Bona fides

One of the most frustrating and annoying things to me is mindless assertion by people such as  the Randis, Snopeses or Dawkinses, whom I consider fools.  In other words, I want to see their evidence for their risible ‘debunkings’, not just rhetoric and attack with no back up.

A second aspect is whether or not a person has an agenda for what he says or writes – it may be that Alex Jones does, he might not, Glenn Beck turned out to have one and was a messed up person – people who go to pieces like that fit very much the pattern described by the Dutchman in the video below.People come out with assertions and ‘plays’ the whole time and you just can’t take them at face value, you have to know their bona fides first.

At the Trump debate with Clinton, the very notion that the moderator could be impartial, doing this straightfaced ‘fact checking’ was also risible, a point made many times since by many pundits – the whole thing was bent.

I come to the vid below with quite a deal of reading under the belt of a different type to someone who, perhaps, studied the classics – while I did my schoolboy time stdying those, it’s still best to defer to someone who knows his Aristotle or Plato.

But equally, I’d expect him to defer to me on something like the Belgian paedo trials because I’ve read every scrap, including the children’s testimonies, the return to the scene of the crime, the shenanigans in shutting down testimony, the blackguards of the royal families and so on.

I’ve also read almost everything on the Franklin Pre-School and Garry Webb cases, from both sides.  Ditto on the Omaha Credit scandal.  I know the False Memory Syndrome foundation was a construct designed to blunt the testimony and after it did, it fell apart and the fates of the principals makes interesting reading to no one, as no one is remotely interested in pursuing it, which they well know.

Common threads

The third factor is that certain things come through the whole time – High Masonry, the Illumined, mystery religion, the old boys psychiatric network, whence the drugs with big pharma, the field is just so wide – Eli Lilly, Walter Reed, it goes on and on. MK Ultra is now official, as is Estabrooks but I’d lay odds most of this would go straight past most people for a variety of reasons.

Shoot the messenger

And then we get to the discrediting of the messenger and his/her marginalization – again so predictable, so obvious that you run your debunking in quiet language, in plausible terms which resonate with most people and then google bomb it to top place on page one of rankings.

Bona fides

So we keep coming back to bona fides of people saying things and it’s a hell of a job.  I’ve also seen analyses by Snopes types on the clip and the very first question I have is – how are they qualified to pronounce on that?


The fourth factor, tied to agendas, is disinformation, for example put out by the US, through the usual channels – CIA, NATO – designed to confound any who get onto something.

At the same time, they leave some people undebunked, people you’d expect to be, people like Svali. Why?  Is it because the story is so OTT, too fantastic to believe?  Or is it because they want to suck in conspiracists with seemingly sound information and thus misdirect them away from what’s really going down?  Hopefully creating internecine warfare as well.

And so we come to Distant Relative’s vid clip. He writes a preamble:

This is currently doing the rounds in some quarters of the web. 39 mins 20. Make sure you watch to the end. Is he telling the truth, partial truth or BS?

(On a personal level I can vouch for the expectancy of those in the uber echelons of the finance world to put their consciences “in the freezer” – the phrase used in the video – because a near relative of mine almost at that level was taken aside one day and told that his integrity would get in the way of further promotion. His integrity was not and never will be “for sale” and he exited asap.)

Here’s the vid in Dutch with English subtitles which are easier to read in full screen. Make of it what you will.

I have not the least doubt a site will appear at the top of Google rankings – it will be in that restrained, semi-official blue and light beige, with thin lines, the professional typeface equally restrained and respectable and it will follow the Claim-False method of Snopes.


If you take the view it’s all bunkum, then fine, no need to proceed any further.

If you take it at face value – and I’d suggest that just like Jesus as Christ, it’s a take it or leave it scenario – then there are clear implications, aren’t there?  For a start, it reinforces post after post at this blog which says it’s all contrived, all planned – every crash, every boom, every war.

And the reasons he went into in the clip – to do with power, the flow of money and keeping the plebs down.

But then it gets into religion – I’ve tried to get rationalists to see this.  Yes you can suppress Christianity and every other religion and what are you left with?  If you think a religious vacuum, then that is sadly deluded.

You can check these things out for yourself.

The movers and shakers really do believe in a spirit figure, they say as much, Masonry embraces it, as does every controlling organization and if that’s so, then we are truly knackered in society.

In plain sight

While the things in the clip are esoteric and measures are taken to ensure it is so, there’s a game going on in plain sight – symbolism.  The game consists of building an arcane symbol, telling people like this girl below that it means something else but knowing that the watchers – us – know precisely what it means and where it’s leading.

Any Christian scholar of sufficient outreach and study would know these symbols and how far back they go – nothing new under the sun – it’s another reason they try to stamp out ‘religious superstition’.

Because if you can create a spiritual vacuum, then you can suggest anything to a credulous population and whoever controls that controls humanity.  There is no vacuum, there is a crafty religion of evil behind these things.  All that’s happened by suppressing Christianity is that the shepherd has been removed, the wolves can then attack with impunity.


This girl below was the surfer girl at our football club – the clip was posted days ago. For almost all the running time, it was about her surfing career and the fortunes of the club.  There was a lot of banter and joshing, she handballed the ball and kicked for goal, he tried to make surfing moves – all of that was on topic.

Then suddenly there were a few seconds only where he was on all fours on the ground and she was riding sidesaddle but not only that, she made these hand symbols, quite pointedly and exaggeratedly:

I’d lay odds she was told he was being a horse and she was told to make that gesture, thinking it was some Yoof symbol of peace and prosperity, something like that.  In fact he was a bull and she was riding the same way as below, with the added horned sign to make sure:

Now I’m not interested in debating that with people who either don’t know or have an agenda – this symbolism permeates the UN and EU, it has specific antecedents in myth and legend, it has meaning other than what this lass clearly thinks.

And it is but one small part of it.  The things done in vids by Swift, Minaj, Beyonce are so far OTT now that there is no question about what it’s about.  It’s also, naturally, secretive – don’t tell anyone who could stop you.

Thus we have:

A one off? Research Slenderman and the killings that started among kids.  Also, the deep depression, the crystallizing of naturally depressed thoughts of kids in teenage – remember them [?] into something suicidal – that’s done deliberately and as part of the overall push.

To take a line from the Doors’ Backdoor Man: “The men don’t know but the little girls understand,” you can see the same quiet insinuation into the loves of Yoof – go back to the 60s and look at Leary and the later Merry Pranksters, always designed to depress and turn suicidal, always following the same pattern, always coming through the same portals.

Today, it’s been ramped up to the point that ‘rational’ sceptics are being inundated with cases to deny – there is just so much of it going on now.  meanwhile, those who know because they’ve explored shake their heads at the insanity of it all.


16 comments for “Bona fides

  1. Distant Relative
    April 30, 2017 at 10:53

    There’s no better example of strange in-yer-face symbolism than that found in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic games. Pyramids, all-seeing eye, phoenix, flaming spheres, Mary Poppins et al but as Mr H has said before, you have to know to see it for what it is and not just a firework spectacle.

  2. Distant Relative
    April 30, 2017 at 10:59

    “I watched this several time now and here’s my two cents, fwiw.

    First 22 mins or so – highly plausible, can vouch for certain aspect as mentioned above. 99% treated like sheep, ordinary Joe/Jane more concerned with the superficial than what’s going on at the top of the muck heap- yep! Divide and conquer culture – yep! Money laundering for “Them” – yep! People susceptible to blackmail becoming assists for “Them” – yep! Child sacrifices in Biblical times – yep! (King Solomon did it too so not as wise as we are led to believe! ) Nothing there I haven’t seen or read about before.

    Red flags:

    Who is this guy and were did he suddenly (last few days?) appear from? My mate got on the case last evening trying to find more info on his company but was blocked by a malware warning. Process used was first find a photo of the guy then put into TinEye to see the source if any and take it from there. Nothing found other than what is on youtube, came to a dead end. Could be to protect him?

    How did the interviewer and the interviewee find each other?

    Mention of unspecified torture to stop him revealing names – why not a bullet? If he knows where the money is, so to speak, and who is playing with it surely he would be taking a huge risk spilling the beans? Why is he not in hiding?

    Near Death Experience from a breakdown?

    Just a visitor at a black mass? Can anyone just drop in? Are they in the directory? Maybe something lost in translation there?

    Participating in sacrifices abroad – can’t imagine a scenario when the head honcho says “We have a visitor tonight, Ronald. Ronald would you come down here and sacrifice this child?” out of the blue!

    And where “abroad” exactly? Not on one of those remote little islands that make up the Netherlands then? I would have thought there’d be some sort of lead up to this first, say witnessing a sacrifice before being asked to perform it, but idk, and hope never to find out! So the shock at having to sacrifice children seems fake to me if he is as astute as he claims to be.

    Trained in psychology, used it to manipulate situations to his own benefit. Manipulating the media, as he says. Hmm.

    Other people the interviewer has interviewed. Icke, Ole Dammegard, Zen Gardner.

    That last one was outed last year as being the PR for “the Family” sex with children cult and has since disappeared off the web.

    They or Them wouldn’t allow this to be out there if they didn’t want it to be. Disinfo usually contains many elements of truth with outrageous unbelievable stuff thrown to create a baby and the bathwater situation”.

    That’s it.

    • April 30, 2017 at 11:02

      For what purpose?

      • Distant Relative
        April 30, 2017 at 11:15

        If you mean what purpose for releasing stuff like this then I would say
        A. The Dutch guy says we must all unite against them. Some extremists might see that as a call to violent revolt. Such uprisings get crushed by the ones with better weapons.
        B. Some might be scared witless by what he reveals. Fear has a tendency to provoke inaction in some quarter. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
        Its a win-win solution for Them.

      • Harry J
        May 1, 2017 at 23:46

        In my last ever blog post I wrote the following:

        “As the previous article on the blog (see link below) pointed out it became quite clear that all the exhortations to ‘rise up like lions’ and to ‘unite’ to defeat the New World Order were integral elements of the overall agenda. The ‘New Word Order’ was being intentionally ‘exposed’ and the process was being used to, in part, cause demoralisation and confusion and to a large extent herd the mass of those in the ‘truth movement’ (and others) into the false utopia that defeat of the ‘New World Order’ promised to provide. A false utopia that was itself the very end game that was being worked towards.

        This is a rather simplistic scenario agreed and it’s explained better in the article, but the essential point is that it appeared that I/we were being deceived on a barely comprehensible scale and that the ‘truth movement’ itself was/is, to a large degree, a ‘psy-op’ (psychological operation) of sorts.”

        All the way through I was waiting for the we need to unite / come together, black and white etc bit and I wasn’t disappointed. For those of us who’ve studied these things there wasn’t anything he was saying that we didn’t already know or at least suspected. The financial system is due to fall or collapse at some point anyway so he wasn’t exactly giving away any secrets.

        • May 2, 2017 at 00:19

          Good, it needed you here. Have re-read the post, shall look at the comments tomorrow.

  3. Distant Relative
    April 30, 2017 at 11:19

    To incite either violent revolt or scare witless into inaction. Either way its a win-win for Them.

  4. April 30, 2017 at 18:14

    The woman’s gesture might be the Shaka hand sign, popular with surfers.

    • April 30, 2017 at 18:31

      That’s precisely the point. It is a satanic sign, has been for so long. Now, whether is also used for this or that is what is done and they never mention the origin.

  5. Distant Relative
    April 30, 2017 at 19:05
    • May 1, 2017 at 09:42

      Just got waylaid by climate change, LS and DR.

      Was going to say that there’s no doubt the shaka has spread as a surfer/goodwill thing as you say, that’s not in dispute, nor that that girl thought that that’s what she was doing.

      What I’m further saying is that masons would be creasing themselves with smirks because they know the origin of the horned signs.

      It’s a minor thing in itself but it’s a one fingered gesture in our direction nonetheless.

  6. Distant Relative
    September 13, 2017 at 10:28

    The Dutchman in the video above has a new venture

    • September 13, 2017 at 12:00

      United People Foundation?

      • Distant Relative
        September 13, 2017 at 12:34

        Aye, aka the “Bank of Joy”. Roll up! Roll up! And get “Eternal Membership Certificates” for just €100.

        Nice to see there’s a songstress on the board [sarc] of erm… 13.

        Good to see our BS monitors were working fine. 🙂

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