claiming all sorts of nonsense about Common Law and Birth Certificates. There are many out there. A Black’s Law dictionary might help?

  5. dearieme
    March 24, 2017 at 16:47

    I do object to such expressions as “UK law” and “British justice”, usually intended (I assume) to disguise the fact that the cock-up under consideration (it’s usually a cock-up) is due to English law (or the Law of England and Wales as we are to call it now) or the English courts.

  6. MadNumismatist
    March 24, 2017 at 19:13

    Got to admit I do love all this stuff, but it can give you a headache, but it is fun. I do lose a little interest when ‘Rothschild’ is used because it assumes 100% consensus on them having the reins. What I see missing is the competing cliques within these structures; good guys and bad guys.

    No king is ever 100% secure on his throne, and I cannot see, say Rockefellers sitting back with a hereditary Rothschild fucking things up. I believe competition is fierce, and at the first sign of weakness, they are gone.

    Other than the ‘white hat v black hat’ competition my journey down the rabbit hole lead to pretty much the same conclusion; the English legal system represented by the bar/ privy councils facilitates The City to be what it is.

    And that is a good thing.

    Without the Legal system greasing The City and, we really do not have anything else going for us.

  7. Distant Relative
    March 25, 2017 at 07:35
  8. March 25, 2017 at 10:11

    Maybe he’s related to that prince from Nigeria.

  9. Robin Nigel.
    March 28, 2017 at 09:07

    It was posted on this website about which Temple controls which country, but I could not find which one controlled NZ. From my research I see no difference between the financial system and the legal system. The link historically being the Knights Templar in the last 1000 years. The construction of the Law Merchant and these two words speak for themselves- the Attorney’s ( transference of property) ability to transfer ( a very specific legal word) property being a ‘baby’ that came down its biological mothers vaginal canal( NOT BIRTH) for construction in a metaphorical dock( ‘baby’ becomes a metaphorical ship as all ships have a certificate of registry)- state education/indoctrination so as then the legal system controls the ‘money’ stream when ‘representatives’ ( MP’s in England ) put a BILL into parliament, its read 3 times ( OCD behaviour) and if agreed put into law and the BILL has to be paid. For example, if an actor ACTING under a statute by presumption of the NAME as a DRIVER, then if caught going over the rules of speed in any given road has to pay the BILL. They also have to pay the BILL to do something that would be illegal, ie, Driving on the highway. This is the license-another tax.

    There is a lot of nonsense on Birth Certificate, but as no man can rule over another man as we are apparently ALL equal, then something else has to be created and by deception voluntarily entered into. Yes! All rules can be enforced by the Mercantile Agent=police officer. But how long can one man or woman enforce something before the people get pissed off under force? If a line of deception is followed creating a Crown entity ( just go on government website about Crown Entity) and then a Crown Agent – the agent moves the entity- look at definitions in Anderson’s Law dictionary1889. This ultimately leads to STANDING. It is my strong opinion that we can write all we like about who runs the show, but if we do not know how ‘they’ control it by bureaucracy ( a well honed control system that runs itself without government), then how can we deal with it? As individuals we can rebut their presumption of the NAME ( not sure in what detailed format yet as the SURNAME is a STATE name), they can still enforce this but cannot break their own rules. If one studies law one can see ( its taken me 5 years) that man’s laws replicate the laws of nature and ultimately ‘they’ take our energy in the FORM( we all fill out FORMS every day- ‘they’ place the ‘skeleton’ on paper and we give IT flesh) of ‘money’ from the Material/not accepted spiritual body.

    WE, the people are the only source of energy that makes/creates things, unless one considers a tree and its potential energy. If you study the words: Court/Bench/Bank in Anderson’s dictionary you will see they all mean the same thing. Mortgage-the ‘money’ is created as a loan (one debt) and another debt being the Mortgage-a double whammy. Who expends their energy to give value to that loan????? It’s nOT created out of nothing as the people are the substance of all the fictional debt on this planet. The Birth Certificate is intimate to the creation of something that is used by the system.

    I learnt from a very astute amateur legal researcher in NZ that when a Judge bonds one over for 90 days, they apply for a copy of the BC and place it on the stock market as a bet. Go study Tontine Insurance. I did not believe this, but after studying the BC in detail and analysing a lot of the words and studying various FOI requests online it shows that anyone can make money from anyone’s BC if they are given the knowledge of how to do it. WHY????? Because the BC is a Public Record document as therefore is anyone’s to use freely in eg. the case of the Judge. One can put a lien on it, but I do not know how to do that. Everybody misses the document as a book before the BC. Why is a Court order required to get the details of this??? It hides something significant in my opinion, still fictional, but then people believe all sorts of bullshit in this world. They thing governments exists and they know what the word exists means. The know what born means, what birth means. With respect, they DO NOT KNOW as always one has to look in a law dictionary. A high official in New Zealand told a friend of mine that the English Language is NOT an official language in NZ. It will not be an official language in the UK. They may state it is, but read the declared info. correctly in NZ and the game is given away. SO the legal system is very much the mechanism for control and sucking the energy of the COLONY of England, Wales, New Zealand &c. by the parasites. DO not dismiss the BC and it concept. It is not the beginning because there is NO beginning in law. as then Law would have to admit that something came before IT.

    • March 28, 2017 at 09:13

      [W]e can write all we like about who runs the show, but if we do not know how ‘they’ control it by bureaucracy ( a well honed control system that runs itself without government), then how can we deal with it?

      Very true. There should be a chapter on the bureaucracy itself and all the tricks afforded to it. Think there is a post on it and the section on the EU addresses it but not as a whole post.

  10. Robin Nigel.
    March 28, 2017 at 11:12

    Firstly, apologies for the spelling mistakes as I missed the edit part.

    I will add a few more points:

    1. Like I stated that it is my opinion that New Zealand is less sophisticated than eg. UK. All is ‘younger’ over here and officials have been known by those who ‘investigate’ to give some of the ‘game away’.

    2. The Birth Certificate is not to be use as Identity. Look on the one you hold as it states this. One has to know what IDENTITY means or it is a crime. I asked the officials ( as one can just ring them up) who owns the Drivers License and they told me that the NZ Transport Agency owns it and I hold IT. It is required for IDENTITY and they told me this was effectively the custom is NZ. Bullshit! They are just lying. I requested the same information from an MP- they just lied through their political teeth.

    2. Be careful with the small words like: You, I, We, Our . We, Our and Us is the Bank. You is used in a plural sense of ‘in the public’. Just look at YOU in a speeding fine ticket. Look at how the FORM is constructed as a material body with boxes and lines and YOU assumes the NAME and admits the crime by presumption of an allegation. One hangs oneself. One supposedly has to return the document to Police within 3 days to rebut it, but one has to return the doc. to a man/woman NOT Police officer as they hide behind the OFFICE. Be careful with the address as the address is the address of the resident ( Identity of a THING) -its the Office. The original office is where One was ‘landed’ in the district stated on BC. This is where another record sits as I established this fact.

    WE ARE LAND!!!!!!!!!! To be used-USURY. From the dust…….. I deduced rightly or wrongly that the Queen of England and all her other 32 Crowns owns the LAND-the SUBJECTS, she or the OFFICE of QUEEN cannot own the physical land-the soil the dirt. It is impossible!!!!! When I pointed this out to Kevin Cahill he never replied to me again. Telling???????

    3. All Crime IS Commercial. I can write in more detail here if required. There is another level and I can write about this.

    4. Remember that ALL is in the words as words BIND us to the system and the ego falls for the trick, IS in the NAME, but it is NOT the NAME that is necessarily the trap.

    5. We all must remember that we went to school and this is where we learnt how to SPELL. Think laterally about the word: SPELL or SPELLS. Who or what performs SPELLS??????? WE are stuck in the language unless we put all in inverted commas.

    6. So who or what is in control ( apart from the point of a gun to those who don’t know how to write or spell)- me thinks the answer is much closer to home than we think. Yes! Cryptic or not-just look in the mirror BUT be warned that those who create the SPELLS do IT though the reflection of what really is-what might be termed as the ‘real’ place.

  11. Robin Nigel.
    March 28, 2017 at 21:00

    In New Zealand ONLY a resident, a citizen or a person has to enroll to vote. I know this as a fact as I contacted the electoral roll office and asked if a man has to be on electoral roll. I asked them 3 times ( as ‘they’ like things in 3’s) and found out that a man does not have to be on electoral register, ie. be a member of their club with the club flag-in UK the Union Jack. But we still have to abide by the rules of the club- the inferior laws to Common Law called: Statutes as we presume the NAME. Why! Because the BCert. is evidence that we are a member of the Public-the ‘united-body’ ( no spirit-the church may have metaphorically taken this in the baptism) and the BCert. IS a Public Record-I think, not know that this is how ‘money’ is created.

    So even if we do not join the bullshit Body Politic ( the Parties are irrelevant) where someone else THINKS for us-they represent our mind and therefore we remain an infant in the eyes of the system, we are already in it at another level because our biological parents pledged us( they were deceived because they were already in it from the time Henry V111 brought back the Rolls from the roman idea) to the Public as evidenced by the BCert. as they paid an ENTRY-FEE with the SHIPS-MONEY. Look on BC and you will see (Long Form) Statutory Fee. By doing this, even though its all fiction and fantasy, our biological parents placed us into a Body Politic and placed us into competition-COMMERCE to become at the age of majority another SHIP on a SHIP called State/Country. Then you have the Laws of the Sea, the metaphorical SEA OF COMMERCE governed by Commercial law of the Law Merchant( go back to around 12 century) and herein ties the legal system and financial system. It seems that we BIND ourselves through something, a deception that occurred when our biological parents GIFTED us to the State/Crown or whatever. The BINDING runs itself as( I think) no particular people controls us, not Rothschilds, Queen, PM, President as We are all in the same metaphorical boat. It’s just that some have the keys to open the right doors and steal from others. Know the rules of commerce and start to limit the damage. In NZ there are 8 rules of commercial law. One major rule is a man cannot sign a contract with a company. The company always wants you to accept Terms and Conditions-you are bound. But if you sign as an Accommodation Party this puts you on an equal and their Terms and Conditions are neutralized and irrelevant. Every time we SIGN ‘they’ can create money from the Public Record called the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I have the facts for this and this is how ‘money’ is created. I think the gold is a distraction.

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