Snap election – Tories, UKIP or Arron?

Sooner or later, we must confront this dilemma about whom to vote for – there could very well be a snap election soon:

All I know is that the person I vote for must take these seriously:

  1. Leaving the collapsing EU and striking out alone, making our own deals. May’s statement today about EU law was positive.
  2. The Muslim and African invasion – this is a tectonic change to the structure of world population and I want none on’t.
  3. Deplorable policies in general.
  4. You must be able to trust them – not for example a lying worm like Rutte in Holland.

All right, I’ve voted UKIP the last few times because:

  1. The Deplorable policies were the right ones.
  2. They were on a roll, having a strong leader and could one day have become the government [so we thought].

Now, May you can’t trust an inch and yet methinks she was right miffed by her treatment in Europe, she received far better in Trumpland, despite the idiot Kuenssberg.

Trouble is – that party is not just May, it’s full of Remoaners and I can see her contesting a snap GE, all those Remoaners getting back too, they dump her straight after and it’s a Remoaner government.

Paul Nuttall was a great 2IC but he disgraced himself in the by-election – sorry Paul but you ain’t the man, man and UKIP are current spinning wheels, going nowhere, saying nothing and their 6% or so in polls is reflective. The internal squabbles have been horrendously damaging.

Arron has the cojones and the policies – I like him very very much, being a Faragist, plus he comes from business, like Trump. But Arron – in a snap election, you have no infrastructure, man.

On the other hand, I agree it’s not about party, it should never be, it should be about policy every time and Arron currently puts policy ahead of party.

And therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the dilemma.

[Naturally, only mental patients could vote Labour, LibDem, Green or some variant of the socialists.]

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2 comments for “Snap election – Tories, UKIP or Arron?

  1. March 20, 2017 at 12:12

    I would imagine that the Tories would win in an overwhelming landslide? UKIP are obviously finished unless they can complete reinvent themselves. A single-issue party is not much use once that issue disappears. If they veer off in a libertarian direction I expect their support will eventually stabilise at around one to two percent. If they try establishing themselves as an anti-immigration party they’ll be destroyed by the media and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them banned. Frankly I don’t think they have a future. It’s very sad. An alternative is desperately needed. The Tories are appalling.

    I faced a major dilemma in the last Australian election. Obviously I was always going to vote for One Nation but where to allocate my preference in the lower house? Eventually I decided there was just no way I could allocate my preference to the Libs. Not with Turnbull as leader.

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