The word “masochism” having the same first three letters as “masquerade”, methought it a good idea to start the transfer of the long book from Blogger to WordPress:

Just did a word count – 525,000, about 1750 regular pages – but if you divide that by the number of years it covers, it becomes more understandable.

It started with me sitting on a divan at a dacha in the summer of 1996, with gf of the time who features in the first chapters and so it began as an autobiography.  It slowly loses its grip on reality until by the end, set in the future, it is sheer fantasy or whatever the dystopic version of that is.

The story finished about 2007, followed by ten years of editing, still not done.

Just looking back over the few comments from back then:

James, Just finished with Lemmings [now France] and wanted you to know I enjoyed it very much. First novel I’ve read that provided sailing lessons! Take care.

Blurb on the genre goes:

What can one say? Unlike later books such as Dark Logic, in which the dalliance is toned down, as befits someone in later age, this trilogy, Masquerade, is virtually one piece of nooky after another, as befits healthy specimens in early middle age and younger.

Therefore, the story might be called an erotic, psyche-mystery, action adventure, with rather grim humour from time to time.

It’s going to be a long, slow process, as each chapter is being re-edited, new navigation put in and so on. Shall report from time to time.

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